Month: February 2010

It Got Out Of Control

[ story by Wife Watcher () ]

My wife Beth confided in me one of her favourite fantasies. To be held down and ravished, preferably by a big black man. She emphasised that it was only a fantasy as she wouldn’t want to have intercourse with anyone other than myself under any circumstances.

‘Maybe you would like to act out something along those lines.’

‘If it was acting it wouldn’t work,’ she replied.

I went on to suggest. ‘Why not have a real scenario where you would be really forced but it would be prearranged that the limits were feeling and sucking your breasts and maybe finger fucking you.’

She brightened up at that suggestion; I could see that I made a good suggestion.

‘But how could we guarantee that the man would stop at that?’ she asked.

‘You did say you wanted it to be a black man.’

‘Well it doesn’t have to be but it would be more exciting if it was.’

‘I have this friend at work, Dave, he’s well over 6ft tall and really looks threatening but actually he is a very nice guy. Maybe I could ask him if he would like to help out.’

‘Do you think he would? But how about afterwards, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you to go on working with him?’

‘No! We often have discussions about sex and I know he is open minded.’

‘Oh you do, do you!’ She said with a mischievous grin.

My Wife Goes Wild

The very first time I fucked Debra, when we were both 19, I assumed she was a virgin. She screamed when I inserted my cock into her and she screamed more as we continued with our love making. Of course, I wasn’t in any position to fully understand whether she was a virgin or not. I had never had actual sex with a girl before. I had certainly petted quite a few girls and had many of them blow me, but never had real sex! I had read all sorts of stories about virgins bleeding profusely and screaming when their hymen is broken, but although Debra certainly screamed a lot, particularly when I first entered her, I just guessed I was the first.

Debra and I met whilst in our last year at school and, as we both found jobs not terribly far apart, we managed to keep in contact – even if it was rather infrequently. We went out to the pictures and sometimes bowling, and although we did a bit of kissing after these dates it never amounted to very much. After a couple of years, when we both turned 18 we began to get a little more serious and we started to tell everyone who was interested that we were going steady.

Just before Debra’s 19th birthday, I asked her if she was really serious about our relationship and, when she told me she certainly was, we told everyone we were engaged to be married. We even bought an engagement ring. It was just after this that our first sex took place. We were pashing really heavily when Debra stopped me and said, “I guess we have reached the stage where we are really serious about this relationship and if you are sure, it seems to me that this is about the time we prove our love for each other.” Of course, I understood what she was saying – she meant we could go further that we had ever been before. We discussed protection and she asked if I had a condom. Every young lad had a supply of condoms. They were always kept in the vain hope that the occasion to use them would arise sooner or later.

Tonight was the night. We were in my car and so we climbed into the back seat, Debra slowly removed what was left of her clothes as I removed mine. She then spread herself out beautifully on the seat, spread her legs wide and told me to show her how much I loved her!