Month: December 2011

Lucky Girl

“Well guys, I guess I’ll see you later, ” Chris said, walking out the door, and getting into his car.

“Bye Chris, ” Lance waved, as he shut his door. He walked back into his living room where Justin, JC and his longtime girlfriend, Jess, were sitting. Lance sat next to Jess and draped an arm around her shoulders. Jess smiled and kissed his cheek. Justin sighed and sat back in his chair.

“I’m so bored, ” Justin complained, looking at Jess.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Jess asked, looking at him.

“He wants you to give him a blow job, ” JC laughed.

“Oh God, ” Lance rolled his eyes. Justin grinned and felt himself getting hard just thinking about Jess sucking his dick. Jess smirked at him and licked her lips. She brought her hand up to her mouth and made her tongue bulge one side of her cheek out as she moved her hand up and down in front of her mouth, like she was giving a blowjob.

“Ugh … ” Justin moaned, watching her. JC saw what she was doing and also felt himself getting turned on. Lance glanced over at her.

Jack Is Wild

“I still don’t know why you don’t just have a sewing bee or something,” Jack said, as he dug the folding card table out of the back of the storage space.

“Oh, my God. You sound like a Neanderthal. We don’t plan on smoking fat cigars or anything. We just decided to get together for poker, that’s all.” Lisa shrugged and gave him a little grin. She had her light brown hair pulled through the back of a baseball cap, a look that always seemed sexy to Jack, although he could never figure out why.

Jack didn’t really mind that the four ladies were all coming over for a game of poker. He just didn’t want to seem too anxious, because he didn’t want Lisa getting jealous. She’d met her friends at aerobics, so they were all in fantastic shape. He’d often fantasized about them, and for the poker night he had agreed to play the proper host and serve them drinks and food.

Jack managed to hide his excitement for the next few hours, and pretended to be resigned to playing the butler when the doorbell finally rang. He answered the door and invited Brianna and Tanya into the house. Brianna was a small blonde, with the tiny features to match – a fact that had led Jack to fantasize often about tying her up and making her squeal with pleasure. Tanya had dark hair and was fuller figured. Jack had wondered how those breasts would look as she rode up and down on his cock.

Using his best W.C. Fields voice, Jack said, “Evening, ladies. Come right in, come right in. Welcome to the party.”

Brianna and Tanya laughed a little and Jack offered them a drink. They both asked for a beer, and just as he had finished serving them, the bell rang again. At the door were Marie and Amy. Marie had long red hair that Jack suspected wasn’t her real color. Amy had oriental features that drove Jack wild, although he tried hard not to let on to that fact.

Frat House Fun

When I was in college, all the girls went to frat parties every weekend. I was pre-med, so I was always doing homework. They would get all tarted up in short skirts and tight tops, and I would be hunched over a book in sweats and a t shirt eating ramen noodles out of a cup.

All the girls would come home early Saturday morning, lipstick smeared, with their bras and panties in their purses, and regale me with stories of all the guys they’d fucked.

Bent over the couch taking it from behind, straddling a guy in his bedroom while blowing his roommate, eating each other’s pussies while the guys sat around in a circle and watched and jerked off on them. They even told me about contests!

One contest that they seemed to have each week was the blow job contest. Two girls would get completely naked and kneel on the floor. Willing participants would drop their pants and stand in line to get blown by these girls. Each girl would blow as many guys as she could in an allotted amount of time to see who could get more guys to squirt on their faces.

Each girl would have a team of “fluffers” who would tease the guys till they got hard. Sometimes the fluffers were naked too. They fluffers weren’t allowed to put their mouths on the guys cocks and were only allowed to use their fingers to lightly stroke the cock. – no jerking the guys off. So most of the girls got naked and masturbated or ate each other out to get the guys hard. Each week they had the contest, the previous week’s champion would face off against a new competitor.