Month: November 2013

Riding The Sammie Train

I sure had some wild times in college. Some people say that being in a fraternity is just buying a social life, but fuck them!

One particular time and one particular girl come to mind tonight. Her name was Samantha. She wasn’t quite pretty enough to make it into a sorority, but she became a little sister to my frat. She was a big time wannabe.

Like I said, she wasn’t the prettiest girl, and she didn’t have a killer body but she hung around us hoping to get popular. And she sure became popular on the night of our big party.

All night long she had been dancing with various guys, suggestively rubbing herself against her partner. I saw my roommate Rick whisper in her ear and then take her by the hand and lead her upstairs. Two or three other guys followed, so I decided to do the same.

When I got to my room, four guys were gathered outside looking in. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out what was going on, but I peeked anyway.

Wife Fucked By Two Black Cocks

A vacation in Jamaica seemed a good solution to our recent marital problems. Cathy and I had not been getting on that well recently. To put it bluntly, I’d been caught with my pants down. Actually, she’d caught me with my pants and underwear down with my little blonde secretary kneeling in front of me, stark naked, and my hard dick in her mouth! Cathy had blown a fuse; calling me every name under the sun and throwing young Pippa out onto the street wearing nothing but her smeared lipstick. Cathy hadn’t spoken to me for ages and, to be honest, it was becoming a major drag – the vacation was by way of an apology. I really hoped it worked. Cathy was a beautiful woman and I didn’t want to lose her over a brief flirtation with Pippa. Mind you, if we could get things back on track, it would have been worth it – Pippa was a horny little bitch – just nineteen years old – and I’d been taking her back to my house during our lunchtime at least three times a week for the last month or so. She would do just about anything I asked – and I asked quite a lot! When Cathy came home unexpectedly and caught us, we’d been at it for nearly an hour. I can remember thinking at the time that it was a good job she hadn’t been twenty minutes earlier; then she would have seen me with my dick so far up Pippa’s young butt, I thought I’d split her in half!

The vacation started well. The sun shone brightly and tanned our skin. We relaxed and Cathy even started talking to me a little. Not much, but just enough to make me think she had mellowed a little. The boat trip was my idea and I thought Cathy would appreciate it.

“What the fuck do I want with a boat trip?” she almost yelled at me when I told her it was all planned.

I tried my best to describe the wonderful sunbathing she would be able to do. I talked my butt off for half an hour telling her that we would be the only tourists on the yacht and that we could enjoy a romantic lunch and then swim in the clear blue ocean in the late afternoon sun. Cathy listened to my rambling’s with a sneer on her face, but I knew her well, knew what she liked. She was definitely coming round to the idea.

I had known Alan Cooper – or “Capt’n Coop” as he liked to be called – for about two years. My business dealings had brought me to this area on several occasions. Coop owned and skippered a forty foot yacht and hired it for charters to tourists. It was early in the season and I’d had no problem getting him to agree to a private charter for the day. We’d haggled a bit over the lunch menu, but when I thrust another few large bills into his calloused hand, he’d smiled and told me that I would not be disappointed.

Cathy and I arrived on the quay side at nine sharp. Coop was already aboard and quickly introduced us to his two man crew, James’s and Fin. Coop explained that both of these college boys were his son’s and that they would help sail the boat and look after us. They were both good looking lads with the dark, swarthy complexion of long term local residents. I briefly wondered how Coop had managed to sire two boys so late in life – I’d always had his age at no less than sixty – but when you saw all three together, the family likeness was unmistakable.

Gangbang Girl

It was the night of my fraternity’s first party of the year, it was a a themed party called professors/ naughty schoolgirls. It was a coincidence that it was a party with my girlfriend’s sorority. She was so excited the week before to inform me that she would be a delta alpha. I couldn’t help but admit that I wouldn’t mind being able to spend time in her sorority house, they were definitely some of the hottest girls on campus.

My girlfriend Sarah fit that role. She had just turned 18 the previous summer and had an amazing body from being a cheerleader throughout high school. She was half Latin, half white 5’10” , 120 pounds with an amazingly phat ass and even phatter pussy. Her thick thighs begged to be licked. And her thick thighs were exactly what she was showing when I picked her and a few of her pledge sisters up for the party.

It was a warm night in August and these girls were wearing as little clothes as it seemed was legal.When we got to my frat house there were already a lot of people there and I took her to my room so she could put her purse there. I lived on the top floor, It’s a nice room with a view over looking my college town. Before we walked out i made sure to grab her and slide a couple fingers up her cunt, she had already been drinking and this made her jump on my bed and beg for me to fuck her.

I looked at her and sucked it all in. This thick, tan brunette wearing a tiny plaid skirt, white thigh highs, a small top rolled up to expose her stomach and glasses, with her dark brown hair in pigtails. I wanted to fuck her right then but her roommate ran in to drag her to the party. She said this would have to wait and said, “I’ll meet you here later baby” and grabbed my cock.

I followed the girls down to the party and began drinking. I was having such a great time flirting with all her sisters I lost track of Sarah. Last time I saw her she was talking to a few girls on the porch. I walked up the stairs to see if she had gone back to my room. As I walked down the hallway I realized my door was open, I walked in to see a few brothers and a couple of her sisters watching something in my room. To my surprise a girl was getting her pussy licked and sucking a dick at the same time. My excitement turned to shock when I focused my not entirely sober eyes and saw that it was Sarah with a dick in her mouth!