Month: August 2009

Harem Girl Part 1

She paddled slowly across the large pool and slid silently next to a beautiful Japanese girl and introduced herself, “Hello, my name’s Delilah, but everyone calls me Dee, I’m pretty new here, and just wondered if you could tell me exactly where we are!?!” The pretty young Asian turned to her and with incredibly sad eyes replied softly, “I’m not sure of the country, but I think we’re in the Middle East, and by the way, my name is Midori, it’s nice to meet you!” “Why are we here,” Dee asked urgently, “the last thing that I remember was walking down a bazaar in Lagos, and then nothing, until I woke up in a little room with no windows, I don’t even know what day it is, and why is everyone naked, where are our clothes!?!” Midori put her arm around the shoulder of the young American and said, “It’s a long story, but I guess we both have the time!

“I’ve been here about two years now,” the young woman related, “I was taken right off of a street in Paris where I was vacationing with some college chums from back home, it was the same for me as it was for you, all at once you are here and don’t remember anything about it!” “Why is everyone naked,” Dee asked again!?! “I’ll get to that in a moment,” Midori replied, “but the why we are here is the most important thing, and it begins with the fact that we are young and pretty, and not of Middle Eastern descent!” “Why would anyone care about that,” Dee asked softly?!? “Because men of the Middle East favor western women as their concubines,” she went on, “and while some of us may well perform those duties willingly, it is easier for someone of great means to just take us and keep us as his own!” “Y-you mean were sex slaves,” Dee replied in an unsteady voice, “my god, this is almost the twenty first century, they can’t do that to us!” “I know it is hard to comprehend,” she continued, “but no one knows where we are and would have no idea where to start looking, so we try to make the best of it!” “I’ll kill myself before I let someone rape me,” Dee said defiantly, “if they want to do me when I’m dead, well then be my guest!” The young Asian shook her head from side to side and exclaimed, “I felt the same as you when I first arrived here, but they put things in your food and give you shots to make you not care anymore,” and then with her head hung low she whispered, “and to make sure that you are always sexually aroused and ready to perform at a moments notice!”

Bare Bottom

Mrs. Larson glanced at her assignment book and announced to the class, “Everyone open up your texts to page 135 and read chapter six, I have to go to the office for a few minutes, but I shouldn’t be too long!” She entered the Principal Solon’s office and said to his secretary, “Hi Georgia, I just received a note form Mr. Solon and he wants to see me right away, is he available!?!” A slight smirk spread over the secretary’s face as she replied, “Just a second, Mrs. Larson, and I’ll find out!” “Go on in, he’s expecting you,” Georgia said, “and have a good time!” At that last remark, Krista Larson glanced back over her shoulder and gave the secretary a dark look before entering the principal’s office! Once inside she asked, “You wanted to see me Mr. Solon, I really have to hurry because I’m right in the middle of a class!?!” Ben Solon eyed the pretty thirty five year old social studies teacher and evenly, “Come over here and lift you skirt, I’m afraid you’ve been a bad girl again!”

Delivery Man

Jeremy rang the front bell and waited several seconds until the door swung open and a middle aged man invited him in! “That will be fifteen fifty,” Jeremy said as he pulled the large pepperoni pizza out of the “hot bag”! The man was ready with a twenty dollar bill and as he traded it for the piping hot pie he asked softly, “Do you have time for my usual!?!” Jeremy looked at his watch and replied, “I’m kinda in a hurry, but if we make if a quickie, I guess it would be all right!” “Oh thank you,” the man fairly gushed as he shoved an extra fifty into Jeremy’s hand, “I really appreciate it, I really do!”

As he dropped to his knees in front of the young stud, he fumbled while trying to undo Jeremy’s belt and zipper, and was a little surprised when the young man slapped his hands away and said, “We have a new deal here, Mr. Lester, it’s a minimum of a hundred bucks!” “W-why that’s outrageous,” the man sputtered as he knelt on the carpeted floor, “it’s always been fifty, why the change!?!” “Mr. Lester,” the nineteen year old blonde Adonis said smoothly, “I think that after I get my pants off you will be more than happy to pay me the difference!” “Really,” Mr. Lester asked doubtfully, “one hundred dollars is a lot of money, even for a hung young stud like you!” “May I show you,” Jeremy asked softly, “I’m sure you won’t be disappointed?!?” “Okay,” came the reply, “but this had better be good!” With a half smirk on his face, Jeremy smoothly undid his belt and very slowly slid down his zipper and with a little push, sent his blue jeans sliding to his ankles! Mr. Lester made and audible gasp at the sight before his eyes, the young man wasn’t wearing his usual pair of white cotton briefs, instead he had on a very feminine pair of light blue frilly panties that did nothing to hide the outline of his huge hard cock! “Y-you’re wearing panties,” he stammered while softly running his hand over the front of the young man’s crotch! “For the extra fifty, you can rub your face on them and make me cum in them if you like,” Jeremy whispered, “and when I leave, you can keep them and suck on them after I’m gone, just think of how nice it will be to masturbate with my cummy panties in your mouth!?

The Dancer

“Okay now,” Bonnie asked for the last time, “you got everything under control!?!” “Uh, yeah,” he replied, “I’ve got the boom box, the CD’s, my wardrobe, and the address, I think that’s it!” “Good,” she answered, “make sure you give them a good show, now the deal is they give you five hundred up front, and you get to keep two, any tips you make are all yours!” What if they pay me by check,” he questioned?!? “It doesn’t matter how they pay you, you bring back either the check or cash to me and I’ll cut you a check,” she replied, “the tips are almost always in cash so you just pocket that!” “What time do you have to be there,” she continued on!?! “Seven o’clock,” he replied, “but I’m gonna get there about and hour early to get changed and set up!” “Good lad,” she added, “and by the way, Brian, good luck on your first gig!” “Thanks, boss,” he replied, and then he headed out the door!

A week ago he was working in a bar for four bucks and hour and tips, and now he was on his way to a bachelorette party as the main attraction for a two hundred dollar minimum! Was he nervous, you bet, since he had never taken his clothes off in front of more than one female at a time, this was definitely going to be a new experience for him! He found the address and before he knew it, he was knocking on the front door and wondering exactly what the hell he’d gotten himself into! A flash of panic swept through him, and for a second he considered turning tail and running back to his car, but before he could move, the door swung open and a cute redhead invited him inside! “You must be Brian,” she said with smile, “I’m Cori, glad you could make it!” “You’re early,” she said while leading him into the large great room that was already laid out and ready to go with food and a bar, “would you like something to eat or drink, we have plenty!?!” “A soft drink would be nice,” he replied while looking the place over, “this is a good room for a party, lots of room to move around in!” “You should know,” she said with a chuckle, “I mean about room to move around, you being a dancer and all!” “Oh yeah, right,” he replied, “there’s plenty of room in here, by the way, how many are you expecting!?!” Just ten of us, plus the bride to be,” she replied, “oh, and by the way, I’ll give you the check right now, five hundred, is that right!?!” “Exactly,” he said gratefully, just glad he didn’t have to bring the money thing up himself! She handed him the check and at the same time stared hard into his eyes and said softly, “You wouldn’t mind letting me get a preview of the merchandise before my guests arrive would you?!?”

Well, this was going to come up sooner or later, and after all, this was the reason he was here, to make money, so boldly he replied, “Sure, but all private peeks cost money!” She broke into a grin and responded, “How much for the peek, sugar!?!” “Twenty five for a peek,” he rejoined, “and fifty on up for a little more intimate look!” Out of nowhere she produced a fifty dollar bill and asked softly, “What’ll this get me, honey?!?” He plucked the bill from between her fingers and replied, “That will give you the privilege of removing my shorts, and spending the next ten minutes getting orally acquainted with me!” Without saying a word, she led him over to a small connecting room and for the next ten minutes gave him one of the best blowjobs he had ever experienced, and he was about to tell her that he was gonna shoot, but he decided to keep quiet and surprise her! Some surprise, she gobbled down his cum like it was the nectar from the gods and did a yeomen job of not spilling even a drop! She quickly go to her feet and excused herself to get ready for the arrival of her guests, leaving him to clean up his cock and to get ready to “go on stage”!

Brian sat in the small room drinking his soda and watching television while waiting for Cori to bring him out! He was nervous to be sure, but he figured most of them would be pretty smashed by the time he hit the floor, and besides, he had a pretty nice build and all these broads wanted to see was some male skin, the dancing was just a necessary excuse for his being there! He was wearing a tear away tee shirt and shorts, and of course a g-string, nothing too elaborate, as he relied on the old KISS system, keep it simple stupid! There was knock on the door and Cori stuck her head in and said with grin, “Okay, stud boy, you’re on!” For the next twenty minutes or so, Brian gyrated to the beat of a compilation of dance hits that kept him bouncing around the floor from woman to woman! When he was down to his g-string, the woman went crazy as they touched and poked at his private parts through the thin gauzy material! Several shout of take it off rang out, and without warning, one of the woman grabbed his covering and tore it from his crotch leaving him totally naked in front of eleven screaming females, and as he moved slowly through the crowd of clapping and screaming women, the touching became more intimate and he immediately became erect, which was like waving a red flag in front of a mad bull!

The bride to be was smashed out of her gourd, and on most occasions she would never have done what she was about to do, but with the alcohol and encouragement of her friends, she grabbed Brian by the cock and took him into her mouth and began sucking like a baby on a bottle! Another woman took off her top and began pressing her naked breasts into his back, while another one started licking and sucking on his nipples! He caught Cori’s eye and mouthed the words, “Another two hundred,” and she just laughed and held up two c-notes and encouraged him on with a cheer or two of her own! When he thought he was about to cum, one of the women yelled out, “Fuck him, Patty, he’s got a big cock and this might be the last strange dick you ever get!” Several of Patty’s “friends” pulled her off his cock and lay her down on the couch and pulled off her slacks and panties leaving her open wet pussy ready to be taken! Her eyes were a bit glassy, so as he mounted her he asked, “Are you sure, Patty, just say the word and I’m outta here!?!” Instead, however, she grabbed him by his cock and pulled it towards her hairy muffy and begged, “Give it to me hard and fast, I need it really bad!” Another round of cheers rose up from the peanut gallery, and since she really wanted it, Brian rammed his meat in with brutal force, inducing an orgasm out of the helpless woman on the first stroke! He pounded away at her for another five minutes or so, thinking to himself that on her honeymoon she’d probably still be thinking about this fuck and wishing her husband could do it like the guy at the party!

She must have cum three or four times, Brian had completely lost count as his own orgasm was building like a tsunami deep inside of his groin! When it became evident he was about ready to shoot, one of the women screamed out, “Pull out and let us see you cum,” and even though he was in the throes of his own climax, the idea of not shooting it inside of her really had a lot of merit, so just before he exploded, he jerked out of her pussy and blew load after load of hot spunk all over her bare belly, accompanied by the clapping of every other woman in the room! One of the dumb bitches was so drunk, that she leaned down and licked up all of the leftover cum that was splattered all over Patty’s soft belly, and just for laughs, Brian encouraged another one to clean up Patty’s pussy with her mouth, and after a moments hesitation, that is exactly what she did!

Half of the women were passed out when Brian was leaving, but Cori slipped the extra two bills into his hand along with a note which he read when he got out to his car, and it read, “Brian, loved your show, both before and after, my number is 555-2345, call me, I want you to do an encore, Cori”! He stuck the cash and the note into his pocket, and with a chuckle, headed for home!