Month: April 2012

Rich Folk Party

This is a story about my wife, Leanne, and her best friend, Anna. Leanne, I should add, is a very well preserved 38 years of age, about 165 cms tall & 57 kilos. We have two children of school age. She exercises a lot, including weights, and has size 34b boobs with very responsive nipples on top of a perfect round bottom and a pussy that cums like a gusher when she is really turned on. She truly loves sex, but is surprisingly shy around people she does not know well until the alcohol has lubricated her inhibitions!

Her friend, Anna, is quite different. She is a divorced single mum in her mid?40s. She has bottle blonde hair to keep the grey and look fresh. She is quite buxomy (about size 38 tits), and a hot body – trim, taut tummy & tight bum. I had never fucked her, but geez if I could! She owns her own little place with no debt, working hard to pay it off and is quite independent. She has had several boyfriends in recent years, but in her words mostly likes to have “fun”.

Leanne & Anna go out together of a Friday night about once a month. They go to clubs, dancing and stuff. They regularly talk about sex, and Leanne often comes home with raunchy stories of what Anna has been up to. I do not think they have ever played up together of a Friday night, but they have got into some situations where they could have (like the time they went to the art show opening in a group of eight and were asked back to one of the guys’ apartment). Still, I can’t say I had ever felt Leanne’s pussy to be puffy and “used” on coming home – but she has sure as hell come home hot for a fuck at 11pm quite often!

My First Gangbang

I still remember the first gang bang I participated in like it happened yesterday. It was the early 70’s and I was in college. I roomed with two other guys in a run down, three bedroom house. Paul was my best friend from high school and I met Steve my freshman year at college. We all had just started our sophomore year and this was the first time any of us had lived off campus. Jill was a cute little sorority sophomore who Paul picked up at a party. Steve and I had struck out and we were sitting around smoking pot when Paul and Jill came in. They both looked disappointed to see us. I was surprised when Paul did not usher Jill to his bedroom, but maybe he was not sure she was ready to fuck him. Or maybe he took her for a slut. They sat down with us and shared a joint.

The light was dim and we were all getting really stoned. The music was loud and I was lost in my thoughts. Suddenly I became aware that Paul was making the move on Jill and I was only a few feet away. Paul was kissing Jill deeply. She was responding. Paul’s hand was exploring the buttons on her jeans. Jill’s legs relaxed and parted ever so slightly. Paul’s hand continued to caress her pussy through her jeans. I was mesmerized watching Paul. I looked over and saw that Steve was watching as intently as I was. I was holding my breath because I was sure Jill would come to the realization that Steve and I were present and watching her seduction. That would be the end and I would be relegated to beating off.

Fun After Work

It had been a really rough day at work. Between the asshole customers and the equally jackass boss, I was ready to have a drink and forget the whole day.

Several of the guys from my department had decided to get together for a drink and unwind. We arrived around 6:30 pm and sat down at the bar to order a drink. We were talking about the days events and generally griping about what an asshole we worked for when I looked up to see two of the women from work walk in.

I nudged Mike and pointed out that Amanda and Jenny were there. These women were so beautiful they were enough to make the most faithful of men stray. Amanda had shoulder length blonde hair and an ass to die for. Her breasts were average size but were remarkably perky for a woman of 45. Jenny was the younger of the two at 28. She had brunette hair that flowed down her back. Her breasts were quite large, I would guess about a 38D cup. Jenny had a nice ass as well and a walk that was very deliberate. This made her doubly sexy.

Mike told Barry to go over and invite them to join us for a drink. Barry was the most suave of all of us and women usually thought he was adorable.

A Truly Moving Story

Hi my name is Tony, and I would like to tell you of a wild weekend I have just spent. It all started about two weeks ago when my mate asked me to help move his aunt and a few friends from the country back down to the coast where we live. Apparently her marriage had failed and she was coming home to be close to her family.

Mario’s dad picked us up and dropped us at the Truck rental place, paid for the truck, and sent us on our way. Six hours later we pulled up at the house and Mario took the lead, and knocked on the door. Five minutes later we were sitting out the back with a cold beer in hand, me just turned 20 years and Mario all of 19, surrounded by four young women. Tony’s aunt who turned out to be a stunning 28 year old stunner, named Angela, with the natural looks of her European heritage, long dark hair, deep brown eyes, olive skin, and a majestic set of tits, on a full figure, Her three friends were also a matching set of different nationalities. Jenny, a 26 year old Eurasian, the jet black hair of Asia, bright blue eyes, a trim petite figure with a great set of tits to finish the look. Terry was the Aussi sheila, a cherub of a girl, 25 years of sun, surf and sex. Although the rounder of the team, her body still said “fuck me”. Tammy was a Pom, the youngest of all at 22, pale peaches and cream skin, trim slim and extremely sexy, with a mane of red hair, and freckles