Month: December 2012

LIttle Sisters Initiation

Ashley attended a large university, which was infamous for being a huge party school. She was passing with no problem, though she loved to party more than study.

Ashley partied all over the school, but there was one particular frat house that she liked to

party at the most. She loved to party there because she always seemed to be the center of attention. Everyone always focused on her, and wasn’t because she could drink as much as the guys. It was because she was so hot. She knew it herself, that is why she always dressed for the parties. Whether it was a tight shirt with a tight pair of jeans or if it was just a miniskirt she always had all the guys attention.

She always went to these parties with her girlfriends, Tara and Jenna. They were the ones that had brought to the frat house originally. They would spend most of their time partying and hanging around with all the brothers from the fraternity. The brothers would make passes at them and Ashley would note that her friends didn’t mind this, so she wouldn’t let it bother her as well. Ashley’s appetite for sex was equal to her appetite for partying, so she liked the attention she received when they made passes at her. She had actually taken one of the brothers up on a gesture he had made at one time. She thought that that was a wild night for her. Ashley had told Tara and Jenna about everything that they had done that night. When asked if she liked that she replied to them

“Of course I did!” They all just laughed about it.


You were supposed to meet me at O’Reilly’s pub at 8:30. I had on a short black skirt and a pale pink silk blouse with black heels. It was sexy, but not trashy. The pink was just sweet enough. I arrived about 8:15. I can’t stand to be late so I’m always early. I sat at the bar and ordered a vodka martini. I was a little nervous since we hadn’t seen each other in a while and I wanted to calm my nerves. The place was pretty empty except for four college guys playing pool. They were all young and clean cut, about 22 at the most. One of the guys was a pretty big black guy, a football player probably. They all looked up when I walked in and smiled. I nodded politely.

I pretty much downed the drink and could already feel the heat of the alcohol coursing through me. I don’t drink much so the effect was fast. One of the guys came over to the bar and ordered a round of drinks for his friends. He looked at the empty glass and asked what I was drinking. “Wow, that’s heavy duty. I’m Josh.”

“Oh I don’t really drink much, but I was a little anxious.” He smiled and said that the glass was empty and he’d get another. I put my hand over the glass as a no and he put his hand on it at the same time. He kept his hand on mine a little long and I could feel myself blush. “No, really, I shouldn’t. I’m waiting for a friend.”

“Your friend’s late. Relax and join us.” With that the bartender topped off my glass and I made a weak smile.

The second drink was already starting to hit me. I started to relax a lot and went over to watch the guys up close now. Josh came over and stood close to me. “You play pool?”

“Oh no, not really. I have a couple of times, but I’m not that good at it. I never hold the cue right.”