Month: October 2009

Semester Break

“Hi, Mrs. Cameron,” Jason said while entering the foyer of the Cameron house, “is Zoey home from college yet?” “She’s up in her room with Sky,” Julie Cameron replied, “she said to just send you up when you got here!” Thanks, Mrs. C,” he replied while taking off up the stairs to her room on the second floor! “Knock first,” Julie Cameron yelled after him, “I thought I could hear a lot of moaning and groaning coming from up there, “don’t barge in on them, okay?” “Sure thing,” he yelled back, “I’ll knock first, don’t worry!” Jason stood outside of Zoey’s room at the far end of the hall, and just as her mother had predicted there was indeed a lot of noise coming from behind the door, so after looking around to make sure no one else was around, he silently pushed it open just enough to peek inside! “Oh god, I missed this,” Zoey sighed while Sky gently lapped at her , “you have the softest tongue of anyone I know, and the most talented too!” That was Jason’s cue to go inside, and in a half hurt voice he offered, “And to think I thought you liked my tongue the best!”

African Gangbanged Bride

[ By WifeWatcher ]

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Ben. We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night in the hotel bar, Ben, my husband who is an anthropologist and is 43 years old, was talking to a group of old black men about their tribes and customs etcetera.

It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable time just hanging around waiting for Ben and drinking when this really gorgeous African man came over and introduced himself to me. He told me his name which I couldn’t pronounce but it sounded a bit like George, so that’s what I called him.

We talked and danced for a couple of hours and as I’d had a few drinks, I didn’t object when his hands started to roam, and playing with my breasts. I was actually enjoying it as Ben had been neglecting me a bit. Being on Honeymoon, I thought that we would be having sex night and day but maybe because Ben is so much older than I am, we had only done it 3 times in 9 days.

The Game

This happened only a week ago, and it was as much a surprise to my girlfriend as it was to me. My girlfriend, Claudia, is a modern dancer and a very beautiful woman, with an athletic build, soft pale skin, and lovely round breasts that are just the right size.

We were having a few glasses of wine together one evening after watching the sun drop behind the horizen, when the silence was broken by a group of four men playing with a football about a twenty meters down the beach. Every now and again they would stop, drink some bears, then play on. They were all big guys, and we could tell by their accents they were American College boys. Claudia was very cynical of them, not her type of people, she said.

Virgin Wife Wedding Gangbang

On September 22, 1962 I married an absolutely from Texas. She had a beautiful Spanish name that was hard to pronounce so we settled on calling her Nancy. Nancy was so beautiful and sexy I couldn’t believe that I was lucky enough to have her marry me. I fell in love with her the first moment that I saw her. I realized when she married me that she didn’t really love me like I loved her but was marrying me because it would get her a start in a new life.

Nancy was twenty-two years old when we were married and was still a virgin, thanks to her very strict parents. She was very unhappy not getting to go anywhere by herself or do anything exciting because her parents thought that some man would take advantage of her. With Nancy’s beautiful face and gorgeous sexy body they were probably right.

We never engaged in petting or sex when we were going together because of her parent’s demands that Nancy remained a virgin until she was married. Respecting this I never made any real strong advances to respect this wonderful young woman. During our conversations we sometimes discussed sex. I made it known that my fantasy was to have a very hot and sexy wife that would be willing to become an insatiable whore willing to let other men service her sexy body.