Month: June 2012

Extra Special Birthday

As a celebration for her husband Tony’s birthday, Karen had booked them in to a local high class hotel where they could enjoy a meal and drink before retiring to a large bed without worrying about driving home afterwards. She promised him a night to remember, and he was looking forward to getting back to their penthouse suite after the meal as Karen was wearing an outstanding outfit. Tony was very lucky as Karen was always good fun and very sexy. She was sometimes quite reserved with people until she got to know them well enough.

They were sitting enjoying a drink when their waitress came over to introduce herself and tell them what was available on the menu. Vikki was a stunning girl, her large pendulous breasts filled her white silk blouse. Although she was wearing a bra, her nipples could be clearly standing to attention through the thin material of her blouse. Her breasts looked larger than they were due to the narrowness of her waist in her black skirt. Tony noticed that her skirt had a discreet slit in the side of it that showed off even more of her legs. The dark band of the top of her stockings was just showing at the top of the slit. Karen knew he loved stockings and she was wearing some this evening a well. Vikki’s hair was held in a bun on top of her head. After running through the dishes available on the menu tonight, she left them to choose from the menu,

Karen commented ‘such a pleasant young lady’.

‘And very attractive too’ added Tony.