Month: September 2012

The Gang Bang

I ran into a woman the other day that I had not seen since college, twenty eight years ago. I am sure she remembers the night ten of us fucked her, but she said nothing. Of course, she was with her husband who looked like he was not much fun. It was a little awkward talking to Jill, because all I could think of was watching her take on all comers that night. As I walked away, I had such a hard on I had to duck into the restroom to rearrange my package.

Jill was one of those innocent looking college girls who dressed carelessly. I always wondered if she wanted to look like a slut or if she was just naive. Her dresses were always just a bit too short such that it was fairly easy to get a look at her panties as she walked up the stairs in front of me or as she sat down in her seat. She usually wore panties that rode up the crack of her ass so I often got a good look at her soft round butt cheeks. She often wore white pants or shorts and I could usually make out the outline of her panties without much trouble. She liked panties that did not cover much area. I did not meet Jill until my senior year in college. We had a couple of classes together, but I noticed she had a pretty steady boyfriend who was always hanging around. I am sure it is the same guy that she is married to now. As I reminisced, I found myself wondering if she ever told him about the night she took on the house.

One spring day, I was walking to class and heard someone call my name. When I turned around, it was Jill. I waited for her to catch up and she asked me about some assignment for one of our classes. She was wearing a short skirt and a T-shirt. She was about 5’4″ tall and 120 pounds or so. She was athletic looking with melon sized tits and a round ass. I imagined she was probably a cheerleader in high school.

At Home Audition

I had not been talking to Tom much after I caught him at my house with my wife. I figured I would let him stew for a while. We still joked around but when ever he tried to bring up another audition for my wife I would change the subject and tell him I thought it was too soon.

One Saturday morning I had just finished mowing the lawn and was putting the mower away when Debbie came rushing out to the garage wide eyed and obviously excited. She was so excited the words came flowing so fast I could barely make out what she was saying. “Mr. Dingle and Ed and Roy and the fat associate producer are all coming over to tell me about my audition in Spike Lee’s new movie and I told them I would fix them something to eat and we need some wine and we need to get everything ready I figured we would eat out back on the patio and I just don’t know what to wear and I am so excited and they will be here around 3:00 and we need to maybe bar-b-que something for them, maybe steaks and ohh what will I wear!!!”

After I calmed her down as much as possible I assured her I would pick up some wine and steaks and help her get everything ready. Inside I was seething. “To think those assholes are coming to my place, my home, in broad daylight, with me here!” I vowed to make a serious attempt to kick Tom’s ass for showing those other assholes where my wife and I lived. My mind was racing as I was tossing steaks in my shopping cart. “How the hell was I going to play this? I had to act like I knew nothing. Worse yet, I had to act like these idiots were legit. I knew that as long as I was there at least they would not try anything with Debbie. I made up my mind to get enough of everything so they would not be able to ask Debbie to send me out for anything.” I cussed them all the way back home.

The Slut I Married

When I married Jane, I knew she was no virgin. She was easy to get in the sack and had no inhibitions. But little did I know she was as experienced as I later found out she was. We were both in college and fell madly in love and married after our junior year. When we returned to school after our marriage, everything seemed normal as we got to know each other better. It turned us both on to talk about our prior sex adventures as foreplay to love making.

Jane gradually began to open up and I learned that she had been quite a party girl. She told me that her panties had become trophies for many horny guys. I imagined her panties hanging on the wall of more than one dorm room. She hinted at being the center attraction at a gang bang, but I could not tell if it was fantasy or reality. I found that the thought of her fucking a room full of guys excited me immensely. Jane had a great ass — one of those that was soft and round and made for fucking. Her tits had enormous nipples that stuck out when she got horny. She kept her blond bush well trimmed.

Sometimes when we would go to the bars she would point somebody out and tell me that he had fucked her before we got married. Sometimes this irritated me and sometimes it turned me on, but it was always the prelude to a wild night of fucking. One night we found ourselves in a bar in a nearby town. We were about to graduate and we were in a party mood. We got separated from the friends we came with. I did not recognize anyone, but Jane seemed to know several guys. The music was loud and it was hard to hear what they said to her or what she said to them. It was spring time and it was hot and muggy. Jane was wearing a sun dress with just a pair of white string bikini panties on underneath.

Lost Panties

Tom and his wife Sharon were shopping and Tom was wishing he could die. He was the only man in the lingerie department of the department store. Sharon was buying panties to replenish her dwindling supply. She mumbled to herself as she browsed rack after rack, dropping the names of various men at the warehouse where she was a shipping clerk. Such-and-such a guy liked yellow, such-and-such liked lacy panties. Tom noticed other women looking at Sharon and at him. He sidled over and murmured, “Honey, do you have to talk? People can hear!”

Sharon glanced at him in disgust. “Oh, just go and wait by the cashier, will you? Honestly! What a fuss you make every time I buy some panties!” Tom opened his mouth to argue, but thought better of it, and did as he was told. Sharon would not hesitate to take the paddle to his bottom at home if she was angry enough. It had been a year since the last time but the memory was fresh in Tom’s mind.

As he drove home, Tom wondered if he should try to convince her to change her ways. He knew he had to approach the subject diplomatically, as she tended to get defensive. He decided he would try and present it as a financial topic, rather than as an attempt to salvage the shreds of his manhood. “Honey,” he said, “those panties came to over $300.” She looked over at him. “Yes, so what?”