Month: February 2012


I couldn’t fucking believe my wife. Here was this proud outspoken black woman screwing and blowing a bunch of white guys for money. It was just fucking amazing to see.

Carlota crawled over to another one of my white bosses and dipped her face down over his crotch, I looked wide eyed as another one of the naked company executives snugged up to her raised rear-end and fumbled with his stiff dick, trying to shove it into her.

I was also naked — and if the truth be known I was just as hard as any of these rich white guys. I’d fucked my wife several times that night too and gotten an enthusiastic blowjob her. She was in her element with all the attention these eager white guys were giving her. I was amazed that she hadn’t wanted to stop after the first hour.

I couldn’t really remember how many time’s she’d been fucked or how many times these guys as cum in her, but Carlota seemed to want more and wasn’t slowing down in the least bit.

As I watched my boss humping Carlota’s rump I thought back to the other day when he’d asked about my wife. We had attended our first company party and met all the executive staff from the company along with everybody else and I was surprised just how popular my wife had been.

New Years Eve Deceit

My wife and I had talked about her fucking another guy, him joining us for a threesome. She said “No Way Jose, End of Story!” and was mad at me for even suggesting it! Ok ok I got the picture but didn’t think it was so unreasonable or “repulsive” as she termed it. This was a couple of months ago ok? So now on New Years Eve ’97 and we are out to dinner at Traxx in a nearby town. Nice place good food and booze. We dine alone, pleasant conversation. On our way out we run into a couple of guys my wife knows from her education classes at the state university. Oh I forgot, my wife is just 50 and still pretty but is developing a small spare tire, but has great tits and a nice ass and great legs.

We stop to chat and soon we are at a table having a couple of drinks with these two guys who are about 25 years junior to my wife and I. Good looking sorta. One white, one Black. After about 30 minutes I excuse myself to go to the john. When I return to the table it is empty. The waitress saw the perplexed look on my face and said they had just left a minute or so ago. I scooted out the door and just got a glimpse of a car go by with what looked to be my wife in the middle front seat. Lucky for me our car was close and I was just able to catch up to them without speeding too badly.

Amsterdam Holiday

Selena, my wife, and I had an amazing experience some years ago. It was like we were two innocents who arrived in Amsterdam. We did all the usual tourist haunts, eventually walking around the Red Light District. We were amazed by what was on offer.

Then one day a doorman talked us into going into this very small club. He was very persuasive. We sat down at a small table and everything seemed rather dull. My wife was very nervous and she drank too much, too quickly, and she was soon very tight, giggling like a schoolgirl. Then the lights went out and we saw our very first live sex-show.

We sat there, open-mouthed in astonishment. First, there was a solo act by a really good-looking girl who masturbated with a vibrator, then a huge dildo. She buried the vibrator in her rear while stroking the dildo in and out of her wide-open pussy. I saw Selena gulping as she watched that dildo, glistening with vaginal juices, plunging ever so deep into that girl’s body. (Selena loves using big dildos on herself.)

This was followed immediately by a lesbian act. They were pretty, one dark, the other blonde, and they really looked as if they loved each other. They gave us a torrid show of female love. I heard a gasp and looking at Selena, I could see that she was really turned on by this frank display.

I’d never imagined that my foxy wife would like woman on woman action. Selena’s very big boobs were heaving, a sure sign that she was probably very wet between her legs.