Month: July 2013

My Girl At The Frat Party

Sarah was a good friend of my girlfriend. They had been friends throughout high school, and were now good friends in college. Sarah came down to stay with Jeni (my girlfriend) for a weekend. They had planned to just do some shopping and a little bit of partying.

Jeni and I had been dating quite some time. We had a wonderful sex life together, in part because both of us enjoyed being kinky, though Jeni was shy. I had taken her virginity at 17 as far as I know she has only been with me since we dated since 15 and now we are 23. You name it, we did it. She had nice long brown hair and great tits with a perfect tan.

I decided to go with Jeni to a frat party they were going to. I know that Jeni was just going because Sarah wanted to go. Of course I was let in since I brought the chicks with me. Jeni wore a revealing v neck and short skirt, I loved her dressing. She wore high heels, with stockings up to her beautiful thighs. Sarah also dressed sexy tonight with a strapless shirt. Jeni caught me looking at Sarah a couple times during the night but didn’t say anything. It was to be expected with Sarah’s nipples poking out of her shirt, the girl had to want to be looked at.

Both of them were drinking quite a bit, Sarah especially. I hadn’t seen Jeni for awhile and was ready to leave. I went and told Sarah that I was looking for my girlfriend to leave. She got in close to me and rubbed herself against me. I was enjoying it but knew I shouldn’t do such a thing, I know Jeni is faithful and so am I. Sarah told me Jeni went up to use the bathroom I went upstairs and heard some moaning going on.

I quickened my pace because I did not want Jeni exposed to others doing these things. My curiosity got me though and I looked into the door. There was party music going on, and dim lights. Once my eyes adjusted I saw three guys and a girl. IT was my girlfriend jeni! I was so mad I didn’t know what to do. No one saw me standing there, and no one noticed. I then started to feel something I never thought would happen in this case, I got a hard on.

Summer Job

This happened two years ago. My favorite cousin and I graduated from high school and managed to get summer lifeguard (pool, not open ocean) jobs together at a ritzy beach resort on the Oregon coast. The resort provided us with a shared room, and two meals a day, so we were thrilled with the idea of being able to save a lot of money while working at a fun place. Since we both wanted to have cars to drive while we were at the resort, we agreed to drive separately from our home town in Southern Washington and meetup down at the resort. In addition to earning summer money, our goals were to get tanned and get laid a lot. Neither of us were virgins, but we hadn’t done a lot of exploration yet. I had had 5 different partners, she had had 4. We decided we would both get to at least 10 additional partners by the end of the summer. We figured we could misbehave sexually because we were away from home. Neither of us had ever had a one night stand – our partners were either boyfriends or at least close friends – but we decided that a series of one night stands were definitely on our lists of goals for that summer.

On the way, my water pump went out and I had to stay over night in a college town called Corvallis while my car was being fixed. I called my parents and cousin to let them know where I was, and checked into a mid priced motel. It was hot, so I decided to go swimming in the motel’s pool. I am considered to be quite pretty: people say I look like a Denise Richards. I’m just barely 5 feet tall, but nicely proportioned: I’m 103 lbs, with relatively long and very pretty legs, and a nice 33A-23-32 figure. I wish I had bigger breasts, but what I have are cute – nice shape and delicate brownish pink nipples. I swam for a while then laid out on one of the lounge chairs when I noticed a cute guy checking me out. I smiled and he took that as an invitation come talk to me. He went by TJ, initials for his name which I have forgotten over the past two years. He was a college junior, a member of a local fraternity, and he worked part time at the motel. I told him I was stranded overnight so he invited me to his frat party. I figured it was better than sitting in my room alone all night.

I went to the party in a cute crop top and a denim mini skirt which got me a lot of admiring looks. TJ was sweet and attentive. Eventually TJ and I ended up in one of the rooms upstairs. I thought “cool”, I was going to get an early jump on my summer sex quest. We made out for a while, got undressed, performed oral sex on each other, then fucked. What made this special was that TJ was the most well endowed guy I had met to that point. His penis was just over 9 inches, and so big around that my hand barely enclosed it. I was nervous about being penetrated by it since none of my previous partners was more than 6 inches in length. We really had to work at it just to get the head into my vagina. He took it slow and gently, and got about 2/3rds of the way in without much discomfort for me.

First Gang Bang

I had just moved back the small town I grew up in to live with my new husband Sean. It maybe had 400 to 500 people. Back then I loved to party and have a good time and Sean my husband loved to party more them me. I had met some guys in town I hadn’t seen since high school and they asked if I wanted to go for a ride in the truck with them. Back in high school I had quite a reputation and had my share of fun. I was bored and not having much to do and Sean was working so I decided to go with them. I got in the truck and we were off to the nearest store to grab some beer and go party. We all talked and laughed on the way, remembering things we had done together from when we all were young kids. When we got to the store and picked up a couple of cases of beer and headed to the nearest beach. To tell the truth I wasn’t sure what I was thinking when I agreed to go for a ride with a truck full of guys. I guess part of it was a little bravado on my part but I was getting a little nervous.

When we got there and sat on the beach drinking. I needed a drink to take the edge off. It wasn’t long before I started feeling pretty good. I’m a real slut after a few drinks and love to flirt and tease. I sure these guys remember this and that’s why they got the beer. I knew most of them and had fucked at least two of them in high school. After a few more beers I let them talk me into taking quick swim in the lake. At that point I really wasn’t thinking clearly and agreed to get naked with all the guys. We all went in and it was a bit chilly, so my nipples were about as hard and erect as they could possibly get. It wasn’t long before I was out of there, shaking and wanting to get dressed. The only problem was I didn’t have a towel, so one of the guys told me there was the one behind the truck seat. I proceeded to walk to the truck and look behind the seat for the towel. It sure felt nice drying off and when turned around two of the guys were standing there looking at me. I knew Eric from high school and had dated him but Rick was new. Me being drunk and foolish went up to Eric and touched his crotch and whispered in his ear, “do you like what you see”? The next thing I thing I remember is him reaching between my legs and feeling my pussy while he whispered in my ear “you don’t mind if we both fuck you do you”? I knew I was never getting out there unless I put out to a few them and I was starting to get hot and feeling good when I whispered back into his ear “No I don’t mind, and once I’m finished with you I’ll fuck some of the others too!!!”

Slutty Wife Gets Caught

My wife was screwing her married supervisor Chris a 6’2” ex marine, and this time she wouldn’t stop. Normally she cheated only once or twice with another man and stopped before it got out of hand. Giggling, she got undressed and spread her legs revealing her glistening wet and freshly fucked pussy. My slut wife looked hot and I dove into her muff with my throbbing bone bouncing around between my legs. Like me Chris had fallen in love with her after their first time together and we had been sharing my wife for a couple months now. I laughed as she told me how Chris came just licking on her sweet muff on one occasion.

Although I had him on girth my wife expressed that she thoroughly enjoyed the lengthy cock she got from Chris and equally as much playing with his huge hanging balls, especially dog-style. She even admitted she preferred sucking his cock for these reasons and the fact that his didn’t drip the pre-cum that mine did during oral.

My wife was fucking Chris in the morning, me at night, and back and forth on weekends. Eventually the tables turned where she was gone for days at a time and sneaking away from him to be with me. He would cruise our neighborhood if she was gone too long so we began to screw elsewhere. My wife would pick me up and we would go behind a nearby school or other dimly lit places. On one occasion we went to a beach where after getting naked and reclining the passenger seat I began to slide my cock into her. My balls felt soaked immediately as they drug through the cum puddle under her ass. This was definitely the wettest pussy I ever had. I hadn’t had it in a couple days and even though she had just been with Chris it seemed to make her all the hornier. I couldn’t fuck her hard enough. Panting, she pulled my cock from her muff and with her fist wrapped tightly around pushed my soaking wet meat into her mouth. “I just wanna eat this thing,” she exclaimed.

She didn’t always suck it this good often even wiping me off before hand but when she gets like this and in these moods she will absolutely suck you dry then chase your drained cock around as you beg her to stop. This was one of those times, my cock erupted in her face and she just kept sucking until I pulled my shrinking cock away from her.