Month: March 2012

Cindy Has a Naughty Birthday

During conversations, Cindy had spoken of a fantasy that involved meeting several strangers at a party and then letting them do what they wanted to her. She said she had seen an advert on the internet for a party called “Greedy Girls”. It was to be an occasion whereby the ladies could show off a bit and let a few men enjoy them. As it was Cindy’s birthday as well and she had yet to receive a birthday treat, we answered the ad and were informed of the time and venue. I let her decide what she wanted to wear; knowing that whatever she picked would look great. She went shopping on the Wednesday and returned later that evening with a bag of goodies. She refused to let me see what she had bought though and told me to wait until the Friday night.

Friday night came and Cindy got showered and dressed and put on some make-up. We drove to the house about an hour away and parked up the car nearby. On arrival at the house, our hostess, Emma, met us. She was an attractive brunette about thirty and she wore a tight figure-hugging blue dress. We introduced ourselves and entered. There were four couples there already and a number of younger males, aged between 20-25. The living room was a fair size with a number of three and two seater sofas scattered around. The women were all dressed in a variety of , some quite conservative but some others revealing quite a bit. Cindy took off her black raincoat she was wearing and I saw what she was wearing for the first time. She had bought a new shiny, silver dress that came down to mid thigh and just exposed the lacy tops of white hold-up stockings. It clung to her figure and looked fantastic. She wore a small sparkly pair of shoes. We all introduced ourselves to the others in the room and sat down.

Multi Cum Slut

My wife and I had a housemate that lived with us for more than three years. This narrative is the true story about how our housemate and I enabled the way for my wife to blossom onto becomes this incredibly horny, multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac. This was not something we planned or tried to do. It just sorta went along on its own momentum after we got her to try a threesome. From then on the housemate would join us in bed whenever we all got the urge. Which was four or five times a week! This worked out really great cuz the three of us had such amazingly fun times. The threesome was the catalyst for the wife’s transmutation into this unbelievably hot and nasty cum-slut. This describes how it all began and how the dynamics played together.

We had partied with the housemate a couple of times prior to the nite these events first took place. He was around 6-5, 240 lbs, might have been an all-pro defensive end had he stayed in college football. My wife and I were opening a new business, a retail lingerie store. During the day the three of us worked on getting the place ready to open and at nite we were going thru the new inventory that was arriving daily. I mentioned to my spouse that the housemate would enjoy seeing her pose in some of our new merchandise and she thought about it and said “OK, but nothing too revealing..” While she was upstairs I told our housemate what my wife was going to do and we agreed that we’d should see how far we could get her to go.. The first outfit she modeled a nice lace red bra and thong set. My spouse loved seeing both our reactions to the outfits she wore After a few nights of ever more daring outfits and teasing both us guys, my wife asked me if we should invite him up to the bedroom. Of course, I said, “Yes!” I love it when a plan comes together!