Month: February 2014

The Boss Has a Party

I had just gotten off of work and was debating on whether or not to stop by the boss’s house for his birthday or not. Yeah I was tire from a full days work but could use a couple drinks before bed, in which he had plenty of. Well needless to say the latter had won and I decided to stop by. Luckily I only lived a short distance away so my side trip wasn’t too out of the way. Since I was arriving late most of the patrons were already three sheets and I had some catching up to do. For the most part the party was like any other, a large group sloshed and saying what was on the mind.

As I got my self into a conversation with a couple beers already down and my tongue pretty loose, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to sex. As we talked I learned this sexy brunette who was very open was the wife of one of my co-workers. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed after her cute face and luscious curves had caught my eye almost from the moment I got there.

As the conversation progressed I learned that she had how you would call her own personal stable to call upon. Learning that her husband was really into her fucking other men started to put my mind back into motion. The group that I was in had only two females who I’ll call Tiffany and Stefany, and the other six including myself of men. As most sex talks go, the women were complaining about not being satisfied, as the men and ego’s defending their manhood, by talking up their performances. As the two women got into detail of how good they were and how they and how much they could take, started to get the men stiff and adjusting themselves. But on the upside I could notice that the two ladies seemed to be squirming their legs together a bit more than usual. Telling me that they were getting turned on as much as we were.

Me and Tif got into a debate about how she has never been fully satisfied by any man of all ages, I had told her about a running joke through work about me and my stamina. I had slipped out about being able to go for 2 hours or more and no one there would believe it, needless to say nobody would ever put their paycheck up to find out. Now with the opportunity almost in hand to present itself, we moved ourselves into the garage were there was more privacy. Me and Tif were still going at it about how much we could handle and how neither of us had some fully go the distance. Soon she was bragging about how she was able to make a man cum in 20 seconds, and needless to say I challenged her to do it.

Stephanie and the Poker Game

Stephanie, my girlfriend has heard for a while now about my buddies and the poker games I hold, she has always wanted to meet them and I told her the next game she was invited but she had to behave because Stephanie has quite a wild streak, she told me she would and sounded almost giddy looking forward to the game. I told her okay baby we will have the game on Saturday night.

Saturday night is here and steph is ready to play hostess, she is wearing a nice outfit, not to revealing but definitely accentuates her big beautiful round butt. The blouse shows just enough cleavage to get noticed but not so much so that seems slutty. Her skirt goes down to her knees but is very tight fitting. Steph has long dark hair that accentuates her beautiful blue eyes and porcelain skin.

Steph hears the doorbell and asks me if she can get the door, I said sure baby go welcome out guests. As she opens the door, my friend Andres arrives, he is always the first to arrive and tonight is no different.

He was shocked to see Stephanie because we have a motto at our poker games, no girls allowed, this is suppose to be boys night out where we can get together and talk and b.s. with each other without worrying what our wives think, by the way all the guys but me are married, so they really like coming to the games to get away from their wives.

So when Steph open the door he had not only a surprised look but slightly disgusted when he saw a woman was going to be there, that disgust quickly melted away when Steph turned around in reaction to me welcoming Andres in, as she turned to look at me, Andres couldn’t keep his eyes of her shapely ass, he noticed he was staring too long, looked up at me, realized he was caught and blushed, I gave him a knowing smile with a shrug off my shoulders.

Hot Air Balloon Sex

The sound of the gas engine of the inflation fan broke the peaceful silence of the morning. The silky nylon fabric of the envelope began to fill with air as the balloon came to life. The morning air was cool but not cold. The summer heat would come later today, but for now it was just right. The grass had just a touch of dew and there was a slight haze in the air. The Sandia Mountains to the east were just getting touched by the first rays of the morning sun rising behind them. The sunrays streamed off the crest like a Japanese fan. The moment was picture perfect. This will be our first balloon ride and hopefully an experience we will cherish for life.

My girlfriend and I had to get up early to get to the launch site before sunrise. Don, the pilot, had told us that we have to start early because that is when the winds are calmer and the cooler air makes the balloon fly better. We hadn’t gotten much sleep at the hotel the night before. In anticipation of our great adventure, we had a long night of lovemaking. So, bleary-eyed and still a little fuzzy in the head, we headed out in the dark morning to have our first hot air balloon ride. A friend of ours had recommended Don when she heard we wanted to take a balloon ride during our stay in Albuquerque. We knew that Albuquerque, New Mexico was the “Ballooning Capital of the World” and we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to fly there. Our friend and her husband had flown with Don before so they knew he was a really fun person and, most importantly, a safe and experienced pilot. They also told us that for “special friends” he would offer an extra bit of excitement. If we wanted to, we could join the Mile High Club during the flight. Helen and I didn’t even have to think about it. Yeah …. Let’s do it!

We met Don and the chase crew at a park in the west side of town and Don gave us a safety briefing telling us what to expect, what to do and what not to do or touch. Ballooning is a very safe form of flying but it does have its dangers and risks. Don made sure we were informed of those and fully understood how to stay safe. He blended serious instructions with corny jokes. His style really put us at ease about the flight and the sly grin on his face told us that he was looking forward to our extra special flight.