Month: March 2010

Watching My Wife On Dates

I guess it really was all my fault. At the age of 30 I found myself running a five man insurance office in a town that I had just moved to. Six months in the secretary gave her notice and quit. My 25 year old wife, Ginger, happened to be a graduate of secretarial school so it seemed a natural fit, except for the company wide policy of not hiring relatives.

From the day I mentioned it to my wife until the day the old secretary left Ginger kept begging me to hire her. She too was in a new town, and with no friends her days were really long and boring, I at least, had some place to go. Her arguments made sense, and the extra money would be nice, so against my better judgment I hired her and told the men she was a single girl who had just moved to town.

Within two weeks each of the five men in my employ hit on her, and I could hardly blame them. Ginger was a who kept her shape, petite, nice tits and lean tapered legs. After dinner one night I finally asked her if she wanted me to intercede on her behalf and ask the men to stop it.

She looked at her feet for a few moments, cleared her throat, and whispered no. Then she looked me in the eyes and said actually she would like to go out with them, she was running out of excuses, I was either at work, or working at home, or sleeping, so we never went out, she wouldn’t go out alone, and hadn’t been to a restaurant or nightclub since we moved, and maybe once she went out with one or two of them, and they didn’t even get to first base, they would leave her alone. I was shocked, obviously it was something she had thought about, but once again her arguments made sense, and once again I bowed to her wishes.

A Friendly Game of Poker

The girl with the long dark hair lost again. Slowly, tantalizingly, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing that she was wearing nothing whatsoever underneath. Her small firm breasts were the same golden color as the rest of her skin, with the aureole a darker chocolate brown. All that she had left now was a pair of small, white cotton panties.

While he looked admiringly at the breasts just revealed, caressing their curves with his eyes, the black girl to his right shuffled the cards for the next round of their game. So far, it was just plain strip poker, but the girls, when they persuaded him to join them, had promised him some interesting variations later…

It was late at night, he had just been about to leave the party when the four girls had come up to him. They were the only people still in the house, all the other guys having left already. After some embarrassed giggling and shuffling among the girls, none of whom looked more than twenty or so, a year or two younger than he was, a tall blonde asked him if he wanted to play strip poker with them.

He hesitated briefly, wondering what they were up to. Apart from the hostess, a petite brunette named Miriam, with long, curly hair and large breasts, he didn’t know any of the girls. They all appeared fairly drunk, and in a mood for mischief. But the blonde, seeing his hesitation, stepped closer, and, putting her arms around him, promised him a real interesting game. He could fell her pointed breasts rubbing against his chest, and, controlled by the immediate reaction between his legs, he heard himself say yes.

My Wife Gets Wild

We went to my company party a few nights back. Lisa, my wife was by far the hottest babe there. She works out and has always had a hot body. She is 5’5″ and weighs around 125-30 lbs. She is not too big in the boob area, but her tits are perfect. And her finest points are on the ends. By that I mean her nipples. She has the puffy nipples and they really stick out. I can hang my car keys on them and know they will be there when it is time to leave.

Anyway, this was Lisa’s first time meeting the people I work with. For some reason, a lot of the wives did not show up. (maybe they knew something I did not know.) As the evening passed, I was told by some of the guys that these parties could get pretty raunchy. “That” as I was told, was the reason only a few of the wives turned out. I toyed with the idea of warning Lisa, but decided she could take care of herself. She has always had her ways of putting guys in their place. And except for the times at the X rated theatres, she has been pretty effective at keeping them in line. (that is another story.)