Month: February 2011

Taken At Both Ends

My wife and I have always enjoyed a varied sex life and this has improved as the years have gone by. I am 32 and my wife is 34 with an enjoyable figure. Recently we have taken to acting out fantasies. My wives favourite is where she has used a service and when asked to pay does not have enough money so offers sexual favours to cover her bill.

Six months ago my wife went out dressed in a mini skirt, high heels, no bra, g-string and a revealing top and she told me that she wanted to enact a fantasy that she had wanted to try out. I was asked to drive past and pick her up just as if I were a taxi. This I did. At our house I asked her for her fare and she said she could not pay but could I come in whilst she got me some money. As I walked in the door she turned to me put her arms around me and started to kiss me, shen then whispered in my ear that she had another way to pay if I was interested. With that she knelt in front of me and slowly undid my flies.

Perhaps I can pay you like this she said and started to slowly suck my cock. I tried to stop her saying I wanted my money but the expert sucking soon shut me up. I called her a common slut and that she must swallow all my spunk to cover the full fare. I soon felt the magic feeling and erupted a massive load of spunk in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and sucked me dry. I thanked her and told her to ring me any time she wanted to exchange a free lift for a sexual favour.

My Wife Plays Relative Poker

´╗┐We held our annual summer party at our house last July complete with family and friends and of course plenty of games, food and alcohol. But unlike the previous parties, this one ended a little differently from the rest, especially for my wife Liz. At around midnight, most of our guests had departed with only a couple of stragglers left behind. They happen to be two of my relatives, my brother, Bill, and my uncle, Tom. They were still downstairs in our game room playing poker. They were intense card players who were playing with real money and at this point in the evening, completely drunk. We let them stay as long as they wanted, to make sure they finished up their game. It usually ended when one of them lost all of their money or one of them passed out at the table.

I was up in the den organizing some bills and my wife went downstairs to see if they were almost finished. We have an intercom system in our house, so a few minutes earlier, I had called down to them to see if they needed anything. Bill answered and said that everything was cool. After that response, he accidentally left the speaker in the ‘on’ position so unfortunately, I could hear them laughing and yelling after every hand. I almost got up to tell them to shut it off when I heard my wife arrive downstairs.