Month: October 2013

Frat House Gang Bang

It was a Friday night in spring, prime time for frat parties around campus. My roommate, Shauna, and I were freshmen and often attended one of these parties to have something to do. But we almost always left early out of boredom with the drunken antics of the younger frat brothers. This Friday started and ended differently.

When we arrived at the Frat house we found a good party under way, with mostly upperclassmen in attendance. It was still a romping party, but without the usual obnoxious behavior of the younger boys. Shauna and I circulated and danced. We drank beer and ate the snacks provided. And we drank beer. And we danced. And we drank beer. Most of the men were good looking and so much cooler than the frosh we had gotten used to.

I slow danced with a couple of Junior’s and one Senior. They each let me know they liked me; their erections spoke for them. During a rest period I necked with one of the Junior’s on a corner sofa, and he made good progress at getting me worked up. My panties were wet when we got up to dance again.

Soon, too soon I thought, the party began to break up, and I realized that it was already two AM. The music was on low volume and the overall noise level was way down. My “date,” I think his name was Paul, asked if I would like to see his room upstairs. I knew what he was really asking and I wanted it too, so I said yes. He led me up the stairs to the third floor, and along the way I saw several other brothers give him the V sign.

In his room we moved to his bed and began necking again. He was a great kisser and my temperature kept rising. Soon we had moved from necking to petting. His hands worked their way up under my top to massage my breasts, naked under my shirt. In no time at all my top was off and he was kissing and sucking my tits, my nipples. It felt wonderful, but I realized the beer had gotten to me. Here I was in a stranger’s bedroom with my shirt off, and his mouth and hands all over my tits. What in the world am I doing here, I thought. And the answer became irrelevant as his hand moved to my groin and began to rub me from the outside of my shorts.

Whore Night

My wife is petite, blonde, 45 years old and looks mid-thirties. She and I have been married six years and have lived out our fantasies for the last three years. We are constantly making bets and Cherie uses her body as her wager. When she loses five times in a row I win the jackpot, and we play a little game we call “Whore Night”. Cherie likes this game because I “make” her do things she wouldn’t do otherwise. She can be a real slut without having any guilt.

Last month I won big, and told my darling she would be dressed to thrill by 7:30 because I had big plans for her. I have a particular fascination with watching my little whore display her body and suck off several men. I had a friend with a nice house and several friends very ready to meet Cherie. At 8:20 we pulled into his driveway.

Lee met us at the door and led Cherie and I back to the den. Three men in their late 40’s or early 50’s were waiting for us. Lee made introductions and I told the men that Cherie was there to entertain them. I had Lee put on some music and told Cherie to do a striptease for us to start the evening. Cherie had on high heels and a long dress that buttoned up the front. After one song she was out of the dress and dancing in her black “merry widow” corset and stockings. After the second song I stopped her and had her pick a number between 1 and 20, then had the men guess the number. She picked 4, and two men guessed 3 and 5. I told them 4 was the number so they could both help her out of her panties.

Lee grabbed one side of her panties and Jay grabbed the other, then both slid the panties off her hips and down her legs. All the men leaned forward to look at her shaved lips and the little tuft of hair above her clit. I had Cherie walk around the room and show her pussy to each man. I stopped her after the first man and told her she was to put one foot up on the couch or chair next to each man so they all had a good look at her pussy. I also encouraged the men to stick a finger in her pussy to see how hot dancing naked made her.

The Story Of Andrea

This is a story about my first marriage in 1985. Andrea, my wife and I were both students at North Dakota State when we met. I was a junior, and she was a freshman. While I was a city boy (Fargo) she came from a tiny farming community in the western end of the state. At 21, Andrea was 5′ 3″, natural blonde (everywhere), very muscular, pert 34B boobs and when she smiled she had wonderful dimples. A real knockout lady.

When we met, she was not a virgin, but I was only her third lover. For my last two years of school we were inseparable. We lived together the last year, and decided to marry as soon as I graduated. Both of us came from poor families, and knew that once married we’d be on our own financially.

We were in love, and married that June. I was accepted to a Masters degree program in Minneapolis, MN, and we moved there that August. We decided that Andrea would put school on hold for a while and work to support us until I got my degree and could earn real dollars.

In 1985, jobs were not easy to come by, and Andrea scoured the papers everyday, worked with employment agencies, and went on many interviews. As September approached, we were starting to get very concerned about money.

One day Andrea noticed an ad in the paper for Lingerie Models. We discussed what this meant, and thought that here was an opportunity for her to make some serious bucks. We both thought she’d be doing some print ads for newspapers or magazines. Boy were we naive.

Here is what happened on Andrea’s interview, as she told me some months later.

She had to go to a bad part of downtown Minneapolis to a club that advertised “Photograph Live Models”. Once inside, a tough looking black guy named Ed said he was the manager, and to come back to his office for the interview. Ed explained that in this club, guys came in and paid to take sexy pictures of the models. He told her “upfront” that any “extras” the models did, were there own business, he just wanted 20% off the top. Andrea had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t want to let on, we needed the money.

Ed went on to say that he’d have to see her in several outfits, take some Polaroids, to make sure she’d be okay for this job. He sent her off to the bathroom of his office, with a very skimpily red outfit.

After changing into it Andrea came out, very shy, but she stood in front of him for the pictures. Ed explained that the pictures always came out better if the models were slicked down with Vaseline. So he moved close to her and started to rub Vaseline from a jar on her arms and legs. She felt his hand go into the waistband of her panties, and felt him gently feel her boobs and ass when his hands were in those regions of her scantily clad body. But because he didn’t say anything, Andrea assumed this was innocent touching as he applied the Vaseline.

Ed took a few more pictures, and had her change into three or four different outfits. The last item he gave her was a sheer see through top, and crouchless panties. Andrea was reluctant, but he promised he’d just shoot pictures above the waist, but needed to see her in the whole outfit.

Again Andrea went along with the program. He had her sitting on a bar stool for these pictures, and moved in for a close up of her face. As he stood there, he suddenly put his free hand on her pussy, and inserted a finger before she knew what was happening.

Chained Wife

“Yes, I know it’s an unusual request. It’s also its also a little embarrassing, so do you think we could hurry this along a bit?” Said Dale into the telephone.

“Yes, that’s right, handcuffs…well, what do you think we were doing with them? We are married you know. It is legal!…Yes…yes… the key broke off in the lock and now they won’t open…yes…police standard issue…I got them from a friend, if you must know!…what’s that got to do with – …yes, okay…yes, fine…fifteen minutes? Good!…yes, thank you…goodbye!”

Replacing the receiver he made his way back up the stairs to the bedroom. He was certain that he had heard muffled laughter in the background before hanging up his call to the emergency services. He wasn’t surprised, if he had been on the other end of the phone as some poor bastard had informed him that they had locked their wife to the bed in handcuffs and had then broken the key, he would have roared with laughter!

As he entered the bedroom, he could not help a small smile himself as he looked at his wife, Wendy, securely manacled, hands and feet, naked to the bed.

“Well, what did they say?” she said as she saw him enter.

“Fire department will be here in about fifteen minutes” replied Dale

Wendy groaned in embarrassment. “Well at least put a sheet over me or something,” she said. “I may be a horny bitch, but I don’t really want the whole county fire department drooling over my body!”

Even as she said it, the words sent a tingle through her body. She couldn’t resist a giggle.

“You know, we’ll NEVER live this one down!” she said with a laugh.

As Dale picked up a sheet and draped it over his wife’s body, he saw how hot she still looked. Wendy saw his gaze.

“Yeah, I know,” she said. “I’m still horny! But we haven’t got time to finish what we started now. Wait until I’m out of these things, then you can fuck my brains out, okay?”

Dale eagerly nodded has agreement as he heard the tones of the front door bell. As he began to leave the room to answer the door, he called back over his shoulder with a laugh.

“Don’t go away now!”

The fire department had obviously decided that this particular job did not warrant a whole team and had sent only two burly looking firemen. As Dale showed them the way to the bedroom, he noticed that the taller one, who had introduced himself as Simon, was carrying a large pair of bolt cutters over his shoulder. The other, Marc, carried a hand held radio. Both were dressed in the standard fire department uniform; wind-breaker jacket, waterproof trousers and boots. Dale watched both men’s eyes widen as they entered the room. Although Wendy’s body was covered by a thin sheet, they were still able to see the soft curls of her strawberry, blonde hair as the tresses splayed out over the pillow. Her ample chest rose and fell with every breath outlining a pair of still hard nipples under the sheet and her red painted toes peeked out seductively at the foot of the bed.

“Evening, love!” chirped Marc cheekily as he looked towards her.

“Got a bit of a problem, have we?” Simon joined in with a grin.

“Yes, very funny!” laughed Wendy. “Just get me out of these things will you?” she continued, rattling the handcuffs against the ornate iron headboard.

Dale sat down to watch the men work as they both approached the prone figure of his wife. Obviously deciding to tackle the ankle restraints first, they moved to the foot of the bed.

“We’ll have to pull this sheet up a little,” said Marc. “So we can get a look…at the cuffs, I mean!”

Wendy giggled in anticipation of her legs being exposed to these two big men. She felt a cool draft on her feet and lower legs as Simon pulled the sheet back, first just a little, and then back to just above her knees.