Month: July 2010

Wife Does the Limbo

It’s funny how one evening can change your whole way of life. My wife’s friend, Vera, had asked us to join her and her husband to her works dinner dance. I thought ‘How boring’. Her husband is a bit of a bore and we wouldn’t know anyone else at the party but Joan was very keen on going, so of course we went. Halfway through the meal, Vera took ill.

Probably something she had eaten didn’t agree with her, so they went home. Now here we were, not knowing a soul there. Joan had been drinking a bit and was quite merry. After the meal there was dancing. We had danced a couple of numbers, then I went to the bar to get more drinks and as I returned, a guy was asking Joan to dance.

‘Go ahead!’ I said. ‘It will give me a rest.’ So off they went. I sat watching them as best I could as the lighting had been dimmed and they kept getting swallowed up in the crowed. When Joan returned, she looked rather flushed.

‘Been over doing it?’ I asked. ‘No!’ She replied looking very embarrassed. ‘He kept putting his hands on my bottom.’ Well now, perhaps the evening wasn’t going to be too boring after all. I had often fantasised about watching Joan with another guy but knowing how prudish she is sometimes, I never really thought it would ever happen.

The Cheating Wife

My name is Marie and this story is a warning for any wife out there planning to cheat on her husband. I’m 35, 5′ 6″ tall with a good body (135 pounds and 38C breasts). Our marriage was okay but our sex life was dull. I was always busy at work as I was a sales manager and earned more than my husband and I think he resented it.

One day I met a guy named Mike. He worked for one of the clients I deal with and he was 6 feet tall and handsome. He was a little older than me and that was nice too. He took me out to lunch a couple of times and flirted with me and I was tempted to do more. So when I told him I had a trip to Chicago in a couple of weeks he said he was attending the same conference and that we should meet up. I knew what he meant and agreed.

The night before I was to fly out I had a big fight with my husband and when I got to Chicago I looked for Mike. After the first day of the conference I talked to him and we had a couple of drinks then went up to my room. My pussy was dripping wet by the time we got off the elevator and I knew he was rock hard from the obvious bulge in his pants.

The Bachelor Party

Wendy and I are both in our late twenties. She’s 5’6, 110 lbs., 34c, light blue eyes, and a natural redhead. Wendy has these beautiful soft thick lips… just perfect for blowjobs. Being a Natural redhead, her pubic hair is red and very soft. We’ve been together about 4 years, married a little over 2 years. She’s had a few boyfriends before me, but I could tell she was very inexperienced Sexually speaking. Wendy is a very modest woman.

She wears a one-piece bathing suit in public. I’ve tried to get her to dress and act sexy in public, but she won’t. I’ve even tried getting her drunk and having my way with her on a secluded beach without any luck. However, when I get her in the mood at home she’ll do anything to climax. She’ll get this look in her eye that says “please take what you want… just let me cum.” I love to hold off bringing her to a climax just to tease her. She’ll start moaning and promising her body to me anyway I want it, just let her cum. She loves my fantasy stories about her and other men. These stories always get her excited and she can always climax during them.

About 3 months ago I planned a bachelor party for my best friend, Michael. Wendy was to order the food and hire a “nice-family-type” stripper. The day of the party, Wendy picked up the food and cleaned the house. The guys started arriving around 7pm and the things began to get loud and rowdy. Wendy was upstairs getting ready for a night with the girls when the phone rang. She came down stairs and called me over.

Kitchen Gang Bang

I was recently married to the loveliest 18 year old girl you could ever wish to meet. Our Honeymoon was one weeks cruise and one weeks stay at a holiday resort. On the cruise we had become friendly with a middle-aged couple. The wife was very friendly (they both were) but I suspected that the guy was lusting after my bride.

My wife would hear nothing said against them and readily accepted their invite to visit them as their home was only a couple of miles from our holiday hotel. We enjoyed a few days alone at the hotel and then it was time for the proposed visit. The couple phoned us at the hotel and said that they where sorry that they had got their dates mixed up and where going to a party, so wouldn’t be at home but we where quite welcome to go with them to the party and they knew that their friends would love to meet us. My wife was as pleased as punch, to be going to a party and to meet new people.

We met up with the couple and they drove us to the lovely big house of their friends. We were made very welcome and introduced to lots of people. It did seem a bit odd that most of the guests were male. I mentioned this and was told that it was because they were mostly business associates.

We got separated and after a while I went in search of my wife. I went from room to room, I eventually found her in the kitchen. I stood at the kitchen door and saw her surrounded by six guys who were all trying to get a feel of her lovely body. She was a bit drunk and either didn’t realise or didn’t care what was happening to her. She had hands all over her as the men all tried to get a grope of my lovely young bride.

Cheating Gangbang Navy Wife

I would first like to tell you a little about myself. I am quite a shapely and attractive 26 year-old blonde with dark tanned skin who has been happily married for a few years. I wasn’t a virgin when we married but I had had sex with only one other guy besides my husband. My husband is in the Navy and obviously travels a lot. I really hate being by myself while he’s gone but have resigned myself to the fact that this is his job and I try to support him as best I can. I never imagined I would get into the kind of situation I found myself in on one Spring evening almost a year ago.

I recently met Trudy at a get-together for the wives of the sailors Trudy’s husband is also in the Navy and we hit it off wonderfully. Later on that evening when the other wives began to slip off to their homes, Trudy and I were just getting started. We were both getting too tipsy to feel lonely anymore and were dancing with some of the guys in the bar. Finally, around ten p.m. one of the men invited us back to his place for drinks. I never would have gone by myself but Trudy twisted my arm and half an hour later we found ourselves in quite a large house with about forty or so guys. Trudy and I were the only females so we commandeered a lot of their attention. After a few minutes, I looked around the room for Trudy. When I saw her I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was French kissing one of the guys who had pushed her halter-top above her breasts exposing her nipples to everyone’s view. Another guy was feeling and sucking on one of her exposed nipples as they headed toward a car to leave I thought I should also try to leave at this point, knowing it had gone too far, but I couldn’t lift myself out of the chair. I noticed that all other male eyes were watching me to see how I would react. A sexually exciting shiver shot down my spine and straight into my clitoris as I realized that I was their prey. All these men were now undressing me with their eyes and I realized this was a potential gangbang situation. The amazing thing was that I didn’t feel scared. If anything, I began to feel incredibly sexually excited by the thought of being fucked by all these sex-crazed men. I was transfixed by the thought and I couldn’t even move when one of them came over to me and kissed me on the lips and I felt his tongue invade my mouth. I couldn’t, and didn’t, want to stop him.