Month: January 2011

Naughty Joy Gets Gangbanged

I’m married to one of the most sexually exciting women in the world. We promised each other when we married that we would never let our sex life become as dull and boring as so many of our friends claimed that theirs had. For my part I bought her sexy lingerie, high heeled ‘come fuck me’ pumps, dildos and pressed her to have sex with me in places where the chance of being discovered was good. We oftened talked about her being fucked and gangbanged and this always got the both of us very hot.

Joy, on the other hand, went for the visual. She would behave outrageously in public to turn me on. Once at a party she pretended to be drunk and she let some guy work her into a dark corner and feel her up. She knew I was watching and so she unzipped him and took out his dick and began jacking him off. He turned her around so that his back was to the room thereby blocking what was taking place from being seen, but what he really accomplished was to put Joy where she could look over his shoulder at me. She winked and blew me kisses and then she mouthed the words, “Come over here.” I did as she asked and I saw her say something in the guy’s ear and then there was some quick shifting around as he hurried to get his hard dick back in his pants. I rushed her out into the attached garage and fucked her on the hood of the host and hostesses car.

The Workmen and My Boss

My names Chris, im 23 years old and this is a story of what happened about a month ago. I work in a local Record shop, iv’e been there for a couple of years it’s not a ideal job but I enjoy it and it pays my bills. As it’s a small shop it never gets very busy so I work there fulltime with my boss and a guy that works there at weekends.

My boss is 42 years old and for the sake of this story i’m going call her Pam. Me and Pam get on really well, we have worked together for a good few years. Shes married with two sons. She been happily married now for 20 years and told me that her Husband was the only man she had been with all her life.

Let me explain Pam in abit more detail. She’s 5ft 3ish and still has a good figure for her age with good size boobs and shapley legs. We have a very open friendship and often talk about anything and everything, mainly our conversations end up on the subject of Sex, she has said in the past that she wished that she had tried sex with over people other than her husband and once she hinted that she had a fantasy of having Groupsex with a bunch of men at the same time.

My Wife Gangbanged

It began like any other weekend party, but ended like no other weekend party. I went to my friends house for cards and beer. My best buddy Mike invited me and two of his co-workers over for some poker. I had never met the co-workers before that night. Once there, Mike introduced me to Tim and Dave and we started playing poker and drinking beer.

After several hours of this my wife Jo shows up from her night out with the girls and asks if we minded if she joined our party since all of her girl friends were party poopers. Being as how we all had been drinking for quite a while and my little wife was looking hot in her skimpy little outfit, we all wholeheartedly agreed to let her join in.

The party and card games went on well in to the night until I was busted and Jo was nearly broke. It all started when she was down to her last few chips and thought she had the winning hand. Well, bottom line was, we just didn’t have any more money. It was Jo against Dave for a huge pot of money when Dave suggests that my wife simply write out an I owe you type note and put it in the pot. Soon the note was for sexual favors. Finally, when all was said and done, part of the bet was for a blow job to completion against the pot.

Black Bachelor Party

Spontaneous happenings are sometimes the best of life’s little diversions, and I love it when my sexual needs are satisfied in a spontaneous manner. This story is about one of those times when my military husband was deployed overseas and I had taken a job at a local store where some nice young college men were employed on a part time basis.

Our son was in college in another city so I was a home alone wife for a year, the year started of with boredom and developed into one of the best years of my life, well at least I enjoyed it very much. Throughout my married life I have had opportunities to cheat and my self-control sometimes seems to take a back seat to my sexual desires. Sometimes I ask myself if I am a normal woman.

Men are the ones who are characterized as having “wandering eyes” and tend to roam around and stray from time to time. Well I think women have those urges as well: they are just not thought of as being that way. For every man that cheats, there is a woman who helps him cheat so I guess other women have those urges as well as I do. Women tend to be less open about it and discuss it less with other women.

I had become friendly with a couple of the young black guys at work. We seemed to get along very well and they were attentive to me and I felt that they liked what they saw in this older wife and mom. I could see their eyes feasting on me from time to time, those subtle glances at my breast as we chatted and the looks as we passed each other. Sometimes at the breaks the guys would chat about girls and what they thought was sexy etc.