Month: April 2013

Liz At the Edgewater Hotel

This is a true account of my girlfriend Liz’s first group experience. Liz was 26 years old at the time. I was her first man we had discussed recruiting another man to have sex with her while I watched. She wasn’t keen on the idea. Liz is a Filipina 5ft 110lbs, black hair, brown eyes with

34b breasts that have perfect dark brown nipples. Her skin is a deep brown with a beautiful pussy. She usually keeps the bottom part shaved her lips are very dark with purple hues. Liz is the perfect nympho she can cum multiple times, swallows and demand more.

I had watched a special on HBO real sex about the Edgewater were couples and single could go to engage In adult fun. I bought Liz a black crotch less fishnet body suit. I spent four weeks telling her my desire to watch her with other men as I would fuck her with various toys during these sessions she would cum so hard and beg for more. It was a Wednesday night I told her of my plan to visit the Edgewater on Friday night. Liz said that she wasn’t ready for another partner that she was happy just fantasizing. We were both off from work on Friday as it was the day after Thanksgiving.

I caught her in the bathroom she was shaving her pussy I asked her too shave the top this time too. Liz asked why? I replied let’s just check out The Edgewater. It will be just us two no one else come on it will be fun. Liz said as long as it’s just us ok.

I packed a small bag with KY jelly, condoms, toys and her fishnet stocking outfit. She threw on some jeans and a white top. The sun was going down as we drove up to the Hotel. We checked in the clerk explained to us that Friday night was single male night. He asked if we knew what that meant and if she was ok with that? Liz replied yes. We had gotten a ground floor room the room had a queen sized bed with a mirror on the wall. The room looked pretty run down with a small television that had free porn on a couple of channels. I suggested we go for a walk in the hotels center courtyard. Our room had a sliding glass door that led out to it. The rule was if the curtains were open you could look in and watch and if the door was open you could come in and join in. We looked in on the room to the left of us was two black men with with a large blonde engaged in sex on the bed one was eating her out while she sucked on the other one.

Stepdaughters Wedding

My stepdaughter had left home long before I met, and married, her mother. She is really a stranger to me, I think I have met her at a couple of Thanksgivings that’s all. Her mother, my wife, calls her a slut, which is a laugh when you think what she gets up to these days with my friends. Her daughter lives over the other side of the country.

It was a surprise to my wife and myself when we got an invitation to her wedding. At first my wife didn’t want to go; she didn’t want to travel all that way to see her daughter, whom she didn’t particularly like, getting married to some poor sucker she had probably conned. She suspected that Chrissy was probably pregnant and that was why she was getting hitched and expecting us to pay for the wedding.

It turned out, however, that it was going to be held in a swanky hotel and the groom’s parents were going to pay for the wedding, he comes from a moneyed family! Not only that but they were going to pay for us to fly there and spend a couple of nights in the hotel. I finally persuaded my wife that we should go. She agreed, reluctantly, but when we got there, and she saw the hotel, her mood changed and she began to look forward to the event.

We met Bob, the bridegroom, and he seemed a reasonable sort of chap, and Chrissy genuinely appeared to like him. I must say that not having seen Chrissy for a few years I was stunned to see that she was now quite a chick.

The wedding? Well what can you say about a wedding? It went without a hitch, very well organized. I managed to keep control of my wife, as far as her drinking went, although I could see her eyeing up some of the guests. I had decided to keep her for myself, sexually, for this couple of days; I didn’t know any of the other guests so I wasn’t going to arrange any parties!

My Wife My Slut Her Gangbang

For those of you that have enjoyed the exploits on my beautiful wife Angela it will come as no surprise that she requested her first gangbang for her 35th birthday gift. For those who are not familiar with her let me explain, my wife of 17 years is a beautiful and faithful wife.

I love her with all that I am, she is however a total slut. She never does anything without me being involved in her decision, so for her birthday she requested that we do things a little out of the norm, we usually play with couples, but this time she wanted me to set up a gangbang with a twist, that I will explain later.

The three guys that I had contacted on her behalf arrived promptly at eight. The guy’s had been selected from the swing lifestyle web site. They were chosen on three main points, young, handsome and a large cock, for those of you who don’t knows I am well endowed and she wants nothing less.

I introduced all the guys to her and served the first round of drinks. By ten we were all very comfortable between the wine and steaks; it was time for desert, Angela. Per her instruction I took her to our play room which has a sex swing and a harness for a little BDSM!

She began by unzipping each mans pants with her teeth and sucking them to a full hard-on, I had instructed them to wear no underwear and shave there cock and balls. After she had each one nice and hard, she was ready to have her pussy eat, it was dripping. I watched as strand after strand on liquid ran out of her pussy as she sucked those massive cocks, she had on a very short school girl skirt.

Chubby Slut Misty

Misty sat in her dorm room on another lonely Saturday night. This was how she spent all of her Saturdays. A nineteen-year-old girl ending her freshman year in college, Misty’s life was an ongoing tale of sexual frustration. She had always had a pretty face, with full lips, large blue eyes, and long curly blonde hair. But Misty had also always been the chubby girl.

She had been burdened with extra weight all of her life and never seemed to lose it, no matter how hard she tried. Despite her large, full 38D breasts, Misty’s chubby body kept her from getting the attention she craved from men. She was constantly aching for sex, but could never find a willing participant.

Life was difficult for a chubby, horny girl on a college campus. Wherever Misty went, there was always a horde of skinny, pretty, young sorority girls to serve as competition. And they were the ones who ended up going home with the guys, not Misty. For Misty, the worst part was her roommate, Cynthia.

Cynthia was a nice enough girl, but she epitomized the “sorority slut” archetype. Cynthia rarely spent her nights in the dorm room on weekends, and was always eager to tell Misty about her experiences upon her return. Misty was so jealous of Cynthia and all the other girls like her. “Why can’t I find one guy?” she asked herself, sitting alone, “Just one guy who wants to fuck me?”

Misty’s sexual experiences were limited to self- stimulation with her trusty dildo. She often used it to play with her hairy young pussy while she was surfing the internet, looking at pornography. Misty would call up a nice, dirty picture and push the dildo deep into her wet vagina while stimulating her clit. Her favorite sites were the ones that showed glory holes. She loved the idea of sitting there sucking a constant stream of anonymous cock. Misty had even done some research on the web and found that there were glory holes at an adult bookstore about an hour from her campus.