Month: November 2011

The Price Of Flirting

The Christmas season was fast approaching and that meant another Christmas work party. I had been looking forward to this for weeks as I wanted to show off my new husband, Tom. Tom and I had been married eight months ago, and while it was my second marriage, it was his first. My name is Jenny and I’m 39 years old, 5′ 7″ tall and I weigh 125 lbs give or take a few. I’ve never had children and have worked real hard to keep my body in shape. The five days a week at the gym had kept my 36-25-33 body very firm and I took great pride in the stares I received from men wherever I went.

I get along really well with the guys at work. I work as the Marketing Manager for a small firm and report to the VP of Marketing named Jeff. Jeff was a pretty nice guy who left me pretty much to my own devices when it came to getting my job done, and I really appreciated that. For the past few months, I had gotten quite friendly with a number of guys who like to flirt around. I’m getting quite good at the flirting game and didn’t see anything wrong with it since they all knew that it would never go anywhere. This week, however, the guys were getting a little bolder with their comments, asking me what color underwear I was wearing, or how much they wanted to see my tits and how they couldn’t wait to get me alone at the party. Of course, I just played along and told them there was only one way to find out about my panties and how much fun that would be, but unfortunately my husband would be coming to the party too. We all laughed and went on about our business.

Anyway, Tom had been in Europe on business for the last two weeks and was arriving home today, Saturday, the day of the big party. It was around 4 pm and I was lying in the tub surrounded by bubbles. I began thinking about being with my husband again and quite innocently let my hand trail down my body, over my full breasts, along my flat stomach and eventually between my legs. I wasn’t thinking about anything when my fingers found their way to my clit. I let out a little yelp as my fingers touched it and was more than a little embarrassed when I realized what I was doing. I quickly got out of the tub and toweled off. I wrapped my towel around my body and set to work with my make up. I knew I looked good and wanted to look my best for Tom.

Party Fun

Well this is what I wanted. Emma thought to herself as she felt Buzz’s hand slide up under her top. It was the reason she had come to the party to get a fuck and specifically to fuck Buzz. It was the reason she’d put on the smallest tightest skirt she had and the little strapless top that showed off her navel. It was why she’d spent two hours on her long red hair getting it just right and working on her make up to accentuate her deep blue eyes and firm cheek bones. This was why she had decided not to wear a bra and to put on a small thong. She’d even fished out her one pair of high-heeled shoes so that her calf and thigh muscles would be made more visible to all.

Before she even arrived at the party she knew all her work had paid off. She had felt the eyes of the two guys walking past. Seen the look the taxi driver gave her as she got into his car. Then when she reached the party she had felt the eyes of every guy there look at her. Her skin virtually burned as they all undressed her with their eyes. And what was under the very small amount of clothing was worth undressing. She was above average height slim and beautiful. Her red hair was styled so a few strands hung down over her shoulder. The top was tight and she had left the top two buttons undone so her cleavage could be seen. Not that she was a big girl but they were big enough to be noticed and for her to show off. Her blue eyes shone out from a pretty face with a slim neck and soft shoulders. The skirt barely came down her firm shaped thighs and the shoes improved the definition of her calf muscles immensely. At 21 she was in her prime and knew it.

Ball Game Balling

“Oh, c’mon honey. We can’t see the screen with you standing there!”

Janice gave myself and my two friends a petulant, sulky look and stomped off to the kitchen.

“Oh well,” I said to Frank, sitting next to me, “I guess we better not ask her to bring us a beer!”

Frank and my other friend, Joey laughed as I got up from my seat to get the beers myself. “Tell me if I miss anything.”

The ball game had been an exciting one so far; the lead switching from team to team as the game progressed. I was reluctant to tear myself away from the TV, but we all needed that liquid refreshment essential to watching any sporting event!

“How long is this stupid game going on?” asked my wife as I opened the fridge, “I’m bored!”

She smiled that impish little grin at me. The one she knows I find hard to resist. “I’m also feeling a little horny, baby. C’mon, get rid of these guys and forget the game, I got something hot just for you!”

I thought about it. My wife can be a hot little bitch when she wants. But I stood firm. “Sorry honey, It’ll have to wait a while, the game’s just getting interesting, and the guys want their beer!”

I could almost feel her icy stare on my back as I returned to the lounge to resume watching the game. Frank, Joey and myself watched, drank and cheered as our team increased their lead. At one point I heard Janice stomping up the stairs and assumed that she was going to watch a soap or something on the TV in our bedroom. I paid no more attention to her until, several minutes later I heard her returning. Joey was sitting by the door and was the first to see her as she entered the room. His eyes stood out on stalks as he looked at my wife. Whilst she was upstairs, she had changed her clothes and now appeared before us barefoot and wearing only the briefest pair of shorts and a thin cotton t-shirt. It was obvious that she had not worn a bra under the shirt and her large breasts bobbed and jiggled under the thin material as she walked. Her attitude had changed as well. She stood in front of us smiling sweetly.

“Can I get you more drinks, boys?”

The Adventures of Cheryl

Watching my wife fuck other men has always been a huge turn on for me. I love the way she loses herself in pleasing other men. When we first got into the swinging lifestyle, we only had threesomes with a guy friend of mine. Then we tried threesomes with a female friend also. But my wife mostly liked to be with men. Soon she wanted to try other men, and many more of them. We got a chance to go to a swinger’s party where they usually set a woman up for gangbangs. Cheryl was happy to hear about this and was eager to go to check it out. When she saw the line of men waiting for a turn with the lucky lady of the night, she was jealous. She quickly volunteered to help keep the men hard before they had their turn with the woman. When the night was over, she talked to the host’s and asked to be set up for a gangbang next month. They agreed, and everything was set up.

Cheryl went to the local adult video and lingerie shop and bought the sluttish outfit she could find. It was a black latex outfit that was accented with chains for a bra. The panties were chains also. The outfit also came complete with a collar. Her huge enhanced pierced tits overflowed the chains and looked as though they would break those chains. She also bought a pair of black high heels with a steel spike for a heel.

The day she bought her new outfit, I had just come home with my friend Paul. Paul has fucked Cheryl in the past and knew that we were going to go to a party for her to be gangbanged. He was so envious of me. Cheryl came out of the room to show us this outfit and we just had to have her. But she told us that this outfit was only for when she was going to be gangbanged, not for just two guys. She wouldn’t let us touch her unless we found at least 4 other guys to fuck her all at once. I quickly got on the phone with the host’s of the party that we were going to attend and asked if they knew anyone that would be free tonight to come over and fuck my wife. Mark told me that he was free, and that he’ll stop by his friend Ray’s house and see who they could gather up. Ray is a tall black guy that Cheryl really enjoyed sucking his long cock at the last party.