Month: May 2013

Hong Kong Threesome

Randall had been caught in high tech hell for 15 years… at first it wasn’t so bad… paid well enough for him to explore whatever his heart desired. He lived a fast paced life back then… burning the candle from both sides while in a microwave. Just as he though he was coming into his sexual prime (as defined by his first –and only- experience with two women at once), he had to relocate to yet another hellish job in a different city.

Once there, he met the woman he was to marry. She was everything he wanted… drop dead gorgeous, intelligent, independent, kind, generous, gracious,… oh he could (and still does) go on and on. He was her fifth lover. She was his… jeeze, he couldn’t even remember how many!

He felt that the difference in experience wouldn’t be an issue… giving great confidence in the strength of his love… and ability to teach women new things. Over time she opened up and became quite the lover as well as wife. Learned to enjoy… nay, yearn for anal sex… whispered into his ear how she sometimes wished she had two of him to be in both places at the same time.

Really? He thought. Now there was a twist he had never even considered… and took this bedroom talk to the web in hopes of giving his wife what she had asked for. She was reluctant, but Randall was persuasive if not persistent, and eventually they started meeting other couples with less than desirable outcomes. If it’s hard to find the one true match… and sometimes difficult to have chemistry click for sex between two people… what does that make the odds on getting it to be 4 way?

As their search continued, his curiosity grew. Could he go through with it? Would it be just too weird to be so close to another naked guy?

Dream Cum True

My wife Barbara and I have been swinging for about 2 years. In the beginning we would be laying in bed naked and I would play with her cunt and suck her nipples and whisper in her ear. I’d ask her to think about guys with big dicks and how they would feel stretching her cunt.

The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity, then squirt his cum deep in her belly and watch it leak out the sides.

To show her how it would feel to get fucked by a huge cock, we used a lot of dildos, Barbara liked to be fucked with the dildos while she sucked my cock. We also used a dildo in her cunt while I fucked her asshole, her climaxes then were really powerful. I loved it when she would beg for me to stretch her cunt with the big black dildo she then said she loved the feel of the dildo filling her cunt and belly and wished it was the real thing in her.

We finally amassed 12 dildos, varying in size from 6×2 to 12×3 inches the 12×3 dildo is jet black and although Barbara said she didn’t like black, but she came real strong when we used it. We took photos including Polaroid’s, 35 mm slides and photos, and of course video. I have several video tapes of her sucking on several dildos alternately.

One time she was blindfolded and I had her sucking the big black cock and mine, while I fucked her cunt with the smaller black cock. When she saw the video she got all excited and started to breath hard again and we started messing around all-over again, she came twice.

She finally agreed to give herself to me totally on my birthday, letting me have her for 24 hours, to do what ever I wanted, no limits. We went to a Motel room made for sex, mirrors on the walls and ceilings, Jacuzzi tub and whirlpool. I set up the video camera and she prepared herself in the bathroom.

When she was ready she came out wearing her high heel shoes, black stockings and garter belt with panties and platform bra. I put a blindfold on her and tied it in back of her head. Her surprise was waiting outside, two guys from an adult contact book, with very large cocks. A good friend of ours had used one of them for his wife and told me he fucked her for 3 hours and left her covered with cum.

Sarahs 21st Birthday Party

It was my girlfriend’s birthday (21), we had decided to take a holiday abroad for it. Sarah always tanned well in the sun. She is 5’10, slim, long blonde hair, tits that cradled nicely in her bikini, one of those asses that you have to grab when you see it, and a baby-face innocent look about her too, yeah that one were you just want to cum all over it!

So here we were on the night of her birthday, abroad, enjoying a nice quiet meal together. Sarah was wearing a low v-neck neck black top that hugged her body and allowed a great view of her breasts, she also wore a short black skirt that I had conveniently bought for her birthday. The skirt only covered her ass cheeks and I had to eat her sweet young pussy out to get her to wear it out that night. I told her that I had an extra surprise for her birthday but that she would have to wait until later.

After a delightful meal and plenty of wine, Sarah wanted to take me home as wearing such a short skirt and plenty of wine had her feeling horny, she wanted some fun. This was fine by me, we made our way back to our apartment with my hand firmly on her ass cheek all the way. On nearing our apartment she began kissing me and feeling for my cock, I knew from previous experience that she wanted it right there and then on the street, but I wasn’t going to let her have her way that easy, much tempted as I was. This seemed to have her even more crazy for cock as she started telling me how she really wanted it, but I could only tell her to wait until we reached the apartment.

At the front door to our apartment, I grabbed her and we kissed, my hand slipped between her silky thighs and I could feel just how wet she had become. She smiled at me, ‘You want some cock’ I asked. Sarah smiled even more. I led her inside and sat her down on the edge of our bed. I slowly un-buttoned my jeans in front of her and fished my cock out for her. She sat there and smiled at me with her innocent face and licked her blowjob lips. She reached out for my cock and began pulling my foreskin gently back and forth. She leaned forward and licked the head of my cock, all the time looking me in the eye. She took a tighter hold of my cock as she continued to gently stroke it. I couldn’t wait to watch my cock slide in and out of her pink lips, and feel the warmth of her mouth.

Cheerleaders Treat

Ally sat in the back of the bus, tiny body bouncing with each bump on the road. Her short, shapely legs were crossed, the skirt of her cheerleading uniform riding up slightly over her thighs. She was exhausted; the game had seemed like it would never end! Now she sat on the bus behind all of the victorious football players, a few of the other girls off to her right, giggling and gossiping about God knows what. Her bright emerald green eyes swept over each football player, then settled on her favorite: Nick.

It took here a few moments to check him out to her satisfaction. She twirled a few strands of golden hair around her finger, tongue slipping from between glossy lips to lick them. He had been in the shower already, so his dark hair was rustled cutely, eyes shut as he attempted to sleep. Nick was sitting alone just a few seats up from Ally, where she was sitting with her best friend Natalie.

“Natalie,” Ally whispered, nudging her sleeping friend with an elbow. Natalie stirred before her eyes popped open. “What is it? Are we home?”

Ally slid over so she could show Natalie what she wanted to talk about. Her friend, of course, had fantasized just as much as Ally had about Nick. Her lips curved into an “oh” of satisfaction as she leaned back, smiling and giggling. “He is so hot.” Ally nodded in agreement and continued to stare at him. “God, I have got to fuck him before he graduates.” Natalie just laughed, but Ally was quite serious.