Month: October 2010

Spicing It Up

I realized, after something that happened last week, that it’s never too late to spice up your love life. And that you can get into a rut in terms of how you view your wife, sexually. My wife, Cathy is 30 years old, about 5’3″, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands a firm 37-24-36 with a really cute baby face. She works as the local regional manager for a national bookstore chain, so she usually dresses and acts in a fairly conservative fashion. Last Friday she had to fill in for one of her managers who called in sick. Normally she works from 9-5, but since she was filling in for a retail position, she had to close the store.

The store is only 5 minutes away from our house, so when she didn’t arrive at home at 10:00 I became a little worried, because the strip mall closed at 9:00. I tried calling the store several times, but the phone was always busy. After calling the operator I found out the phone was off the hook. Well, upon hearing this I became rather nervous & decided to stop by the store to see if everything was alright. I got my wife’s spare set of keys to the stores and jumped into my car. When I got to the mall the parking lot was pretty empty except for my wife’s car and two others. I looked through the front window, but most of the lights were off except for the ones in the rear office. I checked the doors but they were locked so I started fumbling with Cathy’s keys. Fortunately, she only managed three stores, so it didn’t take long to get in. When I got inside I heard some muffled sounds coming from the back. Curious, I tiptoed back and was just about to walk into the office when I got the biggest surprise of my life!

Sally Tries Out a Glory Hole

“I know this is a strange town but I’m sure you’ll be safe,” I told Sally, “I’ll be with you.” We were on vacation and I was trying to persuade her to go with me to an adult video shop I’d seen a few miles from our motel. “We can look for a new vibrator for you,” I continued.

“Well, okay, it might be interesting,” Sally finally replied. I then told her about some of the women I had seen in other shops. I remember one foxy blonde in particular who had dressed in a very revealing outfit and was all over her husband while they shopped for vibrators. I had gotten so turned on watching her. I knew if I dressed Sally up for a video shop visit, the other men in the place would be just as turned on.

Sally is my fifty-year old wife. She has taken such good care of herself that she looks ten years younger. She’s a bit plump and is self-conscious about her weight but I tell her that a lot of men prefer a woman with a fuller figure. And so many men have preferred Sally’s fuller figure over the past several years. that I have lost count.

I must confess that I enjoy sharing Sally with other men. She is such an incredibly sexy woman that I just couldn’t keep such a natural resource to myself. She has large 38C breasts, a fairly narrow waistline, belly that pooches out a little and full thighs. Her bottom is just the right size, it is particularly attractive when it’s up in the air while she’s on her knees giving head. She has a very pretty face, blonde hair and blue eyes.


My wife is available. She’s available for photos, videos, threesomes, foursomes even blind dates with a guaranteed happy ending. To put it bluntly my wife, Valerie, is a slut. She cannot get enough cock and she will let anyone fuck her. Tall, short, old, young, thin, fat and any nationality. She will fuck and suck in front of one person or in front of hundreds. The only requirement is that there is a stiff cock for her to use.

We’ve been married for a few years now. I met her when she was being gangbanged at a Christmas party, seven years ago and we’ve been together ever since. I love to watch her being gang fucked and if it’s a private party, I love to hear the details when she gets home. Whenever possible she comes home with her cunt full of strangers’ cum. There is a little bit of danger in letting her go to stag nights and gangbangs alone bit it’s a risk my wife is OK with.

My Wife Joy is a Slut

Joy was once gang banged by a group of her teachers when she was seventeen in high school in the principal’s office during school hours. She has no inhibitions about doing a guy or group of guys in public. In fact, having a group of people watching her suck cock or getting fucked turns her on. She especially likes the feeling of being a slut and being used like a sperm bank.

The following story is about an event that happened to my wife a number of years ago.

My wife, Joy, went to her company’s Christmas party dressed in a tight black skirt, a blue silk blouse, dark thigh-high stockings and 5″ black patent leather high-heeled pumps. The blue blouse was the type that wrapped around itself to cover her big 34C tits. She didn’t wear a bra or panties and because of the material and the cool temperature of the night, her nipples sticking out nearly poked out through the silk material.

At the Christmas party, the guys out numbered the women by a ratio of about five to one. Every time Joy would walk to the bar for a drink, the height of her heels made her tits bounce under her blouse. A lot of the guys at the party took notice of this every time she walked.

Finally, one guy from a party of six seated at a table went up to my wife and asked if she would like to dance. She willingly accepted his offer and soon the both of them were dancing to a slow song in a corner of the dance floor that was in the shadows. While my wife danced with her new friend, she made sure that her tits rubbed against his chest. The guy decided to take some liberties and cupped my wife’s left tit in his right hand. He could feel her hard nipple through the silk material of her blouse.