Month: March 2014

Howl At The Moon

When I was a freshman in college, I had a crush on a guy at school named Dan. He was on the football team. Some of the guys on the team were going camping one weekend and Dan invited me to go along. Now, any girl should have known not to go camping with 5 guys, but I was not just any girl – and I was always ready for an adventure.

On the drive up to the mountains, Dan and I laid in the back of one of the other guy’s trucks, under several blankets, making out. Dan and I did nothing but kiss and snuggle on the way to the campsite – a little light petting. But, by the time we got up into the mountains, I was hot, wet, and throbbing.

The guy driving, Kevin, parked the truck and waved for Ricky and Marc to come on into the campsite. Kevin then uncovered Dan and me and grinned at our flushed appearance. Dan jumped out of the truck and helped Kevin unpack the food as Marc and Ricky rolled the keg out of the back of the other truck. Being the only girl, I felt it was my duty to supervise as the guys got the camp set up and started the fire. As the sun began to set, Dan came over to where I was sitting and handed me a hot dog and then joined me as I ate. We sat and flirted and giggled as the other guys joked around.

Kevin came and sat on the other side of me and dropped his arm around my shoulder, joining me and Dan in our conversation. Ricky said there was loud music coming from a campsite nearby and he was going to check it out. Glaring at me, he stalked off into the woods. (I found out years later that Ricky was gay and had a crush on Kevin at the time.)

Marc grinned at the three of us sitting on that fallen log and began to get a bunch of sleeping bags out of the back of the trucks. He unzipped them and made a large bed of them near the fire. Then he flopped down and slipped his shoes off. He propped his head up on his entwined hands and looked at the three of us. He asked if were cold sitting over there and wouldn’t we like to join him? I giggled (beer always makes me giggle) and said “what about it guys? you think we should?”

Kevin said something about Marc looking lonely and that maybe we should join him. Dan, who was a REALLY big guy picked me up and carried me over to the nest of sleeping bags. He laid me down next to Marc and then flopped down beside me. Kevin just grinned and sat down at my feet. I laughed and asked if we wouldn’t be cold without a sleeping bag covering us? Dan snuggled in closer to me and said they would keep me warm, letting his hand drift across my chest.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

The house next-door had finally been sold. Lonnie had seen the moving van pulling into the driveway as she left for work that morning. “It’s about time,” she thought to herself, “Maybe they will fix the eyesore up.”

The house wasn’t really run-down that badly; however, since her husband had ran-off with the slut that used to live there, Lonnie harbored hard feelings about the place. She earnestly hoped that a nicer class of people were moving in.

When Lonnie returned home from her modeling gig that afternoon, the van had already been emptied and had left. A late-model Lexus and a sporty, foreign convertible were now parked in the driveway. “Hmmmmmmmmm, this is looking promising already!” she thought to herself, “I think I’ll go over and welcome them to the neighborhood.” As she got out of her BMW, she smoothed her tight, form-clinging, short skirt down over her firm, pear-shaped ass and checked her stockings to make sure they were straight. Walking across the lawn and passing by the large picture window in front of her house, she couldn’t resist looking at her reflection to assure herself she was presentable. The session today had been particularly erotic and she didn’t want to look like she had just gotten laid.

The image that greeted her eyes was one of a stunning, auburn-haired beauty. Her straight, shoulder-length hair was lustrous from careful grooming. Her eyes were wide set and large with an exotic, Asiatic slant; which she inherited from her father. Although her legs were long and curvy enough to be a dancer’s, she only stood about 5’3″; and a generous portion of that was between her pert, up sloped breasts, and her erotically flaring hips. She proudly admired her athletically trim waist and provocative posture. It was no small wonder that she was one of the most sought after adult magazine models in Canada. The light blouse she was wearing was clinging silk, and allowed a hint of the sexy, lacy lingerie she favored to be glimpsed, and excited her nipples enough to make their outlines visible.

Lonnie made her way carefully up the wide granite steps to the front door of her new neighbors home. She pressed the doorbell and waited for her first view of her new neighbor. She did not have to wait long before the door was opened and she was greeted by a woman of about her own age of 28, and an instant, heart-warming smile.

“Hello, may I help you?” The woman’s voice was slightly accented and very melodious. It fit her stunning European features and deep, dark eyes. Lonnie guessed that she must be of Italian or possibly Portuguese descent. She was immediately aroused by her attractiveness and voluptuous body. One of the things that had bothered her the most about her ex-husband’s desertion was the fact that he had also taken her closest lover.

BBQ Gang Bang

It had been a bright, warm summers day when Jane phoned to invite myself and my husband, Terry over for an evening barbecue. I knew that we had nothing planned, and readily accepted the invitation immediately. Jane and Derek were two of our best friends, and evening’s with them were always interesting. They both had a free and easy approach to their private life, and invariably the conversation turned sexual in nature.

Although both myself and Terry had often fantasized about our friends when we made love, neither of us had taken our thoughts any further. I had to admit, though, when I replaced the receiver, the thought of seeing Derek in a pair of shorts was making my pussy tingle and my nipples stand up and pay attention! I quickly informed Terry of my conversation with Jane, and he seemed pleased that we would be going out tonight. Bless him! Terry is a sweet man and, after ten years of marriage, I still love him dearly, but sometimes I think I might just need…you know…a little more!

The weather being so warm, I decided to change into a bikini and spend the rest of the day lounging around our pool and try to top up my tan. I stretched out on a sun bed with a good book and a cool drink and tried to relax. The problem was I was getting too hot! I’m not sure if it was the strength of the sun or the fact that I couldn’t get the vision of Derek’s lean, muscular body out of my mind, but within half an hour I could feel my nipples hard inside my bikini top and a damp patch beginning to form on the panties.

You will probably have guessed by now that I am a very sexual person. I always have been, but sometimes Terry, although very good in the sack, is not always as….adventurous as I would like! Still unable to stop my current train of thought, the cool water of the pool beckoned. I eased myself in slowly and swam my usual ten laps. I like to exercise every day. I have been told that my 5′ 8″ body is well toned and attractive and I’d like to keep it that way as long as possible! When the weather is hot, swimming is by far the best idea.

At 6.30 pm, we grabbed a couple of bottles of wine and headed for Jane’s place. It was still warm and I had only worn a shortish summer dress, panties and tennis shoes. I had tied back my long brown hair in a pony tail with a ribbon. I looked a little like a fifties cheer leader! I didn’t usually leave the house without a bra, but I just loved the freedom that I felt without it, and besides my boobs aren’t really that large. Terry had worn a pair of light Chino’s’s’s with a short sleeve shirt and loafers. Jane greeted us both at the door with a kiss. She looked stunning as always. Her short blonde hair was still damp. As she was only wearing a bikini with a wrap around skirt covering her lower body, I assumed that she had just got out of the pool.