Month: May 2010

Please Take Me Now

Kathy looked at the clock on the living room wall showed and saw that the time was 8:00PM and her patience was near an end. She’d been waiting for her husband, Don to come home from work now for almost 2 hours. They’d been planning to go to a party that started at 8:00 and now they’d be late for sure. Kathy was going to give him a piece of her mind when he got home. She was sure that he’d stopped to have a drink with some of his buddies, it was an old routine that she knew well even if she didn’t like it much.

Kathy stands 5’9″ inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is long, silky and naturally light blonde. She wears it parted down the middle. It’s a simple look, but with her perfect angel face any styling is unnecessary. Her eyes are a sparkling deep blue and her skin is baby smooth without a blemish to be found. She sports a beautiful tan and keeps herself in shape with aerobics.

A half hour later or so, She finally hears keys at the front door, and after a few minutes of scrambling with the lock, Don walked into the apartment. Then she realized that he hadn’t come home alone, 3 of his buddies were also with him, and they all appeared to have had a lot to drink.

This is the story of what happened to Kathy, and how her life changed from that night forward….. In Kathy’s own words.

Discovery of a Slut

Like many women, thanks to what our society promotes as attractive, Lisa did not feel she was beautiful. I didn’t agree, and told her so, many, many times, but to no real change in her view of herself. I finally persuaded her to buy some and go out with me for a night on the town. I asked her to get a very short, skin tight skirt. Finally I asked her not to wear any underwear. She hesitated at this, but then finally agreed. The day of our celebration Lisa went shopping. She called me at work to tell me about her new dress. She seemed very excited about wearing it for me. She wasn’t sure, however, that she would feel comfortable in public wearing such a sexy outfit. I assured her that she would be a big hit with anyone who saw her. I don’t think I convinced her. The plan was to go out to dinner and then go dancing. I couldn’t wait to see Lisa in her new outfit. She picked me up from work at 6:30. When I saw her I was stunned. She looked like one of those glamour models. She gave me a shy smile when I whistled at her. She said, “I can’t believe I’m actually wearing this.” I said, “You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Lisa was wearing a red dress that barely covered her privates. Her large breasts stretched the top to its limits. The dress was low cut with a full one third of her breasts exposed. I said, “I hope those shoulder straps are industrial strength.” Lisa giggled and said, “I hope so too.” I continued to stare at her as she drove out of the parking lot. I noticed two bumps in the front of Lisa’s dress. I was happy to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I glanced down at her legs and wondered if she was wearing panties. Lisa noticed my stare and confirmed, “No, I’m not wearing panties.” I asked her to prove it and she pulled her hem up slightly revealing her neatly trimmed bush. Lisa said, “I have to be very careful when I get out of the car or bend over.” I said, “I’ll bet.” We headed for our favorite restaurant. The parking lot was full and we had to park at the shopping center next door. I watched as Lisa got out of the car. She held the hem of her skirt firmly. It was no use, however. If anyone had been nearby they would have seen an eyeful. We walked in front of several shops as we made our way to the restaurant. Lisa complained about the 5 inch high heels. Despite the awkwardness of the shoes, Lisa caused heads to turn in her direction. She was quite a sight. We enjoyed a great meal and a few drinks and talked about everything. I told Lisa how proud I was of her. We talked about the looks she was getting. I think she was beginning to like the attention. I paid the tab and we left. Lisa asked if I wanted to drive and I suggested that she drive. I told her that I wanted to just look at her. She blushed. We strolled to the car and again Lisa got plenty of attention. I noticed that despite the earlier difficulty Lisa had with her shoes, her walk began to get more sexy. I knew she was enjoying herself.

Coworkers Conspiracy

It was great, this relationship. But, at times something seemed to be lacking.

Emma had been seeing Dwayne for some time. She wasn’t quite sure how long for when complacent, the simple things like time are ignored. It was an ordinary relationship, begun in passion and settled in comfort. But this is what they wanted. At least, neither complained about the routine, but that maybe due to not knowing better…

Emma made a friend at work, Michael. At first, they said hello politely. Then small conversations told who? what? and where? of each other’s lives. The friendship grew and so did the conversations. They talked about relationships, past and present. Philosophy, sports and the ugly hairdo of the secretary spanned the topics. Neither remembered the transition from polite coworkers to detailed confidants.

Inevitably, sex became the topic of choice. Each one expressed their desires and fantasies. They talked frankly about past lovers. Michael told stories of drunken hook ups and flagrent sexual encounters. He was experienced, about 30 lovers with folds-more hookups. He could not remember most of their names but could describe each of the acts in vivid detail. One, he said, liked it rough, so he gnawed on her tits, bit on her clit, and fucked her harder than a train wreck. Yet, she was not satisfied. The stories poured out of Michael to the thirsty Emma.