Month: March 2013

First Meeting With Rob

Can I tell you about a fantasy of mine, which involves me and a female friend fucking 2 guys?

Jo and I are similar builds, both with big breasts and dark hair, and sometimes we have sex with each other when there’s no man around. Then we decided to try have sex with 2 guys who would like a 4some.

So we went to a bar and picked out 2 likely lads. One was a big guy called Rob and he was sooooo sexy, I wet my knickers as soon as I saw him. His mate wasn’t bad either, Jo and I looked at each other and knew we’d found our 4some.

We joined their table and we all had lots to drink and smoke (lots of time to flirt, I loved rubbing my body all over Rob when I sat in his lap) and then we went back to Jo’s place. We had another joint when we got there and Jo put on some fuck videos, showing 2 girls and 2 guys getting it on. Jo and I started to put on a show for the guys, we kissed and licked each other’s faces before taking turns to suck on each other’s ample breasts. I love the feel of Jo’s tits, they are so soft like mine and they taste so nice. Her nipples are hard and pink and very easy to suck.

One Summer Night

My name is Alissa, I am 22 years old and I am a college student in Southern California. I am blonde, green eyed, 5’5″ and 115 pounds with average size measurements.

Since my teenage years I have had exhibitionist tendencies and have indulged them as much as possible for a number of years. This is the story of one of those indulgences.

Last summer I took a job at a local elderly care center to help pay for the coming semester of college. It was mainly an evening and night job attending to the needs of the elderly residents, making sure they went to bed by a certain hour, getting them glasses of water, reading to them, etc. On this particular evening four older gentlemen were in a room playing their usual game of cards. Their game usually went on until late at night so I came in the room and told them not to stay too late or I’d have to “spank” them. They laughed and told me to come by later to make sure none of them had “passed out”. I told them I would, and left them to their game.

At about midnight I decided to check in on the group and sure enough, they were still at it. They invited me to join in if I was done with my tasks, and being rather bored and having completed my tasks, I decided to join in. I should have known better. I was winning most of my hands, but I only later realized that I was the one “being played”. They started making jokes and comments and as they got more used to me their jokes and comments got bolder and bolder as well. I could smell alcohol in the room and knew that they’d been drinking earlier in the night.

Party Girl

The story I’m about to tell you took place in September of 2000 in Newport Beach, California and it went something like this to the best of my recollection.

My husband had told me that we were invited to a party at one of his co-worker’s house about a week before the incident I am about to describe. I hadn’t been to a good party in a while, and from what my husband was telling me this was supposed to be a pretty good party. I looked forward to it all week but was disappointed when on the day of the party my husband called me to tell me that he would be late coming home, and asking me if I would mind just meeting him at the party. He promised to be there by 9:00 at the latest. I reluctantly agreed and he gave me the address of the party’s location.

I know myself very well and I probably know my husband even better. After saying that I can safely say that I knew that I’d be in for a night of passionate love making after the party, probably in some outdoor location like my car, or a park, maybe even the beach. With this in mind I showered, then carefully shaved my pussy to a small thin patch of hair, the way both hubby and I like it. I then applied my make-up, just a touch since I’m not a big fan of tons of make-up.

My outfit consisted of a silk sheath that was supposed to be a short dress- crimson colored, which came to about 6 inches above my knees when standing. A bra does not go well with a silk dress, so I left that bit of clothing at home. The only other piece of clothing beside 3” heeled pumps was a pair of g-string panties, white and sheer. My object was to seduce my husband either at the party, or on the way back home. In my outfit I was sure I would succeed.

I drove to the location and after cruising the street I realized that the party’s location was not a house but an apartment. My husband hadn’t given me an apartment number and calling him was out of the question since he’d probably already left the office and was probably on his way. Besides, it didn’t seem like a big complex so I’d probably find it by the sounds of a party. Hubby had told me that his co-worker’s name was John something or other, so I’d just wander around the complex until I found it, the just ask for John. Simple.

The Horniest Slut

Jack Walker meandered through the throng of guests at the reception. He skirted the dance floor and its smattering of swaying bodies with an ineptitude born of five Jack Daniel’s and very little coke. Pleased as he was to escape the monotone ramblings of an elderly, and until now, almost forgotten aunt, his aching bladder presented a more pressing and urgent problem: if he could only get just a few more yards across the room without meeting anyone else who knew him or wanted him to pass messages of congratulation on to his just-married sister, he reckoned he could make it to the first floor bathroom. Keeping his eyes fixed firmly ahead, he successfully managed to manoeuvre to the door and left the music and laughter behind him. As he began his grateful ascent of the long cascading staircase, a familiar voice rang out.

“Hey, Jack! How’s it going?” Jack would have known the owner of the voice from anywhere.

“Rip! Great to see you, man!” The two young men shook hands warmly. Jack had known Ripley Thomas since they were children and had stayed firm friends into adulthood. Unlike Jack’s own height, Ripley was only about 5ft 6, but his boyish charm and striking good looks still made him extremely popular with the opposite sex. His blonde hair was neatly combed back into a short pony-tail and the expensive suit he wore made him look every bit the eligible playboy; an image that he had carefully cultivated for himself.

“I gotta take a piss, Rip, we’ll talk later, okay?”

“We think alike, my friend. I was just heading that way myself.”

The two friends walked side by side up the stairs, chatting amiably as they went.

“How’s Kay doing?” asked Ripley. Jack had always know his friend had a soft spot for his sister, but both knew that it was a dangerous subject and always avoided it.

“Good, I think. She seems to be really enjoying her wedding. Phil’s a pretty good guy – she could have done a lot worse. By the way, I saw your parents downstairs. I’m glad they could make it, Kay’s always liked them.”

“Yeah, they like her as well. But mom’s like an all seeing machine tonight, every time I get close to even talking to a girl she butts into the conversation and puts me right off my stride!”