Month: August 2010

Pre Wedding Party

One of the best times I have had in my life sexually was over a two-day period where at the end of it I found myself married once again. The woman I was to marry turned out to be a , and I was very happy to find out that she would do anything and everything, my kinda woman!

It all started the day that our friends came up from where I lived to where my fiancee lived, and where we were set to have our wedding in just a few short hours. The couple, Rod and Bobbie, had been friends of mine for a very long time. There was always sexual tension when I was around Bobbie, and she had made it clear on more than one occasion that . Rod also wanted me to fuck her as well, but until that weekend it was always just talked around and they never made any serious moves to make it happen. I loved the teasing, and I loved the both of them, so I decided to wait until they were ready for it to happen, and if it never did then so be it. Little did I know just how exciting it was going to be when it finally did happen.

So they came up to the Quad Cities to join my fiancee, Jennifer, and me for a night out on the town before we tied the knot. We were all pretty poor at that time, and didn’t have the money, or the time, for anything else, but we were determined to have as much fun as possible. We had all spent time together before, and we had even fucked in front of each other and watched porn movies, but as yet had never had any more fun than that. It was all about to change.

Insane Mexican Gangbang

The first time that I ever had sex with more than one guy was when I was on a trip to Mexico with my girlfriend Clarisa. We were both and seniors in high school. Our parents let us go down to Cancun as a pre-graduation gift. One night we were completely drunk in this little… seedy Mexican bar. It was very warm and tropical so we were wearing bikini tops and mini-skirts. Clarisa was wearing flats but I wore my white pumps. We were both a little sunburnt and glowing in the balmy night air.

Clarisa and I were having a great time singing and drinking and laughing when this really gorgeous Mexican guy came over and introduced himself to us… especially to me… as Pedras. We talked and danced for a couple of hours… then he asked me outside for some air. I told Clarisa I’d be right back. She was already talking to some other guys so she really didn’t even notice.

He took me around the corner into this pretty dark alley- like side street where his car was parked; we kissed on the hood and eventually got into the back seat. I was really drunk and just having an awesome time kissing and groping this very handsome and exotic… dark guy. I slipped my bikini top down and let him suck and squeeze my . My legs were spread and he was between them. I knew what was happening when I felt him pull my G-string to one side; and I was loving it.

Two For One Asian Style

My relationship with Michiko lasted 2 years. Two years that were full of surprises- not least our first date- a threesome with her and one of her closest friends. That was just the beginning, this story documents the events occurring during a trip to Hawaii with Michiko and her friend Noriko.

Things began to get interesting one night when the three of us were at a night-spot not far from our hotel. We danced for a while then found a place to sit. Michiko and I were talking when I noticed that Noriko seemed preoccupied with something. I followed her gaze and found myself looking at a group of black guys dancing near the front of the dance floor.

A couple of them had lost their shirts and the disco lights reflected off the black skin, highlighting their muscular physique. I looked back at Noriko who was still watching intently then I nudged Michiko and, with a nod of my head, let her know what Noriko was up to. She smiled at me and I winked back at her. I leaned across to Noriko and said, “See something you like?”

“Mmm.” Noriko said dreamily. She looked across at us and didn’t seem surprised to find both of us looking at her. There was an excited gleam in her eyes. She leaned forward and said, “I wanna be fucked by a black guy.”