Month: September 2011

It Got Out Of Control

My wife Beth confided in me one of her favourite fantasies. To be held down and ravished, preferably by a big black man. She emphasised that it was only a fantasy as she wouldn’t want to have intercourse with anyone other than myself under any circumstances.

‘Maybe you would like to act out something along those lines.’

‘If it was acting it wouldn’t work,’ she replied.

I went on to suggest. ‘Why not have a real scenario where you would be really forced but it would be prearranged that the limits were feeling and sucking your breasts and maybe finger fucking you.’

She brightened up at that suggestion; I could see that I made a good suggestion.

‘But how could we guarantee that the man would stop at that?’ she asked.

‘You did say you wanted it to be a black man.’

GI Party For Jenny

My name is Bill. I’m 27 years old and have been married to Jenny for 5 years now. Jenny is a gorgeous blonde about 5’6″ and 118 lbs. She has long legs that lead up to a tight round ass and 36C breast that would pass any pencil test. She turns heads no matter where we are or what she’s wearing. In fact, it really turns me on to know that every guy in the room wants my beautiful Jenny.

We like to party at several local bars and pubs. I’m a salesman and the social life always helps my business. We usually go someplace where we can dance and talk. I like watching the men check Jenny out. She likes it too. I always feel a little sorry for them when she flirts with them and leads them on. She likes to do this in front of me whenever she thinks I’m taking her for granted or she isn’t getting enough attention. I always have to stop her before she drinks too much and it gets out of control. I’ve gotten into more than a couple of fights due to her flirting.

One day I set up a deal for a guy that owns a bar on the north side of the city. He invited us to have drinks with him later. I told him we would meet him there.

Superbowl Fuck My Wife Party

MY WIFE LINDSAY SHRIKED “I WANNA GET FUCKED SO BAAAAD” while her wet cunt spasmed around my penis. I held her hips tighter, ramming my pelvis into her butt, shoving my cock deeper into that quivering juicy vagina from behind. Her fourth orgasm of our bedtime fucking was the hardest of the night, making her shiver and shake and gasp for air. It was delicious. It put me over the edge, and I shot my load into her cunt.

Drained, her body fell away from my penis onto the bedsheets. Her long dark, reddish hair was matted from all the sweat, tangled from me pulling at it. Her 34B-cup tits glistened with perspiration, her knobby pink nipples pointing straight out for the last 90 minutes. And her shaved pussy, over her long legs, was smeared in a mixture of her pussy juice, my cum and our sweat. That 5-foot-6 frame of hers, a divine size 6, smelled like a gymnasium from our animal fucking.

We’d gotten so turned on talking about our upcoming Superbowl party, three nights away. We’d planned every detail meticulously. She couldn’t wait for it, and neither could I. She even stopped slutting around for the last 2 weeks, a lifetime by her standards. She wanted to SAVE all that sexual energy. We laughed, collapsing on the bed together, that maybe she’d wasted some of that energy tonight, but I assured her that a good slut like her would find all the energy she needed.