Month: December 2013

Paid In Full And Filled

I was on my way home from club-hopping (my hubby was away for the week – training). About ¼ of the way home, my car started acting up and finally gave out on me. Using my cellphone and a phonebook from a near-by gas station, I called around to see if any repair shops were open. . . but at 1 AM I was out of luck. I then called around and found a 24-hour towing service. A very deep, gruff sounding voice said that he would be around in about 30 minutes to get me. All I could do now was wait.

Just as he promised, a tow-truck pulled up about 30 minutes later and a heavyset older black gentleman got out and came over to me. I learned his name was Donald (figured it out by looking at his name tag). Donald spoke with me, laying down my options as he went to work getting my car up onto the trucks flatbed. I could tell from Donald’s voice that he was the guy I spoke with on the phone. As we talked I noticed that he was giving me the ‘One Over‘. I was wearing a tube top (no bra), a mini-skirt (showing LOTS of leg), thongs, and a pair of heels. I decided to use his interest in my body to my advantage.

“I’d really like to get my car fixed tonight. I’m ready to pay ANY price,“ I told him as I crossed my arms under my breasts, pushing up on my 36Bs and making my small amount of cleavage look better.

“Well now, you may be able to convince me to call in some favors“, Donald answered. “Let’s get into the cab and determine a price.”

With my car now secure on the trucks flatbed, I followed Donald up into the cab of the truck. He reached for his CB’s handset and looked at me. “Well lady, just how important is it that you get your car fixed tonight”, he asked me.

My answer, was to put my head in his lap and start undoing his fly. I soon was pulling his semi-erect cock out of his boxers as we drove off. I began to kiss up and down the dark shaft with my red lips. As I did this, Donald’s cock stiffened and he began to moan. Once Donald was fully erect, I swallowed all 9 or 10 inches of him and began to bob my head up and down. Donald was trying to fuck my mouth by raising his hips, but this made it hard for him to drive. He was forced to endure whatever sexual torture I had planned for him. As we drove on, I began to nibble on Donald’s shaft and knead his balls. I could hear him talking on the radio to folks between moans, but I was too busy enjoying my serving of darkmeat to care what was being said. I started flicking my tongue across Donald’s throbbing black cockhead, while my creamy white hands tugged and squeezed on his fat balls. Donald was beginning to moan a lot and was having problems controlling his hips. I knew the pressure was building for him. I inhaled his black cock deep into my married throat and began sucking it harder and faster. I swirled my tongue around his cockhead and shaft.

Gangbang At The Sex Party

My whole life I had pretty much a “normal” sex life….my husband and I had pretty much tried everything except for a few things that we thought were just a bit too outlandish, but I always enjoyed our heated and erotic encounters over the past 9 years.

We talked a lot about our fantasies and one that had been coming up a lot lately was the idea of a gangbang. He had often fantasized about seeing me get fucked by a whole gang of other men and women and I was warming up to the idea although all of this was still in a fantasy world of ours.

Bill had made some new friends through his work at the bar and one night his friend Mike invited him to a new club that had opened downtown. That Friday night Bill went with Mike and while he was there met a group of people that invited him to a party the following weekend up in the hills. They said it was a monthly “sex party” and that if he and his wife wanted to come they were welcome to. One rule though- if you decide to come, you must leave all inhibitions and reservations at the door as this would be an open forum where anything went! His excitement rose and mine did too as soon as he came home that night and told me of this gorgeous group of people he had met that night that had invited him to this special party….

We talked about it for a few days and finally decided mid-week that we were going to give it a try…we knew that we loved each other and would be comfortable sharing ourselves with others without the fear of jealously. We had been only with one another for the past 9 years so the thought of kissing someone else, let alone having someone else’s cock in me started my mind reeling.

As Friday night approached I was growing more nervous- who were there people? What if I did not find someone attractive? What if I did have reservations? All of these initial thoughts subsided as I realized more and more that this long standing fantasy of ours- to have a gangbang- was finally about to happen.

That day, I stayed home from work and decided to get my mind and body ready for tonight’s extravaganza. I had always kept my pussy nice and trimmed for Bill but I decided that tonight was special and that I would shave my entire pussy. Bill had wanted me to do this for a long time and I had done it once before, so I figured I would surprise him again and let others enjoy my nice smooth pussy. I also picked out a very sexy outfit that was perfect- it revealed enough to peak someone’s desire, but did not reveal too much. I decided not to wear underwear or a bra under my sexy dress and just thinking about what could possibly happen that night was already getting me wet.

Three Makes Paradise

My wife, Carly and I spent the morning on the beach. Having the odd cocktail, soaking up the sun and reading our books. It was our third time in Jamaica and our second day was starting out just like we had hoped. The water was warm, the weather was beautiful and the ocean breeze danced across our bodies, keeping us from melting under the intense Caribbean sun.

I am deeply in love with Carly and had been trying to remind her of that fact by paying a lot of attention to her needs, giving her lots of kisses and frequent touching. It really draws us together when we interact with a hug here, a gentle pat there and a quick brush in just the right place.

We had a sailboat cruise in an hour and decided to go freshen up before heading down to dock. As we stood to gather our things we both realized that the sun and cocktails had given us a bit of buzz. We held hands and almost felt like skipping back to room. We were so happy to be free of responsibilities and just loved being there.

Back at the room we took a quick shower together, with still more kissing and touching. We really wanted a quick tumble between the sheets, it was going on three days since we made love. With packing and getting ready to leave the day before yesterday and traveling and a few too many drinks when we got here, we were both anxious.

There was only a half an hour before our cruise left and we still had to grab a quick bite and pay for the tickets. As difficult as it was, we decided to save it for our return. I gave her a big hug and kiss, for good measure I gently ran my finger between her hot wet lips, gave us each a sniff and slowly licked her juices off my fingers. She in turn reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and gave it a few good strokes, to return the favor.