Month: July 2012

Ralphs Slut

I have worked for the same company for almost ten years. With the exception of the first year and a half when I was hit on by everyone, including the seventeen-year kid in the mailroom, I have been pretty much left alone. Once the office Don Juan’s figured out that I was a married woman who didn’t play around the serious passes stopped and things around the office settled into harmless flirting and some kidding around. I did get a tad carried away at a couple of office Christmas parties, but it never went past some french kissing and a quick feel or two so it came as a big surprise to me when all of a sudden the office wolves were back in force. They were not only after me hot and heavy, but they seemed to think that I would be receptive.

Receptive I was not. I was flattered by all the attention I was getting, what forty-year-old woman with four kids wouldn’t be, but it wasn’t attention that I sought or wanted. One night after a couple of weeks of fighting off the heavy passes, I stopped at a local lounge with some people from work. I had a couple of drinks and I danced with a few of the guys. I was on the dance floor with Herb when he suddenly cupped my breast and whispered, “What say you and me go out into the parking lot for some backseat action?”

I pulled away from him and slapped him across the face as hard as I could. He gave me an angry look, “What the fuck is wrong with you Mickey?”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you is the question. Where do you get off grabbing feels of me and trying to hustle me into the parking lot like some tramp?”