Month: June 2013

Poker Game Loss

It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. Three friends were over at my house playing poker, and I was down about $300. It was a string of bad luck, really. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better. Now, I am sitting here with a ace-high flush, the other three guys have gone in, but I do not have enough money to match them.

“I am short, guys. Can I put in my watch? Its worth $200.” “I don’t know,” said my friend Lenny. “I already have a watch?” “Well what can I do? I have to play this hand.” The guys all smirked, and Lenny said something I never though I would hear. “Bet your wife. If you lose, whoever wins gets to fuck your wife in front of the rest of us.”

The room suddenly was dead silent as the guys awaited my response. I was stunned, but was confident my hand would win. “Let me ask her,” I said. I called Danielle into the room and privately explained the situation to her. Her eyes widened in fear and anger. “We don’t have $300 to lose, you moron!” “I know, babe, that’s why I need to play this hand and win it back. And then some. If I win we get $1000 tonight!” I showed her my hand, and she was confident enough to agree to the wager. “It better not be Lenny, though. I hate that asshole,” she said as I went back to the table.

“OK guys,” said Lenny. “Just to confirm. If any of us win, we get to fuck Danielle in front of the other three. She will be our sex slave and do as ordered.” “It doesn’t matter, because my husband is going to win,” said Danielle confidently. “Well we’ll see about that. Lay them down, boys.”

John, across from me, laid down two pair, a pretty weak hand given all the money that was on the table. Eric, to my right, put down three kings, better than John but not what I had. I put down my flush, and John and Eric groaned, they would not be fucking my wife. I looked over with confidence at Lenny, but my heart stopped when I saw him smiling. He put down three eights and two sixes. A full house. Beat me by one hand.

Danielle screamed “Noooooo!” And Lenny screamed “Hell yes!” He collected his money and put it in his bag, and moved his chair into the corner. He pushed the table against the wall and told me, Eric and John to sit on the opposite side of the room. We all moved over next to Danielle, who was on the verge of tears but was trying to stay strong.

Jenny Gang Bang

Hi, we are a group of lads living in Redditch England the following story is true.

We first met Jenny a few months ago where she works for a housing organisation, I had two places to let and as apart of Jenny’s job she has to check them out and agree to us renting them out through her employer.

She came along one afternoon to the flats above a row of shops and I brought my two mates who buy up these places locally with me. We were surprised when she arrived as she was quite attractive smallish and we guessed about late thirties. We showed her up to the flat and she seemed a little nervous with three guys, but it was all above board… first.

The flats had yet to be cleared out and decorated to which we were after a grant, needless to say we got to the bedroom in one of the flats and some jokes were made, most of all Jenny herself saying “I bet that beds seen some action” as the mattress was bowed in the middle and a bit grimy.

Aidan one of my mates said, “yeah looks like someone’s had a party in it”, she laughed it all off and I just added ” I bet your husband doesn’t know your in bedroom with 3 lads” as we walked out on to the stairs she replied by saying ” he’s too busy playing with his trains or looking at his porno”.

We finished off by asking her to come for a drink but she said she had other appointments and would ring me to let me know the result. Two weeks past and I heard nothing then one afternoon I got a phone call and she said it was all ok. I asked her if she would like that drink now and she amazingly agreed.

On The Job Training

One Saturday morning I went to work as usual, I was working for a local moving and storage company. I lived in the middle to lower class section of town. I had finished High School about ten years ago and was going to night school. The jobs that we moved seemed to me always to be high-class areas and there weren’t to many black men in that area. Well we got our work order for the day a 5-man job, wow this really must be a hum dingier of a job!

So I rounded up the crew first there was Ray he was the body builder type always trying to show off in front of the women. Then there was Jake a middle aged African American man that would screw a snake if it would hold still! Jerome was the quiet type he had been seeing a woman that worked for the moving company and they had been engaged for quite some time! And the other guy was from Africa and was working on his citizenship we could hardly understand him have the time! His name was Jubalo we just called him Jube for short!

We arrive on the job at 9:00 am and we were a little early, and Ray said “man Big D that’s what they called me these people are going to be pissed at us for being here so early” we weren’t suppose to be there until 10:30. I looked at the name on my work order and it said Cynthia Hartley! And I said ” I guess we will just have to wake Ms. Hartley up” I laughed, as I rang the door bell some maid answered the door and she said that Ms. Hartley was still in bed but we could go ahead and get started with the job!

So we started working and a few hours passed and we took a break and I went in to use the bathroom and the maid had informed me that the one downstairs was out of order! And she said I could use the upstairs facilities. So I went up stairs and as I was walking in the bathroom there was a door that was adjacent to the Master Bedroom, and to my surprise I took my first look at Ms. Hartley and wow was she hot she was standing at the window watching the men on the first floor, I thought for a minute that she was crying, but I listened closer and I disguised a sigh and she wasn’t crying at all she was moaning in ecstasy!

The Hot Day

I walk into my house with my guy friends Antonio and my friend Kristian. We just came back from the mall cause they wanted to check out chicks…and it was really hot, so I was wearing a little sundress…

The two of them decided to sit on the couch while I got something to drink. I went into the kitchen and got some ice water. As a joke, Kristian decided to put some ice down my back… and of course since it was so cold, I kinda went “eep!” and it fell out the bottom of my dress. The two of them found it hilarious of course and put more and more ice down my back. Eventually, the 3 of us were all wet…my nipples were hard and it showed through the dress… so I told them I was going upstairs to change my clothes, and that I’d bring them some clothes to put on. As I went upstairs, I noticed Antonio watching me. But I thought nothing of it, so I continued on.

As I walked into my bedroom, I was contemplating what to wear. I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was all stringy from being wet. So I took it down and started to brush it. After brushing it, I took off the wet dress and began to look for another one. I opened my dresser drawers and looked around for something…then I felt someone touching my neck. It was Antonio, and he was obviously aroused. He moved his hands down my back and then to my ass…he softly touched me, which made me shiver. I turned around, giving him an up close view of my naked body. I ran my hands up and down his body, first his chest, and then to his cock… he seemed to enjoy it, so I pulled off his shirt and rubbed my breasts against him. He responded by kissing on my neck, occasionally biting it.