Month: May 2011

First Gloryhole Gangbang

Carolyn didn’t really fit in at college. She’d been excited to go for weeks beforehand. She thought she was ready for a new adventure. High school had been so confining, so strange. College was where she would make some real friends, read some good books, really explore the world.

But, two weeks in, it was turning out to be a real dud. No friends really, except for her chatty roommate Rachel. No good books yet, just a bunch of freshman crap that one had to read. And all anyone wanted to do was to drink and do drugs and party, all of which was not her scene. Carolyn was a quiet girl. She wanted to have fun, but not to be so drunk that she couldn’t remember it the next day.

Carolyn had grown up in the country, in a conservative little town. She was cute as a button, with long blonde hair that went halfway down her back and soft features that made her look younger than she actually was. No one would mistake her body for a child’s though. She was only 18 but she had the curves of a woman, such that when she wore her favorite outfits, most of which were low cut cotton dresses that stopped just above the knee, she had heads turning.

But all she really wanted was someone to understand her. She didn’t want the attention of guys. She usually didn’t even notice. She’d had a boyfriend in high school who she’d fooled around with, even had sex once or twice, but it was short lived. It wasn’t her thing.

Eager Beaver Goes Skiing

I went on a ski trip the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I went with my boyfriend Dave. We were going to share the cabin with Dave’s friend Jim and his girlfriend Cathy. Dave and I arrived on Sunday afternoon. Jim and Cathy were not due to arrive until midday on Monday. Dave and I had some fun 69ing on the bearskin rug in front of a big stone fireplace with a roaring fire. On Monday Jim and Cathy arrived. Jim and Dave are about the same height about 6 feet. Jim is a little thinner that Dave and a bit less muscular. Cathy is about 5 feet 6 inches and fleshy, not fat just fleshy. Dave and I left them in the cabin to get settled and we went skiing. We met for dinner and then went to a local bar for entertainment. All during dinner, Jim kept filling Cathy’s wine glass and now kept ordering drinks for her. She got very drunk, and quite uninhibited. Finally Cathy was getting too drunk to stay out so Jim took her back to the cabin.

Dave and I waited a reasonable amount of time for them to have some fun before we went back. When we entered the cabin, Cathy’s clothes were strewn all over the living room and the bearskin rug was out of place. They seemed to have had some fun before going to bed. On Tuesday the four of us went cross-country skiing in the morning and downhill in the afternoon. That evening Cathy again got rather drunk, but Dave and I decided to go home first. Dave insisted on stripping and sucking and fucking in the living room. I think he wanted to get caught. We finished up and were in the bedroom when Jim and Cathy came in. Actually it was Jim carrying Cathy in. Dave went out to help Jim get Cathy into the bedroom. They carried her into the bedroom, and Dave left Jim to play with her. (more…)

The Millenium Party

My wife and I have been married for seven years. We are both in our thirties and have no children. She is an accountant and I am an attorney. We both work for large firms and spend a lot of hours working. Beth is 5’5″ with a cheerleader’s athletic build. Her ass is nice and round and firm. She had breast augmentation surgery two years ago and her tits are too big for her frame which makes it obvious to everyone, especially the women, that hers are “store bought.” She tells me that she has shown her new tits to a few of the guys at work, but I have never been present when she has done so.

I don’t really object because it hardly makes sense to have the surgery if your not going to show them off. She has been very discreet, however, because it would mean big trouble at work if she were caught. She has, to my knowledge, always showed her tits to her co-workers when she was out of town on business trips. I always wondered how she could get away with showing her tits to these guys and not end up getting fucked, especially when they were all away from home, but she assured me that it never went beyond “show and tell.”

Before we got married we both led active sex lives, but Beth definitely had many more partners than I did. She even admitted to a few threesomes and one foursome while in college. It all started when she was a sophomore and made the mistake of agreeing to go home with a couple of guys after a party. She wanted to fuck one of the guys and did not realize he wanted to share her with his friend. After the word got out that she would do more than one guy, she had plenty of offers and opportunities. However, after she did three guys from the basketball team one night she was afraid things would get out of hand and refused to participate in any other gang bangs. Several guys tempted her with their big schlongs but she managed to avoid being the party girl until she graduated and moved on to the big city.

Everyone Fucks Susan

I run a small I.T company with about 15 full time staff and two part timers. It had been a good week for the company so I decided to shout everyone some drinks at the end of the day. We went to a local bar that was not far from the office and relaxed with a round of cocktails.

I knew most of the staff quite well except for Susan who was one of the part timers.

Since she was quite new and only worked a few hours per week I didn’t know that much about her except that she was married. She was quite attractive, about 30 years old with shoulder length dark hair, pert breasts and a fairly large round ass. Even though she usually dressed quite conservatively, she was confident with her body and flirted with the other guys in the office.