Cum Party

My girl friend Lisa and I rented several adult movies one night, out of boredom. One of the videos was multiple scenes of different women being completely covered in cum from multiple cocks. Lisa became very excited watching these women with numerous guys jerking off all over them. After the video was over, Lisa decided that she wanted to experience that! So, it had been decided that I would find ten or so guys to jerk off on her, no sex, just cum. So, I headed off to the local strip joint, thinking that would be the best place to find a group of horny men willing to jerk off on my girl. After floating around in the club for about an hour, I had twelve guys lined up to meet us at a local motel the next night. 

I picked up Lisa and headed to the motel. We took her massage table along, to have her at waist level. After we arrived, I sat up the table while Lisa showered. She came out naked, her tiny body glistening. Lisa is only five four and weighs just under 110 pounds. She has flowing red hair, deep green eyes and perfectly smooth white skin. She keeps her pussy shaved completely bare and her tiny ass is a perfect heart shape. 

We had about half an hour before the set time. I warned her that we may not get all twelve, but I was sure several would show up. Lisa loves toys, especially in her butt. So, I had her bend over and I inserted a small butt plug into her tiny ass. Then, I had her lay on the table, face up, and then I gently tied each of her legs to the frame. She hadn’t expected to be tied down, but I explained that no one could lift her legs and try to fuck her if she were secured. I then had her drop her arms to the side and secured them to the massage table frame too. Once she was secured, I took out a larger butt-plug and inserted it into her pussy, again explaining that no one could fuck her this way. Now with both holes filled and her tied tightly to the table, I began to massage her clit. Soon, she was cumming, I could see liquid oozing from her pussy around the plug. I continued to massage her clit, which kept her entire body shaking for almost ten minutes, and then there was a knock on the door.


World Cup Fucking

World Cup fever was running rampart. Cars drove down the street flying their favorite nationality flags.

My husband Rick had planned a “World Cup Party” for the guys to watch the final game on out big screen TV.

He had invited fifteen of his buddies and spared no expense to entertain them while they watched the match.

The Recreation room bar was well stocked with every king of liquor and beer you could imagine. A catering firm had been contracted to provide a smorgasbord buffet for the guys.

“There is one thing I would like you to do for me to make it a day the guys will remember Sweetheart.” Rick said.

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“Fuck them.” My husband asked bluntly.

“Excuse me?” I didn’t think I had heard his correctly.

“I want you to fuck the guys.” Rick repeated.

“All of them?” I couldn’t believe what he was asking. 

“Do you love me?” Rick asked.


“Then you will fuck them all for me.” My husband ruled.

Thus it was decided that I was to be the slut for fifteen guys.

Rick and I were not monogamous as we had done our share of swinging but always together. 

I had never fucked another man without my husband being included in the threesome or foursome. 

This was completely different as I was to be gang-banged by fifteen guys while my husband watched.

“Do the guys know?” I asked.

“I told them I may have a special surprise for them.” Rick smiled.

“Rick, I know all these guys, most of them are married?” I brought to his attention.

“No guy is going to turn down the chance to fuck you.” He grinned.

Unfortunately I knew what he said was true. At twenty-eight I knew guys found me attractive and I got hit on numerous times wherever I went unaccompanied. My 38DD bust, nicely rounded ass and long, shapely legs were like bait for guys on the prowl. 


Secret Slut Wife

The sun was rising over the sparkling waters of Echo Lake. The cries of the Loons could be heard welcoming another day.

It was to be my first day alone at our summer cottage in the Muskokas. My husband had returned to work in the city leaving me to enjoy the solitude of a summer escape away from the hectic pace of city life. 

We had recently purchased the cottage on the lake from its previous owner who worked with my husband. It was about a four hour drive from home if the traffic wasn’t too bad.

The Muskokas are like another world, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, a vast expanse for granite rock and forest sprinkled with small sparkling lakes. Holidaying was the main industry.

It was to be my first time alone at the cottage. I was well stocked with food and booze and Rick had setup the satellite television so I could watch my soaps. I had my trusty cellphone if I needed to call for help.

There were about half-a-dozen cottages circling the shore of the small lake, about half of them occupied by their vacationing owners. The Terrell’s farm was situated at the end of the lake where the county road led out to Bayville, the closest town.

The Terrell’s were an elderly couple who had owned the land surrounding Echo Lake. Over the years they had sold the land parcel by parcel to city folk looking to build summer cottages. They lived on their small farm with its market garden and some livestock with their bachelor sons, forty-year-old Stan and Jimmy, his thirty-two-year old brother.

The Terrell boys had never married but chose to live with Mom and Dad. They were a couple of lazy wastes of space who spend their lives drinking and cavorting. The Terrell’s farm was about a five minute walk down the road from our cottage.

It was going to be another hot day. It was the first week of July and already the temperatures were in the high eighties. Thankfully yht humidity in cottage country was not as high as in the city and there was always the refreshing water of the lake to cool off if it got too hot.

After coffee I decided to spend some time on the beach reading and starting on my tan. Our beach was quite private so I put on the bikini I had bought before coming up north. The bikini was much more risqué than I would normally wear but nobody would likely see me anyway.

I still felt naked after putting the tiny suit on. The two small triangles hardly contained my nipples and the bottoms barely cover the lips of my pussy while the b back was swallowed by my ass cheeks. Courageously I grabbed my book and a blanket and headed out to the beach.

The narrow roadway surrounding the lake bisected our lot slicing between the narrow sandy beach and the cottage backed by forest. I crossed the deserted roadway and spread my blanket close to the water’s edge. The warm sun felt good as I lay on my blanket and began to read my book.

About and hour of peaceful solitude past as I enjoyed my body soaking up the sun’s rays as I leafed through chapter after chapter of the novel. My peace was interrupted by the sounds of an approaching pedestrian. I looked down the roadway and saw Stan Terrell and his black and white mongrel Duke coming down the road.

I was trapped on the beach in my tiny bikini, trying to escape back into the cottage would put me right in Terrell’s path. I tried to look as inconspicuous as possible.

“Mornin Mrs. Greene.” Terrell said standing about twenty feet from where I lay. 

I acknowledged his greeting as Duke ran over to where I lay. Immediately the dog began sniffing my crotch through the thin bikini bottom. Mortified I pushed the dog’s head away from my body.

Duke emit6ted a low growl as Stan chastised him. 

“He loves pussy too!” Stan laughed.


Back Alley Cuckold

At the time of this story I had been in a committed relationship with Mimi for around two years. I guess you would have called her my girlfriend, however she had dropped the word ‘marriage’ a couple of times and it was obvious she wanted to take things further: Our relationship appeared rock solid. Perhaps I should have proposed, as it may have stopped the chain of events that subsequently unfolded.

Let me give you a little background. Mimi was a 24 year old Chinese girl who came to America from HK to study. She was 5 foot 8, she had a cute little bob of straight black hair, a slim athletic figure with the perkies little tits I had ever seen. She had the most adorable little butt and like most Asians, she had beautiful smooth milky skin. She was lively and outgoing. Our sex life had been fantastic.

One Friday night we had gone out drinking at the bar with some friends after classes. It had been a long night and everybody was generally wasted. Almost all of our friends had gone home and we had just called a taxi for Dave the last remaining survivor (aside from Mimi and myself). He mentioned he wanted to get some air while he waited and headed out the front. The bar was still in full swing, it was college town, but you had your regular mix of patrons. Mimi and I took a couple of stools at a small table trying to decide if we were ready to take make the trek home. She looked beautiful, in one of those tops that draped around her shoulders, covering her breasts at the front but leaving her whole back exposed. When she bent forward the cloth teased you by almost giving a direct line of site to her breasts. She was wearing a short tight skirt and no underwear. Having been dancing all night she had a fine sheen of sweat and a couple strands of her hair were plastered against her forehead and cheek – almost giving her a ‘just been fucked’ look. We had barely sat down a minute when a busty blonde waitress brought us over two shots: ‘from your admirer over there’ she added, giving us a quick smile before she quickly turned away. Both Mimi and I turned to see a guy, probably in his mid thirties raising his pint of beer as if to toast us, his eyes scanning my girlfriend’s body as he did.

I was a little infuriated, as if buying us a drink gave him the right to blatantly ogle my girlfriend in front of me. But we were both pretty drunk and Mimi turned back around to me, laughing and almost falling off her stool in the process. I smiled, we took the shots and our conversation moved on. It was clear however that Mimi had not forgotten her admirer as every now and then she took a quick look over his way. My heart was racing; did she actually have some sort of interest in this guy? For some reason beneath my irritation I was starting to get aroused by the fact my girlfriend seemed turned on by this random guy.

Following a short pause in the conversation I asked her if she wanted to go over and thank him. She turned around, this time staring at him for a couple of seconds before turning back. ‘you think so?’ she asked, almost rhetorically, before answering her own question with a quick ‘OK’. She popped off her stool and started over to the guy. Again my heart rate jumped a notch, knowing of course that nothing would come of this. I watched her make her way across the crowded room towards the stranger. He was seated with a group of around 4 other guys seemingly engaged in their own conversation. It was at that time that a bunch of people blocked my line of sight. Being fairly drunk, my mind wandered and I scanned the room for the waitress with the hopes of ordering another beer.

After finally getting my beer, I managed to catch a glimpse of the table again. Somehow Mimi was now seated in the middle of the group of guys and they were all listening attentively as she seemed to be telling them some sort of story. The music thumping and I had no idea what she was saying, but her smile was beaming and she seemed not to have a care in the world.

Just then at that moment she turned to me and gave me a huge smile a cute little wave. Most of the guys turned to look my way but I quickly lowered my head and started tearing up the little cardboard coaster that came with my beer. What the hell was going on? – she was supposed to just go over there and thank them. I had not notice before but all the guys were well built, as if they were some sort of well dressed sports team. My mind was swimming with lust, rage and alcohol, I started to actually become erect: what if one of these guys made a move on her?

Fumbling with the now shredded coaster I dropped a couple of pieces to the floor. In bending down to retrieve them I looked across the room and under the table I saw that the two guys on either side of Mimi had a firm grip on each of her thighs. Her legs were spread and her skirt was riding up. It was too dark to see everything but I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Sara and The Frat Party

This was Sara’s first Frat Party and she was a little nervous. She had heard about how wild they sometimes got. She was alone and thought that if it got too out of hand, she could always leave and walk back to her apartment house. Her sister/roommate was on a date and probably was going to get fucked, so Sara was looking for a distraction. She really didn’t feel like sitting in her room alone.

When she arrived, she was greeted at once and shown downstairs to the “party room.” It was wall to wall people and the smoke almost gagged her. There was a pool table in the middle of the room covered with a sheet of plywood to make a table. Under it was a beer keg and what looked like a thousand beer glasses on the table, some full but mostly empty. Someone filled a glass for her and she settled back to watch.

Some couples were dancing to hard rock music so loud it hurt her ears. Others were trying to talk and needing to yell at the top of their lungs to be heard. Some were making out in the corners. She watched them and wondered how far they would go. Their hands were already roaming. She sipped on her beer and made small talk with a couple of girls nearby. She had to yell. She was not sure this was for her.

Soon, someone organized a drinking game involving whiskey and beer. Jugs were passed around and the game consisted of drinking as much as possible in as short a time as possible. She took part for a while and it was fun, until she felt a little woozy and dropped out.

In the corner watching her was a tall good looking guy. She noticed him and smiled and he came over and introduced himself. “Hi,” he said, “my name is Phil. You’re new here aren’t you? Freshman?” “Yeah,” she replied, “I’m Sara. There’s a first time for everything. I hope to have a good time.”

“Well, there is no way a hot girl like you could not have a good time here!” He said. She laughed and said, “Thanks, but as long as there are hot guys like you around, I’m sure I will enjoy myself.” She blushed and knew the drink was getting to her. He made a face and she playfully punched him. She was thinking that maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. She liked the way he laughed. She liked the way he looked at her.

“So, tell me Phil, what happens at these parties? I’ve heard they can get pretty wild?”

“They can get just as wild as you want them to, Sara, but now that I’ve adopted you, I will watch out for you.”

Long Lap Dance

My girlfriend Sara had been out of town for almost a month. We would talk on the phone every night. As of late our conversations focused more and more on sex. We both knew that she would be back home in a few days, and she had told me that she had bought some new lingerie as a reward for being so patient. As sex talk grew into phone sex we were both getting frustrated. I had instructed her that she was to wear the new lingerie on the plane under her clothes, and that when she was about an hour away from landing she was to get up and go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom she was to open her pants, put one leg up on the toilet and stair at herself in the mirror and stick her hand in her panties and fingered her pussy. She was only given three minutes to enjoy her fingers before she was to go sit back down. I knew this was just enough to get her hot, but not enough to get her off. Even though she was so frustrated that she told me that she was going to rape me over the phone several times.

When she landed I was there to greet her. She looked so beautiful, sexy, in a comfortable way. She was wearing jeans and a pull-over sweater so as to be comfortable on the plane on the long trip, but after all the ideals in my head, it was like watching her walk up to me stark naked.

We rode home together on the Metro, there wasn’t anything to catch up on as we had nightly updates as to each others lives over the phone. So the only thing on our minds was sex. The train was fairly crowded so we couldn’t do much fondling, but the load roar as the train passed through the underground tunnels did make it possible to have a private conversation. So she lowered her head and placed her lips close enough to my ear that I could feel her breath. It sent tingles down my spine as she spoke.

“I was so wet on the plane waiting to be an hour away from landing,” Sara said looking hungry.

“Were you a good girl and wait like you were told?” I replied.

“I was, then I went to the bathroom, and did just what you told me too.”

“I will make sure to remember that when I have you bend over my knee, spanking your ass.”

Her eyes wide with surprise, “But I did it exactly as you told me, only three minutes, I swear.”

“The swats on the ass are you reward, not you punishment.”

Sara smiled and pulled me closer, “You know me all too well.”

Ice Hockey Team Shares a Treat

I’ve arranged to meet a friend outside the local ice rink, but when I arrive, she isn’t there. It’s started to rain, so thinking she might have gone inside to shelter, I open the door and step inside. The sudden blast of icy air chills my bare legs, unexpected after the warmer air outside. The building seems to be empty, so I turn to leave, not wanting my friend to arrive outside and leave, assuming I’m not there.

Suddenly, I hear a burst of laughter, and thinking my friend might be wherever that laughter is coming from, I go to investigate. The sounds lead me towards a partly open door. By this time I can hear several voices, all male, and the sound of running water, and I realise that it’s actually the door to the locker room. It seems that the local ice hockey team has just finished a training session and is getting showered and changed inside. I know I should leave, but my curiosity gets the better of me, so I push the door open a bit further and look into the room.

At first I can’t see anyone, and I move further into the room. Now I can see one of the players standing with his back to me. He is completely naked and I can’t help but admire his body, muscular and still wet from the shower. As I stand staring, I hear the door swing shut behind me, and I jump, startled. The player in front of me hears it, too, and turns around. I can’t speak, mortified at having been caught and suddenly more than a bit afraid of the consequences. He smiles and moves towards me, and I step back towards the door, mumbling “Sorry, I was just… I’ll go”. He says “No, don’t go yet” then calls over his shoulder into the room, “Hey guys, look what I’ve found”. I look beyond him and for the first time I see the rest of the team, twenty big, muscular, and mostly naked men.

Suddenly the sound of water stops completely and all I can hear is my own slightly panicky breathing, too fast and loud in the silence. Every impulse is screaming at me to get out, fast. I glance over my shoulder at the door and find to my horror that one of the players is now blocking my path. This guy is huge, at least 6’5″ tall and built to match. I have no doubts at all that this one guy alone could do whatever he wanted to me, never mind with nineteen other guys to back him up, and I’m suddenly utterly terrified. I know that there’s no-one else in the building, so it doesn’t matter if I scream, there’s no way anyone will hear me.

The first player steps forward again and I switch my attention back to him, sure that I know what’s about to happen, and ready to beg him not to hurt me. The words die on my lips as I take in the fact that he is truly stunning. He’s tall, blond and very muscular with startlingly blue eyes and tribal tattoos on his well built shoulders and biceps, and I can’t take my eyes off him as he reaches towards me, or ignore his all too obvious arousal. Then he pulls me into his arms and kisses me, unexpectedly gently. I’m too shocked by the almost tender approach to bother trying to struggle, and I find myself kissing him back as he pushes my coat off my shoulders. Whatever I’d expected, it certainly wasn’t this, and I catch myself thinking maybe it won’t be so bad, maybe the other guys will be content to just watch. All I know is I want this man so much. He pulls back to look at me, apparently trying to gauge my reaction, and beyond him I can see the rest of the team moving closer, watching us intently. I know what must be about to happen, I can see the lust in their faces, and I know there’s no way they’re just going to watch, but I’m not afraid any more, just more aroused than I’ve ever been in my life.

Ginger Works On The Beach

Attending a collage in the south has many benefits not the least of which is frequent road trips to the beach. On this particular trip it was myself and five fraternity brothers looking for a little fun and sun down on the gulf coast. We arrived Thursday afternoon around 2: PM and checked into our hotel. Typical collage guys on a budget, we were jamming the room. After the fights to see who got the beds and who got the floor Steve, Allen, Scott and myself decided to see if we could find a place to rent jet skies. We figured on Thursday afternoon they may not be to busy so we might be able to cut a deal. John and Chris were too broke so they decided to cruse the beach and check out the local talent.

After driving along the bay for a while we spotted a sign and pulled off to check it out. There was a pontoon boat about 20 feet long pulled up on the sand of the bay shore and next to it were 4 SeaDoos. We got out and walked toward the pontoon boat and about then she stood up from a lounge chair on the deck. This was the most perfect girl I had ever seen. We all just stood there and stared at her perfect body. She looked to be about 19 and was about 5’2″ tall. Her hair was waist length blonde and her eyes were so blue you could see them shining from 20 feet away which is where we were. She had perfect tits, not too big and not too small with nipples that were poking at her bikini top just enough to see them. Her ass was perfect and I mean perfect. She was tan to a golden bronze and she shined just a little from the sun tan oil on her body. She finally broke the silence with a big smile and a “How you boys doing,” southern draw hello. That was it for me, I was in love. Died and in heaven, this girl was just too hot to believe and I was looking right at her.

Scott spoke up and asked if she was renting the SeaDoos which she was so she proceeded to give us all the details and cost. I pretended to listen but just stood next to her and breathed as deep as I could in order to smell her. The guys gave her a sob story about not having enough money and she made us an offer. Because it was getting late she would let us ride for half price if we would help her put the boats back on the trailer when we were through. We agreed whole heartily and she said she would call her boyfriend and tell him not to come down to the launch tonight. She told us her name was Ginger and gave us final instructions and took our money. We were to ride for a half hour and then she would take the pontoon boat across the bay to the boat launch where the trailer was parked. We were to fallow on the SeaDoos and load them for her then she would bring us back across to our car on her pontoon boat.

Off we went on our wet adventure but I just keep thinking about Ginger and her perfect tan body. It’s hard to ride a SeaDoo with a stiff one in your trunks but I managed. Soon we saw Ginger driving the pontoon boat away from shore and we fell in behind her and played in the small wake made by the boat. Because we were now cursing at a slow speed we gathered close enough together to talk to each other. From behind the pontoon boat you could see Ginger’s perfect ass barely covered by her thong bikini. We laughed and talked about how nice it would be to get a piece of her. The 20 minuet cruise across the bay was filled with very graphic talk of what we would do with her sweet body if given the chance. When we reached the other side we all jumped off our boats in the cool water to relieve the hard-ons. That could have been embarrassing but we got over it quick. The boats were loaded quickly on a large trailer that held them all and Ginger pulled them out and parked her truck and locked it. We jumped on the pontoon boat and Ginger climbed onboard with a big smile and said, “Let’s go for ride boys,” in that sweet draw, making my cock hard again. I had to sit down and cover with a towel.

We motored away from shore and Ginger offered us a beer from the cooler on the front deck. “Great,” I thought, that might help my hard-on go away. We drank and talked to Ginger as she drove. The sun was setting and a red glow filled the sky to give everything a new tint. In this light Ginger’s tan had turned so golden brown that she looked like a piece of art and not a real person.

Threesome In The Pool

I was lying on my bed alone in my flat watching television one evening, when the phone rang. It was Rina, a girl I had been dating a few times.

“Hi, Rina! What’s up?” I asked.

“Estelle and I are bored and we were wondering whether you would like to come over for a drink or two?”

“Sounds great to me! I’ll be over in a few secs!” I replied.

“Oh, and bring you swimming gear, OK?” she said before she hung up.

I had a quick shower and drove over to Rina’s place.

Rina was quite a looker – a brunette with shortish hair, great boobs, long legs and a personality to go with it. We’ve been out together on a number of occasions and as far as Rina was concerned, we were having a relationship. As for me, being a student at the time, I was reluctant to tie myself down to just one woman. I was playing the field. Rina and I had had great sex in the time that I’d known her, but other than that, I had done nothing from my side to make her believe that our relationship was a serious one. I was merely enjoying the ride! (pardon the pun!)

Rina was living with her parents at the time, but they were out of town, so she had the whole mansion to herself. Her family was financially quite well-off. They had this beautiful house with a lovely pool.

Estelle, her friend, was a stunning girl, with long pitch black hair, great boobs and legs that went on forever! I knew her well enough to know that she wasn’t seeing anyone at the time, but we never dated. I’ve always had an eye on her, but as we moved in different social circles, I hardly ever saw her. So I took this as an opportunity to get to know her.

When I got there, I found the two of them sitting on a three seater swing chair next to the pool. They looked absolutely stunning in their bikinis as they were sitting there, sipping wine. I could not believe my luck! I was having them both to myself for the whole evening! I began to have visions of a ménage de trois, but whether it would come to anything like that was highly doubtful at the time, as I did not know Estelle that well and did not think that Rina would be into anything like that. But that was certainly not going to stop me from trying!

“Hi there! Grab a glass of wine and come take a seat!” Rina shouted as I walked through the sliding door of the lounge that led out onto the pool area. Just the underwater light of the pool was on, so the lighting was nice and low. I poured a glass of wine and stripped down to my swimming trunks that I was wearing under my jeans. I looked around for a chair, and as the other chairs were on the other side of the pool, I boldly went and sat down between the two of them on the three seater swing.

Poker In The Rear

My boyfriend, Jerry, has a weekly poker game with his friends. Each week they hold it at someone else’s house. This week it was being held at our house. I typically leave during their game so they can have their “guy time.” When I returned five of the guys were still there. They invited me to play a few hands with them. I was surprised to be invited, but I’m a pretty good poker player, so I took the invitation.

I was up several hands when Jerry suggested a twist to the game. Did I feel up to strip poker? Being on a winning streak, and thinking that the guys wouldn’t let it go too far, I agreed. I won a few more hands and the guys started to strip. There was plenty of exposed male flesh around me to start some tingling.

I lost the next several hands and was down to my bra and panties. The next hand came down to a show down between me and one of the guys named Hank. My three aces did not beat Hanks full house and my bra came off. I was feeling a little exposed and aroused at the same time. I was topless in front of five men. The next hand came down to me and Jerry. I had a straight flush and was feeling very confident when Jerry suggested that we up the ante. Rather than playing for chips, we play for a . The winner picked what it would be. Looking at my cards again, I agreed. I was already planning what I was going to ask for, when Jerry laid down his royal flush.

I looked at him with shock, anticipating what he might ask for. He told me that his request had two parts. The first part was that I would give him a blow job. I thought I had gotten off easy until he told me that all the guys would be watching. I was both scared and aroused. We had never had sex in front of anyone and I wasn’t sure about being that exposed. Jerry reminded me that a bet is a bet and he had won.

Dressed in only my panties, I got on my knees in front of Jerry. He was already hard and waiting. As I took him into my mouth the guys lined up behind me to watch. They had a perfect view of my ass up in the air as I pulled Jerry deeper into my mouth. It didn’t take long for Jerry and me to find our familiar rhythm. His cock grew larger and harder in my mouth and I could tell he was on the verge. He told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. A few seconds later, he shot his load down my throat. I continued to suck him and milked every drop from him. I was hoping the guys would soon leave so that Jerry and I could move the bedroom and continue. Jerry then reminded me that his request had two parts.

When he told me the second part of his request, I looked at him with shock. I never expected him to say he wanted me to suck the cock of every guy there. Shock mixed with lust when Jerry told me to turn around. I saw that every guy had stripped and had been jerking off while watching me blow Jerry. I saw the variety of sizes and shapes and cocks and felt fire down in my pussy. I had five men who wanted me and were ready.

Another Stripper Story

While I truly enjoy my job stripping in a gentleman’s club, I love even more to be touched and fondled by strangers. Any opportunity that I have to get a stranger to touch me just drives me crazy. That’s why when one of the customers of the club asked me to do a private show for him, I eagerly agreed. Knowing what might happen at the show got me turned on, and I kept pressing him for details of the event.

He was opening a motorcycle shop and hosting a big party with lots of his biker friends. He wanted me to do a private show for some of his special customers, and had set up a special room in the back of the shop. We agreed on terms and conditions, and I marked the date on my calendar. We sealed the deal with a wonderful evening of sex and alcohol, and I was even beginning to have feelings for my new biker friend, Dave.

The morning of the show, I took special care with my shower, shaved everything smooth, except for a little “racing stripe” of . I packed several outfits in my bag, and drove over to the shop. Dave let me in, and we shared a deep kiss. He checked out my outfits and approved. “You look so hot,” he said, “I can’t believe you’re doing this for me.”

“You know I love this kind of thing.” I replied. “I’m anxious to get started.”

“How about if we take a few pictures, first.” Dave said. “I brought my camera. I’d love to get some shots of you on these Harley’s.”

“Yeah, sure,” I agreed. “Bikini, topless, what?”

“All of the above!”

We had some fun taking some sexy photos on the bikes. Before we were finished, some of the guys who were invited to the party started showing up. When they walked in, I was topless, leaning back on one of the bikes, legs spread wide apart, with just a tiny scrap of a bikini bottom covering my crotch. Apparently I was the surprise entertainment for the afternoon, and they just stood and stared. I loved it! With an audience, I really showed off for the camera, touching myself, licking my nipples, but I didn’t want to reveal everything before the show. So I kept the bikini bottoms on – even so, those last few shots were great.

I changed my outfit for the opening. Dave and I agreed I should wear my leather bra top with the nipples open, black thigh-high leather boots, and a pair of tiny leather shorts – so short and tight, my butt cheeks peeked out in the back. For the first part of the opening, I would just be serving beer, mingling with guests, posing for photos, and being “friendly.”

I had a great time talking to the guests, all men, and serving them beers. Occasionally someone would pinch my nipples or slap my bottom, and of course, this just made me hot and wet. A few of the guys posed with me for pictures. For these, I removed my top, so they could cover my tits with their hands. Cute pictures.

As the time for the show approached, I went into the back room and got my outfits together. I was planning a regular strip show, which would wind up totally nude. Of course, I would also offer lap dances, to anyone who was bold enough. The guys began coming into the room where a makeshift stage had been set up. There were some chairs and room for standing as well. The music started and I began to dance.

Mardi Gras Whore Wife

“Let’s go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year,” my wife Sally exclaimed. “It will be an adventure!” And so we began to make plans to head to the “Big Easy.” Mardi Gras is a full season in New Orleans, with parades, parties, and general merriment beginning around two weeks before the actual day. Folks let their hair down and do things they would never do the rest of the year. Of course, Sally planned on doing something she did the rest of the year as well…fuck strangers.

Sally is a voluptuous former cheerleader with short blonde hair and dancing blue eyes. At age 47 her figure is fuller than it was during her cheerleading years. But like a fine wine that body has gotten more delicious as it aged. She has large round breasts that still stand firm, with nipples that get a half inch long when they are hard. Her belly is round and fertile. Her hourglass figure narrows at the waist and then widens at her broad hips. There are few sights more pleasurable than seeing Sally on her elbows and knees with her round ass thrust in the air and her thighs spread, waiting for a hard cock to plunge into her pussy.

Sally and I got married around six years ago. She had been married before for nearly ten years and had been faithful for the whole time of her first marriage. But after her divorce she became a true swinging divorcee. By the time I met her, she was in her prime. If she liked her date she fucked him. She had been with both married and single men. We hit it off, dated for a year and then got married. When we screwed I sometimes had her tell me about the different men she had fucked before she met me. I was amazed at how hard it made me.

One of the first fantasies Sally shared with me was about her being in a threesome with another man and me. The two of us were walking on a nude beach when we came upon a fisherman. Sally began flirting with him and he soon was kissing her and fondling her large breasts. While I watched, she then got on her knees on the beach and he entered her from behind. After the fisherman came inside her, she than invited me to have sloppy seconds. This first fantasy was followed by another where she was in a beach house with me and four of my friends. Each night she would go to sleep on a couch in the living room. All through the night each of us would wake her and fuck her, living her lying there with her legs spread and our cum leaking out of her pussy. I was surprised at just how horny these fantasies made me.

Then, two years ago, we decided to make fantasy a reality. After her first threesome, Sally became almost insatiable. Soon she had her first gang bang, and then another. By the beginning of 2001 she had fucked many strangers while I watched and participated.

We arrived in New Orleans the weekend before Mardi Gras and checked into the Royal Sonesta. Canal Street was too crowded during the parades so we took the streetcar out to St. Charles. Soon we were yelling “throw me something mister” with the best of them. One of the biggest parades was Bacchus. It was at night and we had slipped into warmer clothes since it was chilly. Sally wore a black long-sleeved turtleneck Without a bra and tight jeans. The nipples of her large tits made little bumps in the turtleneck fabric and you could see the V of her pussy through her pants. There was a surreal carnival-like atmosphere to the evening. Sally saw a man walking with several very long necklaces on.

“Can I have one of those?” she asked.

“Sure, if you give me kiss,” he replied.

The Cottage

Last year, I was recruited by a large international company based in London. The package that they offered me was too good to turn down, and one of the most pleasant perquisites was a working tour of the resorts it owned and managed. My wife, Sondra, was thrilled at the prospect and we lined up her parents to watch the teenagers for the five week trip.

Sondra and I have been married for fourteen years, and have three teenagers, Jessica (12), Todd (9), and Mike (6). We are both 34 and fight the battle against aging, with Sondra winning in spectacular fashion. At 5’4″ Sondra carries a hard, firm body with beautiful legs, a tight ass, slim waist and absolutely marvelous, large, high, round breasts on a perfect 108 pound frame. Always the perfect “lady,” bordering on “prim and proper,” I was looking forward to seeing her in the tiny bikinis and revealing one- piece bathing suits she had purchased for our trip. I had especially enjoyed closely examining the results of her major “bikini-wax” treatment, that left only a short, narrow “Mohawk” of auburn hair around her pink pussylips.

The first leg of our tour took us to the Caribbean for stops on several islands. Our first accommodation was in a beautiful beach cottage, with all the luxuries one could ask for. My duties were light, consisting of being introduced to the management staff and attending a few business meetings, and Sondra spent her free time sunning and shopping.

On the third day, I returned to the cottage to find Sondra putting on quite an erotic show for four college guys, 18 or 19 years old, who were on Spring Break and staying at the cottage next to ours. I had entered the house from the front (which was the second story in the back) and, as I walked out on to the deck, the sight before me froze me in my tracks. To my utter surprise and disbelief, my normally prudish wife was lying on the chaise lounge, sunbathing in the nude. Even more erotic, was the fact that from my high vantage point, I could see four boys avidly staring through the separating fence at my wife’s lush charms. What I didn’t know, but soon found out, was that Sondra was aware of her audience. I faded back out of obvious sight to watch.

Soon, Sondra sat up in the chaise, facing the boys, and began to smooth suntan lotion on her naked body. She glistened in the sun from the oil, and I watched her slowly rub the stuff all over her large breasts and hard nipples, down over her flat stomach and on to and between her thighs. Over the next hour, Sondra turned several times, making sure her audience saw all of her, and once more rubbed her chest with the lucky oil.

My cock had been rock hard for the hour, and now I started to lightly caress it. I think it was only peer pressure keeping the boys from doing the same.

Finally, Sondra stood and stretched, and then turned her back to the boys and bent at the waist to pick up her towel, giving them the perfect shot of her pussy and anus. She walked over to the outside shower and began the most sensuous shower imaginable, lathering up her magnificent body and caressing her nipples and cunt.

As she dried herself, I zipped up in time to meet her as she entered the cottage. She was surprised to see me home and immediately looked guilty. I took her into my arms and told her I had enjoyed her performance on the patio. She blushed and looked down. The lump was obvious in my pants.

“Justin, will you please fuck me? Right now?”

Jennifer Me and The Dancing Bears

Here I was in the middle of a Bachelorette Party dancing naked in front of and among dozens of young and middle aged women. All were trying to grab my erect cock or my bare ass. When they did they stroked me up and down or proceeded to slide their lips around it and suck on it or run their hands all over my body. Between the two Viagra I had taken and the manhandling I was sporting an enormous erection that curved to the left. The circumcised tip was a bright purple from being so engorged with blood for so long. Also the fact that my cock is 10 inches long and 2 inches thick was attracting a great deal of attention from the ladies.

Mind you, I wasn’t the only naked male among these wild women. I had three companions, but I was the only amateur. The other three, Jerry, Tronzell and Vince, were professionals. They belonged to a company known as the Dancing Bears and this is what they did for a living. They would show up at clubs, halls, or homes where women were having celebrations: a pending marriage, a successful divorce, or just plain fun. They wanted to include some sexually oriented entertainment in their celebration. The name was a play on words: Dancing Bears meaning really Dancing Bares. And naked they got… right away… despite whatever headpieces and costumes they started out with. The women wanted male nudity and nude entertainment. They especially wanted big naked male cocks and well-built bodies to play with.

So, how had I gotten this job? My wife, Jennifer, had signed me up. It was one of her best friends, Marie, who was putting this bachelorette party together for one of her other friends who was about to be married. The future bride, Morgan, had never had a wild day in her life, and she had been talked into having a wild bachelorette party as one last fling before she got married. A hall had been reserved for all of her female friends along with alcohol and other refreshments. A DJ had been hired to play dance party music. And a line of sexually oriented gifts had been purchased to embarrass the bachelorette.

Marie and my wife, Jennifer had discovered the Dancing Bears via the Internet. Seeing some video footage sealed the deal. They were out to show Morgan and their other friends an awesome bachelorette party. They hired four of the Dancing Bears and interested many of their friends in coughing up the bucks to make this happen. Two days before the Saturday night fling, however, one of the Bears got injured and couldn’t perform. The women had paid for four men and wanted four naked men.

Now you have to know that both Jennifer and I have entertained fantasies of participating in amateur stripping contests. I was finally able to talk Jen into going down to a local strip club and taking all of her clothes off in front of the wildly cheering male audience. She had told me that after she got into the music and the crowd wildly cheering her on she thoroughly enjoyed all the admiring attention as one by one pieces of her clothing dropped to the stage. And she was surprised at how much she got into the raucous attention and the excitement; she just stopped feeling anxious about her body. At the end of her performance she actually laid on her back and spread her legs wide so that every guy got a good look at her pink pussy. She had said it was a total rush. She even enjoyed the touches and grabs from the male audience as she stepped off the stage and headed through them to the dressing room nude.

I, on the other hand, hadn’t screwed up enough courage to go to a local strip club for women and participate in a similar amateur strip contest. So Jen just signed me up to take the place of the missing Dancing Bear. She contacted Jerry, the lead dancer, and he agreed to take me on for the night. He says they’ve had volunteers before, usually male friends of the women enjoying the show. The women and the guys liked the naughtiness of fooling around with someone they knew but normally didn’t play with. There’s no pay for the volunteers, but they would supply the costume, plenty of Viagra and a cock ring if needed (they don’t want to disappoint the ladies with a flaccid penis).

Because of the short two-day notice I was invited by Jerry to practice at a dance studio at which the guys practiced. The bachelorette party was going to be the next night so I had to get ready in a hurry. I asked what to bring and Jerry said nothing; after all I was going to dance nude. When I got there I discovered that Tronzell and Vince were there too. Jerry was a blond Nordic-looking guy, Tronzell was a muscular black guy, and Vince or Vinnie was a muscular dark Italian guy. To my surprise there were a bunch of college girls who had been using the dance studio for cheerleading exercises. Jerry had invited them to stay and watch. Jerry wanted me to get over being self-conscious quickly.

We all stripped and changed in front of these girls, who let out catcalls while we got naked. Jerry handed me a thin nylon g-string to slip on and a bear’s head and bear’s costume. I watched the three guys bump and grind their way over to the girls. The girls hooted and hollered as the guys gyrated up to them. One of the girls ran over to the studio door and locked it and pulled down the shades. With the proper confident attitude and a willingness to engage the women as if they wanted to fool around, Vince, Tronzell, Jerry and even I were soon naked with the college girls playing with our cocks, kissing us, rubbing their bodies against us and a few even volunteering to suck on our dicks. In a large group like that the women seemed to lose their normal inhibitions and were willing to play around sexually; they would egg each other on. I was pleasantly surprised that women in a group behaved like men did at a strip club.

I soon learned you didn’t have to be a Baryshnikov to inspire these girls into doing things…just the right attitude and a big cock. The girls seemed to enjoy stroking my cock and the other guys’ cocks to see if they could get them hard. And when it got hard they seemed to find it hard to keep their hands, tongues, and lips off of my cock. One girl even tried to get me to cum by sucking on me and jacking me real fast. I almost did but resisted at the last minute before cumming into her mouth by doing my Kegel squeezes.

I found out later from Jerry that cumming is fine but it can spoil the show as your cock gets softer. The women want a show of large hard cocks. He said during shows he’s had women suck his cum down, have him spray it on their tits, spray it on their face, and even fuck their pussies. When I heard that last one I was surprised. He said, “You’ll be surprised how aroused and out of control women can get at our shows when they’re the majority and all riled up. It’s a rush as long as they don’t hurt you in the process, like biting your dick or grabbing it too hard. And the older women who have been married or in long term relationships are even wilder; they’re the ones who’ll get naked and fuck you. They get a look at the 10 “dick of yours, compare it to their old man’s, and they just got to try out yours and put it inside of ’em.”

Jennifer had told me that it could get kind of wild at the strip clubs that had male dancers to entertain women, but I never heard her say anything about the women themselves going that far. I was looking forward to Saturday night’s bachelorette party but a little leery since Jennifer would be there too and might have a problem with me fucking someone in front of her. But I figured, hey, she had signed me up for this job. In retrospect I didn’t have much to be concerned about. That night was a lesson for me in my wife’s own sexual needs and how she satisfied them away from me.

So it’s Saturday night. Vince, Jerry, Tronzell, and I are all getting suited up in the Dancing Bear outfits in a room off the main hall. Through the walls I can hear the music playing and the DJ entertaining the ladies. Every so often I hear wild screaming as the ladies either laugh or call out at something the DJ has said or done or something one of them has done or said. I’m finding it difficult to keep my dick in the nylon thong without causing myself pain. I’ve taken two Viagra; I don’t know what dosage that Jerry gave me and my dick has popped to attention. Jerry, seeing me having problems, just tells me to forget the thong. He hands me an elastic bow tie to put around my neck. He says that little bit of clothing turns the women on. He also hands me one to loop around the base of my cock and balls.

Jerry disappears for a second and we soon hear the DJ announcing the Dancing Bears. I run out with the other guys and most of the women go wild, cheering for us. I start working my way through the crowd. Within minutes a gorgeous, short, Jewish-looking brunette with very tan skin lifts her skirt up and grinds her ass into my groin. My cock gets stiffer and she can feel it through the bear costume as I poke her in the ass with it. She calls over another girl who looks similar to her and the both of them are rubbing themselves against me. Now I grab their hips and faux fuck them in the ass. My hands slid down into their panties in the front and I can feel pubic hair. Neither sister objects to this. Instead they invite a third girl over who proceeds to find the zipper on my costume and tug it down.

From the loud conversation I am able to glean that their names are Myra, Ruby, and Gwen. Gwen is a statuesque black woman with a short curly Afro, reddish brown skin, and hazel eyes. She is bitchin’ beautiful. She’s wearing a knit top and a short skirt and shaking her booty to the music. She soon has my chest exposed and is sucking one of my nipples. She also pushes the zipper down further and I soon feel her fingers snake around my hard cock.

“Oooh, girls, he’s naked under here.” Myra and Ruby move on either side of me and work the bear costume off of my shoulders while Gwen unzips the rest of it. And just like that it’s around my feet on the floor and I’m naked except for my little bow ties and my costume bear head.

Now Myra lifts her skirt up again, baring her ass, and backs up into my exposed cock and begins rubbing her thonged pussy up against it. She grabs the head of my now fully 10″ cock and begins to rock her ass back and forth on it. I have to crouch at the knees so she doesn’t rub me raw on the synthetic material of her thong panties and so she doesn’t yank my dick out of wack. She ain’t gentle; she’s just horny and rough.

In order to steady myself I grab Myra around the waist and lift her up in order to try and control the action. This just puts momentary space between our genitals. When my cock pushes back up between her legs she has pushed her panties aside and my cock slides against wet pussy lips and then slips inside of her vagina. Very quickly she cries out, “Oh, go-o—o-d!” and cums. I haven’t been inside of her but a few seconds and she’s already having an orgasm… and this in front of her friends. What a mental rush to do that to some stranger.

Myra recovers and hollers out to her table of friends, “I’ve been fucked by a bear.” She’s laughing and rubbing herself down there, not embarrassed at all.

Her sister, Ruby, follows suit, but in her case she actually removes her thong panties and tosses them to the floor. I aggressively grab her by the waist and by rubbing my hot, hard cock against her pussy lips and her clit in rhythm to the music, I soon have her pussy all soft and wet and before I know it I’m in. Once again I’m fucking a young woman in front of her friends with no protection and she’s fucking loving it. Ruby lasts a little longer, but no more than a minute of me sliding my big cock in and out of her. She’s soon crying, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, god, I’m cumming,” and I feel her pussy grab my cock hard in an orgasmic spasm and I have to steady her from falling to the floor.

As I steady Ruby and slide my cock out of her, I look over at the other guys. I seem to have chosen a wild bunch. The other guys are dancing in front of and with other women, but no one is naked like I am. I don’t see Jennifer. There are at least 40 women at this party and the lights are dimmed except for the flashing lights from the DJ.

My attention is drawn back to the women in front of me and by the feel of something cold on my cock. It’s whipped cream and Gwen, the black woman, is running a line of it the length of my cock. She sets the can down and telling her girlfriends, “I don’t want to taste pussy; I want cock and whipped cream!” She slides her lips over the head of my cock and begins sucking on it. Her mouth can’t go down the full 10″ but she tries as I feel my cock slide down her throat. Another blond girl comes up, Tricia, and she tandems me with Gwen. Gwen sucks on the head while Tricia’s tongue licks the whipped cream off of my cock, balls, and belly. Then they switch places and Tricia’s mouth slides up my cock while Gwen licks my cock like a Popsicle and actually sucks each of my shaved balls into her mouth.

What a rush!!! I didn’t think my cock could get harder or swell any further but it did. Tricia’s deep-throating me was about to cause me to blow my load in her mouth. I didn’t want to do that so early in the show and disappoint the other ladies. I pushed back on Tricia’s head and disengaged Gwen from my balls and waded into the tables. Some of the quieter women I taunted with my cock until they were encouraged by their table mates to either stroke my cock or take it in their mouths. My ass was tingling from all the contact with my cock and for a while there I was riding on the edge of spraying my load over some horny lady.

Among the tables were some older women, in their 30’s and 40’s. Some of the ladies dragged me over to someone they identified as Morgan’s mother. Morgan was the bride in whose honor this bachelorette party was taking place. I’m not sure what type of woman Nilda was, but her friends were putting a lot of pressure for her to touch my dick. She was resistant so I changed my tack. I took off my bear’s head so I just had my Zorro mask on, leaned down and kissed Nilda on her face, neck and ears and then on the mouth while running my hands over her body. You know…the more romantic approach. I then lifted her up in my arms and, cradling her, kissed her again. This time she responded with tongue. I carried her over to some couches along the wall which weren’t so lit up. Some of Nilda’s friends followed to see what would happen.

There while raining kisses over her face and down her neck I began to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t stop me and her mature but firm body slowly but surely became exposed. I spent a great deal of time kissing her chest, her breasts, and then suckling each nipple. She didn’t object when I began to unbuckle her slacks and actually assisted me by lifting her hips off the sofa as I pulled off her slacks and panties. Now I tongued her pussy and her clit until she was flowing and engorged and then running my lips back up her body and to her mouth, I fucked her right in front of her friends.

She fucking loved my 10″ cock sliding around inside of her. She may have loved her husband, but all the booze and the taunts from her girlfriends and my sexy treatment of her broke down any inhibitions she had. She fucked me good. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pressed herself tightly to my body and rode her pussy through two successive orgasms. Her older girlfriends were laughing their asses off to see modest Nilda fucking a stranger for all she was worth. Here this was her daughter’s bachelorette party and she was the one getting her pussy off, all butt naked and screaming like a little girl in heat.

After her second orgasm and not wanting this to get boring for the others, I kissed her and told her I was going to slide out. She got a pouty look on her face and then an embarrassed grin as she realized after the excitement of her orgasms that she was butt naked and fucking a stranger in front of her friends and her daughter’s friends. I leaned in, kissed her face, and told her, “Nilda, you were incredible.” I lifted myself up from her so I could gaze at her body underneath me and added, “And you’re beautiful. Look at you!!” I then slowly slid my cock out and helped her get dressed, except for her panties; those I asked for as a souvenir of our moments together. She appreciated the request. I tacked her bikini cotton panties up on the wall with a tack and with a flourish told the other women, “Give Nilda a hand, ladies.” She got all red-faced and returned to her seat. The friends her age patted her on the back and inquired how it was and treated her like a hero. She beamed with joy.

Now I looked up and noticed that two of the other dancers were now naked except for their bear heads. Although the lights were dim it looked like Nordic-looking Jerry was porking a woman on the little stage in front of the DJ. He was doing a number on her from what I could see. I watched even though several of the women around me were sampling my cock with their mouths, working themselves up to do what Nilda had dared to do and what that girl on the stage was doing. Although the girl had gone up on the stage with her blouse and skirt on I guess the pleasure that Jerry was roundly giving her bottomside had prompted her to want to get naked and feel Jerry’s whole body. As the girl’s legs wrapped around Jerry’s hips Jerry helped her get out of her clothes and then he removed his bear head. That’s when I noticed that the woman on the stage was my wife Jennifer.

She told me later that in the light, my light brown pubic hair and Jerry’s dark blonde pubic hair looked the same. His own 10″ cock also looked the same. She figured it was me but with the noise she couldn’t ask if it was me. Once she got on the stage and got so aroused that she came once and was on her way to another orgasm she didn’t care when Jerry removed his bear head, and she saw it was another man fucking her…not me. Jerry told me later, not knowing who she was to me, that Jenny was a fucking tiger cat and got all creamy between the legs. He thoroughly enjoyed fucking her and they finished up doing it doggy style so he could finger her clit and make her cum that much more intensely. He also said he met her later on in the evening near the sofas and fucked her again, once with her on top which allowed him to sink deeper into her warm, wet pussy, and then at her begging, up the ass. He had never fucked a customer in the ass before. Jenny’s ass took his cock in fairly easily as if she had been fucked there before. I didn’t know it then but during the massages my wife gets paid for she was giving special happy endings to male and female customers. Some of the women liked to pretend and strap on a dildo and take Jenny from behind. The tips are great for our income. As Jerry fucked Jenny in the ass she asked him to blow his load up her ass and he complied. He said she came and came and came the whole time he was ejaculating inside my wife. She shuddered so violently and let out such a cry that he thought at first he had hurt her. Then he had to hang on for dear life as she almost bucked him off the couch with her own long quivering orgasm. She thanked him profusely and even cleaned some of his cum off of his cock with her tongue even though it had been up her own ass.

Tronzell knew who Jerry was talking about and piped up that that same girl, Jenny, the white girl with the slender body and the brown hair, had sucked his cock until he exploded with a huge load of jism. She swallowed all of it and kept sucking his cock until he was hard again. Then he saw her lean over to a short, brown haired, girl named Marie and kiss her. They had apparently made an agreement to share one of the guy’s jism if they got any. Tronzell said, “This was the wildest bunch of women I’ve ever danced for. What a great night!!”

Near the end of the show, Jennifer and Marie gathered us dancers together and said that Morgan, the bride-to-be, was ready to be fucked by all of us on the stage as the pinnacle to her wild evening. I was surprised. From what Jenny had told me Morgan didn’t seem to be the kind of girl who participated in random, wanton sex. Jenny later told me that Morgan began to lighten up at the party after a few drinks and seeing many of her friends sucking on strangers’ cocks, but what really surprised her and made her literally shed her clothes for the rest of the evening was seeing her own mother fucking one of the dancers with raw abandon. She had rarely ever seen her mother naked let alone humping away on a man’s cock. She had always secretly wanted to get naked in public so she did it at that point; she spent the rest of the evening totally naked. And then when she saw Jenny go for the gusto on the stage with Jerry she had to do the same. “Shit, I want to have fun too. But I want every guy here to take me,” she yelled out to Marie.

Morgan had deep blue eyes, a round face, blond hair, small breasts, a big round butt that just lifted her pussy up into the air when she was on her back, and a fine down of light, straight pubic hair which framed her pussy lips but which didn’t extend over them. She had natural pubic hair that just covered her groin but not her pussy lips. Those pouty white lips and her clitoral hood were free of hair. It was a very erotic look like she had shaved.

So Jenny and Marie enlisted the DJ first. His cock was the smallest and Marie wanted Morgan to get fucked by ever larger dicks.

The DJ was forcibly stripped by several of Morgan’s friends and Marie teased him to hardness by sucking on his cock. Like most men he was game for what was being offered. He put a long song on, some techno dance mix number and headed out onto the stage. Several of Morgan’s friends had encouraged her to masturbate in public as a part of her fantasy so she was already warmed up and wet when Carlos stood over her. However when he saw how sweet her pussy looked he dove in between her legs and gave that little blond pussy a tongue lashing that had Morgan begging to be fucked. So Carlos obliged and started Morgan out with a rapid fuck that soon had her cumming again. He in turn let loose with a load which Morgan welcomed. She announced to everybody, “This is my last wild night. I want to be filled with cum. I want it running down my legs all week. I want my future husband to not know that his cock has got little sperm all swimming around his cock while we make love on our first wedding night. I’m getting’ creamy just thinking about it. Next!!!” She was really drunk and horny!!!

Jerry was next. He fucked Morgan three ways: with him on top, with her on top and doggie style. She enjoyed every minute. At the right moment Jerry quickened his pace and shot his load up her pussy. “Oh god that feels great,” she called out to the others around her. “I hope someone’s taking pictures.” They hadn’t to that point but since Morgan had asked, Marie began to film her with her digital camera… still shots and video shots.

Next were Vince and I. We had decided that a real treat for Morgan would be a double penetration…in the pussy and in the ass at the same time. Vinny got on the floor underneath Morgan and worked his cock up her anus. At first she grunted in pain but soon she had his whole erect cock up there. Next I leaned over her and slid my 10″ of meat between those engorged pink lips and into her vagina. Her lips were curled back from the hole of her vagina so it was an easy shot in. She felt hot and slippery as I pushed my cock in. Deep inside I could feel my cock awash in cum already in her vagina. It was like my cock was swimming in juices inside of Morgan. Vince and I coordinated our moves so as Vince was pulling out, I’d be thrusting in and as Vince would thrust into her butt I’d be sliding out of her vagina. Jerry knelt next to her face and hungrily she took his still slippery cock into her mouth. So now Morgan was naked, sharing a triple penetration with three strangers and being filmed acting like a complete whore to sex.

At least until she was about to explode in yet another shuddering orgasm. As she came once I quickened my pace so that the friction would cause me to cum, but it also caused Morgan to cum again. Then I pulled out while Vince fucked her ass rapidly and I rapidly diddled her clit until Vince shot a load up Morgan’s butt and Morgan came again. Her pussy actually made a sucking noise as she spasmed in and out and she actually ejaculated some of my semen.

Last was Tronzell. He carried Morgan’s body damp with perspiration over to the couches and fucked her for a good half hour while the rest of us danced for the ladies again. In the background we all could hear was Morgan crying out every so often, “Oh, god, Oh my god, Oh, I’m gonna cum, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh my god, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” We’d all look at each other smile and give thumbs up for Tronzell’s size and expertise. As Tronzell continued to fuck Morgan but good, the gaps between her vocal orgasms shortened. Soon Morgan was crying out continuously, “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh lord, fuck me, oh god, oh god, oh my god, I can’t, I can’t , ohmigod, ohmigod, please, don’t, ohmigod, my…my…my…unhh…unh..god god god god…oh…shit…OH! OH!OH!OH!OH!YES!YES!YES! Now, now, yes, ohmigod, yes, there, there, there, yes there, faster, OHMIGOD…I”MMMMCUMMMMIIING!!!!” And a few minutes later it would start for Morgan all over again. Like I said this fantastic event went on for a half hour of Morgan getting a royal fucking by Tronzell, the meat master. Her future husband was gonna have a tough time satisfying her needs after this. I was certain that my Jennifer would be getting another “massage” customer who would want a happy ending on a regular basis.

I’ve got to say listening to her made many of us horny. So Jenny snuck off with Jerry who fucked her soundly again. I fucked Morgan’s mom, Nilda again, on the sofa next to her daughter, and this time left her full of cum. Some girls began to masturbate. And some of the girls learned that they had no problems with tasting pussy and being pleasured by a woman. There just weren’t enough of us guys to go around and Morgan’s vocal pleasuring was making us all horny.

What a night. Jerry and the Dancing Bears still use me occasionally. But there is one catch. If I go, Jenny goes. I can fuck a woman to make her happy but Jenny wants a little creamy action from Jerry and the other guys. I must have a little voyeur in me because I gotta say watching my wife arch her belly up to take in another man’s cock just makes me that much harder. And I’m sure the woman I’m pleasuring doesn’t mind that.

Neighbors Ball Team Party

I could hardly believe my ears as I sat there.

I was sitting beside the pool in Tim Wilson’s backyard, chit chatting with Tim, our neighbor that lived about six houses down the street. Tim was quite a bit younger than I was, having just turned forty I was 9 years older than the 31 year old Tim. Although we weren’t close friends, we would have the odd pint together and just shoot the shit a bit . . . the age difference never seemed to matter. On this particular day we had been talking about the usual male macho topics when the topic of our wives had popped up. Now it’s not unusual to talk about your wife to another man . . . it is however rather unusual though to be talking to him about your wife and whether you wouldn’t mind seeing another man being intimate with her, but there I was in such a conversation with Tim.

“No seriously Brian, you’d share your wife with another man wouldn’t you?” Tim asked with a sense of sincerity.

Being caught a little off guard by such a personal question, I hesitated slightly, which allowed Mac to continue his spiel.

“I’ve always wanted my wife Mary to try another man” Tim stated nonchalantly “But anytime I’ve mentioned it, she simply says that I’m a pervert”.

Tim laughed at his last remark before asking again “So you never answered me buddy . . . would you?”.

I hummed and stuttered, then eventually blurted out a response which would end up changing my whole life, “Yeah, I suppose I would . . . I guess . . . it would be kind of wild thing to do!”.

Tim grinned slightly and then with a real serious look on his face stated, “While I’m glad you think that Brian, because . . . now don’t get mad with what I’m about to tell you, but me and a few friends sort of got friendly with your wife Jackie about two weeks back!”

I sat somewhat stunned before finally inquiring in a dull tone, “What . . . what . . . what do you mean Tim?”.

Tim took another sip from his drink and leaned back in his lawn chair before answering. “Well Brian, I don’t want you to blame Jackie or anything. It was purely a spur of the moment thing and us guys felt rather bad afterwards about it!”.

I sat listening intently, not even trying to interject, as he took another gulp and then continued after a drag on his cigarette.

“But you did just admit that you’d consider sharing your wife . . . it just so happens that you already have and since I’m a nice guy, I’m not wanting to deceive you on this Brian. Why don’t you go grab yourself another beer and I’ll fill you in on all about it . . . you’ll probably find that the whole thing will be a huge turn on for you. I know I would if it had been my Mary in the same situation! So you won’t get mad … Right?”.

I numbly shook my head and muttered “I guess not!”

As I was still sitting there in a strange state of shock thinking of how my wife had been acting kind of distant the last couple of weeks, when I suddenly heard the backyard fence gate swing open. I turned in time to see Tony Brown, a friend of Tim’s coming into the yard.

“Oh hey Tony grab yourself and Brian here a beer!” Tim instructed as Tony headed to the cooler. “Yeah I was just telling Brian about the fun we had with his wife Jackie two weeks ago here!” Tim continued.

Buying a Bikini

When I was in college during my Jr. year, I met two guys named John and Eddie. John and Eddie were freshman, new to the whole college scene. I met John first because he did a bit of copy editing for the school newspaper and I was one of the writers on staff. They both started sitting with me at lunch and I thought that they were both really funny and cute. They became my little tag-a-long buddies, and followed me around campus like hungry little puppy dogs. I thought they were adorable, and loved the attention they gave me.

They would inevitably show up at my dorm room on Friday nights, me being 21, so that we could go out for beer runs. We hung out and watched movies, or went to the Plaza and walked around acting like college kids do. There was, of course, unending flirting between the three of us, and the sexual tension was very high most of the time.

One late fall Friday afternoon, I came out of my 2:00 class to find them waiting for me. I announced to them that I had to run to the mall to buy a new swimsuit and they said they would tag along.

“Ohhh, no. I don’t think so boys.” I told them. I dreaded taking them out in public because they always embarrassed the hell out of me.

“Oh, come on Jen!” they said in unison.

“NO.” I firmly answered.

“The last time I took you guys to the mall, you were a mess, and I am going to do some serious shopping that DOES not require your being there.”

Well, after begging and pleading with me all the way back to my dorm, I finally caved and said they could come.

“But, you’re NOT going into the department store with me while I pick out my new bikini. You can go get something to eat or something.”

“Ok!” They were delighted to be able to tag along.

We got to the mall and I told them to meet me at the Orange Julius in an hour. I left them sitting on a bench staring at my ass as I stomped off in red platform shoes in search of my new swimsuit.

I was meandering around the store looking at different bikinis when I heard someone say, “OH MY GOD! Look, Eddie, it’s JEN!”

“Hi Jen!!”

Fuck. It was them. I should have known better.

They both came over and Eddie playfully smacked my ass saying, “Fancy meeting you here, Jen!”

“Leave…NOW!” I said trying to be stern and not crack up at his cute and naughty smile.

“Ohhh, don’t be mad, Jen.” John pouted.

I noticed the properly-dressed sales woman lookin in our direction.

“You guys promised to be good if I brought you with me.” I scolded them.

“Let us help you pick out your bikini. We’ll settle down and behave.” John smiled wickedly.

“This is not a good idea, guys.” I said under my breath.

“Oh, come on…let us help ya.” Eddie said in his most angelic voice.

“Fine. Go sit down over there.” I said pointing to a couple of chairs by the fitting rooms.

They ran over and sat down. They were quite pathetic! My little bitches…I giggled to myself.

I went into the dressing room with several different selected bikinis and shut the door on one of the back stalls.

I had just slipped on a cute yellow and pink flowery bikini when I heard a soft tap on the door.

“Um, someone is in here” I said.

“Quick, lemme in, Jen!”

It was John.

“Oh my GOD, get outta here!” I hissed through the door.

“I wanna see yer suit. Lemme in before someone sees me!”

Blindfolded Gangbang

My wife Tracy and I would read and look through several adult male magazines every month and often use it to spice up our sex life. But we never had any experiences, which we thought were worth writing about—until Tracy’s twenty-fifth birthday.

Tracy and I have always enjoyed wild and uninhibited sex, but until that day we had never involved anyone else in our lovemaking. We had talked many times about getting it on with other people, and Tracy knew that I liked to fantasize about watching her with several men.

Tracy would say that she thought it would be exciting if the men were total strangers, and she had no idea who they were. But these were just fantasies, and so they remained until I decided to make them come true.

I was working on a project for my company that summer that involved being around a group of construction workers. I approached some of them with my idea, and when I showed them pictures of my wife they were quite enthusiastic. I set up the deal for the night of Tracy’s birthday.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant that evening, and then went dancing at a club, where we had a few drinks and stayed until closing. On the way home we started fooling around in the car, and by the time we got there we were both hotter then firecrackers. Once Tracy gets going, she has to get laid.

Once at home I stripped Tracy and began to fool around with her. When I got her naked I told her that I had a surprise for her, but that she would have to trust me and go along with what I had in mind. She looked at me kind of funny, but said okay. She asked if I was going to get undressed too, but I said, “Not yet.” I then blindfolded her and tied her hands behind her back. I led her out of the house and into the garage, still naked, and guided her into the front seat of my pickup. I could tell she was getting really hot. Even I had a hardon.

Sarahs First Gang Bang

We had been invited to a cocktail party at the Croydon Park Hotel in south London as the guests of one of my husband’s clients who were celebrating his fortieth birthday.

I wore the favoured ‘little black dress’ for the occasion, a black velvet cocktail dress, very figure hugging and sexy, but sophisticated enough for a semi-formal party. It was open backed and held on with a thin satin lace, criss-crossing all the way up from my lower spine, at the front it was also cut low but under-wired, enhancing my breasts and giving me an impressive cleavage. The dress was quite short, reaching to about mid thigh, and underneath it I wore nothing but a black suspender belt, stockings and a pretty crouch-less butterfly thong, on my feet a pair of black stiletto-heeled shoes.

The host had invited about one hundred and fifty guests and although we did not know any of them at the time the atmosphere was lively and quite friendly so we soon got chatting with various people.

At about 9pm a disco arrived and before long the lights dimmed, the disco started to pump out its music and the party began to warm up as people took to the dance floor. The drinks were flowing thick and fast and I was really enjoying myself laughing and dancing with a small circle of friends Kevin and I had made.

At about 11pm I was left alone momentarily as Debbie, one of the women I was talking with got whisked off to the dance floor.

It was then that this huge guy approached me. He was about 6’2″ tall and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger! He had a massive chest and his muscular arms looked formidable, he had short-cropped brown hair and although he was not what you would call stunningly good-looking, he had nice eyes and a strong face with an easy-going, if slightly roguish expression. He looked me up and down slowly as he walked up to me and then cutting no ice he abruptly said.

“Hello luv, are you up for it tonight then?”

I was stunned into silence for a moment at his unexpected words!

“I’m sorry?” I replied somewhat indignantly and not quite sure if I had heard him correctly.

“I’ve seen you at that swingers club over in Forest Gate.” He pressed on, “I know it’s you coz I stood and watched you get licked out by some bird in front of everyone! You were spread-eagled against the wall and she went down on you for about half an hour while that bloke you’re with tonight sucked on your tits! Granted I was not looking at your face that much but I know for a fact that it was you.”

Oh my God! It was true! He had described exactly what had happened to me three weeks earlier in a fetish club I had visited with my husband and girlfriend. My girlfriend Tracey had decided to have some fun with me, and this guy had obviously witnessed the whole thing!

I could feel my face going bright red as his words rapidly sunk in!

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, obviously looking completely guilty, “but you must have got the wrong person.”

“Oh come off it luv, I know it was you!” He paused and his voice took on a reassuring tone. “Look, I won’t say anything to anyone, I just wondered if you fancied getting together later that’s all? Bring your bloke along if you like, I don’t mind.”

I stuck to my guns repeating that I wasn’t the person he thought I was, and with that I turned away as indignantly as I could trying to hide my further embarrassment.

I heard him say, “Oh well! It’s your loss!” over my shoulder, as he walked back to his friends.

Kevin had seen my face as the guy was talking to me and came over to ask if I was okay. I told him all that the man had said and Kevin asked me what I felt about it. I answered that I was caught off guard and a bit taken-aback initially, but I was not really bothered about it now that the shock had worn off.

“What did you think of him?” he asked.

“I don’t really know?” I replied honestly. “I was so surprised that I didn’t really think anything about him at the time… He was pretty big though,” I mused, “I felt absolutely tiny while he was leaning down to talk to me.”

As I said that Debbie returned and grabbed my arm and I went off to dance with the girls, putting it out of my mind.

The Bachelorette Party Girls

The dresses were in and all the girls were fitted. The invite responses were coming back in the mail and there was a small pile of them on my desk every afternoon placed there by my secretary. The big day was quickly approaching and the pre-wedding festivities were beginning. My shower produced dozens of appliances and towels. Thank you cards were written. Then I get this phone call.

“We’re throwing you a bachelorette party.” My friend and fellow Senator announced to me one day a few weeks before the wedding. I begged Kate not to do it and she ganged up on me with a few of our friends. Soon Sarah and Kate had a whole night planned and I was going to be tossed into the back of a limo with my 2 best friends, my sister and a few other friends. They planned it for the same night that the love of my life was going to the strip club with his friends.

I had run out of excuses by the time the night arrived. We all met at Kate’s townhouse for drinks and a bite to eat before going on the town. Soon after we finished dinner, the doorbell rang and Kate made me go answer it. I felt funny since it was not my house but when I opened the door, the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on was standing at the door in fire fighting gear and asking for me. Standing behind him was friend Rich in his Police uniform.

He guys came in and told us all to have a seat in the living room. The firefighter handed Kate a CD and she put it in the stereo. Soon music filled the room and my friend Rich and the firefighter began to dance for us. The sight of Rich in a G string in my face made me laugh but he promised he’d strip for me at my bachelorette party if I ever decided to finally get married. Rich was hot. He kept in shape for his job as a metro cop. Him gyrating in my face was starting to turn me on. We had never slept together because timing was always wrong and now, two weeks before my marriage, I was regretting it to some extent. Pretty soon Sarah was sucking off the firefighter and Kate was making out with my secretary.

Angies Adventure

Angie had three things in mind for the weekend. Eat, Sleep and Sex…and not necessarily in that order. She knew her boyfriend, Tommy, would be here any second and she was going to set the tone for the weekend. Wearing only her swimsuit cover-up over nothing, Angie knew she looked irresistible. Her 34C-23-35 frame was topped beautifully by her shoulder length brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

Angie was home from college on a long weekend. Her parents, not knowing she was coming home, were already off for a trip in the mountains and would not be back till Tuesday (long after she would be back at school). This was almost too perfect as she had not been with Tommy for over two months and even though they were not completely faithful, she was looking forward to three days of re-acquainting herself with him.

The doorbell rang and Angie bounced over to the door. Looking out the peephole to make sure it was him, Angie opened the door and pulled Tommy in. “Have I got plans for you this weekend,” Angie said with the look of lust in her eyes.

“Angie, I have some…” Tommy tried to say.

“Shhhhhhhhh…Be quiet. The only sound I want to hear right now is you moaning!” Angie said as she pulled his cock out of his pants and almost in one stroke, had his semi-hard eight inches as far in as it would go.

All Tommy could do at this point is moan, so moan he did. This brought back great memories as Angie was great at giving head. Slowly she would work all the way down his cock and twist her tong around it on the way back up. She would switch back and forth from that to rubbing her lips up and down the bottom of is sword.

Angie picked up the pace and in under five minutes had Tommy on the edge of shooting his wad. Sensing he was about ready, Angie started jacking him off very fast, aiming the tip of his cock straight at her open mouth. Letting out a loud grown, Tommy shot what seemed to be a gallon of cum on her face. Angie started wiping her face with his cock and sucking the limping cum covered cock deep in to her throat. She looked up at Tommy and saw his satisfied look. Standing up, she took off the cover-up and said, “My turn!”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Tommy said sheepishly. “The guys are waiting out in the car for me. We have tickets in Chicago for the playoff game. I have to go.”

With that, he was out the door and out to the car. Angie stood there not knowing what to think. This had to be some kind of bad joke. “THAT BASTARD!” she thought. She still had his taste all over her face and now what turned her on minutes earlier was pissing her off like there was no tomorrow.