Month: January 2013

Frat House Gang Bang

Ashley was surprised at how easy it was for her to be accepted into such a classy club. The other women welcomed her with open arms from day one. There were 12 other girls who roomed at the old remodeled house Ashley called home. Ashley was the newest member of her college fraternity at the time this story took place.

The frat girls always had a huge party at the beginning of the year and this year would be no exception. They cleaned the house with great attention to detail, and purchased assorted alcoholic beverages in preparation for their first big party. All of the women were excited and Ashley was anxious for the opportunity to get to know everyone. Ashley wasn’t much of a drinker, but she looked forward to meeting the men from another frat house who would be attending the party. Ashley was overly anxious to meet the awesome group of men she had heard so much about from her sorority sisters. The group of men from that house were among some of the most eligible, and sought after bachelors on campus.

Ashley was slender built with long lanky legs. Her hair was golden blonde and she had a perfect set of breasts not too big, not too small, and perfectly perky. Ashley was raised in a small town by strict parents who never allowed her to date. I suppose that’s the reason she was so keyed up about the frat party. The first guests arrived about 8:00, three clean cut handsome young men from the frat down the street. The keg was tapped, and the ritual drinking began. Ashley drank to try to fit in, but she started getting drunk quickly because of her low tolerance for alcohol.

By 10:00 there were at least 20 guys and all 13 girls who lived in the house were at the party. The men peered at Ashley obviously captivated by her naive charm, but kept their distance at first. She didn’t seem like the kind of girl that would be easy to approach, because she was so pretty.

Adult Movie Theater

April and I have been together for 1 1/2 years and our sex life is great. Recently though, it has yet improved, due to an unusual night we just experienced. That night was a Saturday about 3 months ago.

I asked my lady if she would like to go out for an early dinner and then we might catch an early show. April thought the idea was great and she went to take a shower and dress. When she returned, she looked fantastic. My wife is 5 ft. 6in. and 135 lbs., plus a natural Texas born redhead. She has very long legs, with a shapely butt and although her breasts are huge, they are 36D’s that are perfectly shaped and firm. Tonight she had on heels and a skirt and blouse that made her look like the perfect model.

We had reservations at our favorite restaurant and as usual the food was good. April and I had a few drinks with dinner and I suggested we have another before we left for the show. Another drink became another few and April was getting a little lightheaded by the time we left. We had not decided on the show that we would see so I suggested we drive to the Multi-Cinema that had 4 theaters, but none of them sounded appealing. April brought up going to an adult theater, as she had never been before. We located one in the phone book and drove to it.

The theater was an older, rather regal looking place that had not been kept up well. As we entered the theater I was surprised to see how large it was, yet there were only about 2 dozen people there. We chose a pair of seats near the back and we settled in for what turned out to be quite an evening.

Americas Favorite Passtime

Company softball teams are popular all across the country. I knew this when my husband joined the team at his new company a few years ago… but what I did not know was that they could really be a lot of fun, as well.

My husband, Daniel, went to work for a large company that was filled with muscular, athletic, horny men. They worked hard and played hard and softball was no exception. Over the course of the season I became well known and popular with the after game parties because I was one of the few wives who enjoyed hanging out with the guys and drinking beer and being raunchy, in general. Soon the after game parties moved to one of the player’s homes. Instead of pizza and beer, the nights were filled with shooters and poker.

I would be at every one of the games to root for my guys and helped hostess the parties afterwards.

One night, about 6 of the players showed up at Tom’s house to drink and fart around. This particular night, however, I was hornier than hell, and each and every one of these guys could see me squirming with every mention of sex.

Soon, after drinking a few shots of tequila, and settling into a nice horny stupor, my husband came over and whispered in my ear, “I know your pussy is wet and aching to be touched…I’m sure we could help you relax a little if you’re up to it, dear.”

Wifes Poker Night

Nathalie my wife has spent 1 year and 4 months away from me in the past 2 1/2 years. I am in the military and have had a remote assignment and now a deployment to Kuwait in this time frame. She is an extremely attractive French woman, who is 5’3″ with a 35-24-36 figure and mid-back length, curly brunette hair. She is extremely sexual in her nature, which is one of the things that have always attracted me to her.

I have been in Kuwait for 2 months now, protecting America’s oil and gas investment over here. Nathalie has done very well on her own, she’s strong and independent. She works really hard in the investment field. She got an invite from a bunch of coworkers to play poker one night. She hadn’t played cards or even been out of the house for 2 months, so I urged her to go and have as much fun as possible. She accepted the invitation and showed up for poker night at Derek’s house. When she walked in all the guys stopped playing cards and looked Nathalie over. She was the only girl to show up and was looking extraordinarily beautiful. She wore tight, black leather pants with a white sweater accentuating her breasts perfectly.

Nathalie brought her coat to the bedroom, taking her $40 in poker money out of her coat pocket. Derek gave her a quick five and dime tour of the apartment. As she was getting the tour she flirted with Derek and accidentally bumped his crotch with her curvaceous ass. She said she felt him stiffen almost immediately, and then she apologized for bumping into him. It got her juices flowing as well; she was in need of a stiff dick inside of her! They walked back out to the poker table and Derek offered her a drink. He had made a batch of margaritas, which is Nathalie’s favorite. She knew a couple of the guys from work, Eric, Steve, Scott, and Derek. She was introduced to 2 other guys Jim and Darren, who were just friends of Derek’s.