Month: April 2014

The Beach Life

Jack and Sheila had been enjoying a day on a secluded beach when a minibus drew up near them. They cursed at the idea that their privacy was about to be invaded. They quickly scrambled back into their swimming costumes, but just then the vehicles pulled off again and parked a good thirty yards away from them.

As Jack and Sheila watched a group of fifteen young men climbed out of the vehicle. They were all dressed only in flimsy baggy shorts and Sheila cast an appreciative eye over their firm torsos. They were all in the prime of their youth and at the peak of their fitness. Jack caught his wife’s eye and smiled. He knew exactly what she was thinking. To hell with privacy, another, more basic, need had kicked in.

The young men frolicked about in the water for a while and then flopped down on the warm sand. One of their party took a cooler box out of the vehicle and started to hand out beers. The sound of beer bottles clinking filled the air as the group toasted each other.

‘I have to find a way to speak to them.’ Sheila sighed. ‘I know just the thing.’ Jack replied as he got up from his towel. He fished around in the car and came back with two bottles of warm beer. ‘Here, ask them if they’ll trade these for cold ones.’

‘You’re a star!’ cried Sheila, before giving her husband a kiss.

As Sheila sauntered over to the group of lads she was alive to the possibilities of her quest. She could feel many pairs of eyes drinking in her curves. She thrust out her full, firm tits and swayed her hips for extra effect. She tossed her head; let her long golden locks fly free around her beautiful face.

With her full lips, high cheekbones and smoky green eyes she was one hot looker. But the passing years had made her a little insecure of her looks. She need not have been. One of the lads brushed his hand across his chest, past the nub of his raised nipples and she knew they were hers for the taking.

They greeted her warmly. They would be glad to exchange her warm beers for cold ones. In fact, they suggested, why didn’t she and her husband join them. Jack and Sheila were happy to. There were introductions all round. The lads were members of an agricultural college rugby team, out celebrating a win. They looked like sons of the earth. In a few years time they would all be massively solid, perhaps overweight, but right now they were simply beautiful. And Sheila was happy to drink in their beauty.

As Jack watched his wife flirting with the young men he grew excited. So excited that he had to lie down to hide his growing bulge. Fifteen men, and young men at that, would amount to a whole lot of spunk. And if there was one thing that Jack loved, as much as his wife, it was the taste of freshly deposited man cream. Eating his wife’s pussy when it was full of tasty cock juice was his ultimate satisfaction. And if they played their cards right this could be their ultimate experience.

Soccer Moms

I have been a soccer referee for several years now, and have been involved in several unusual situations, but none of them come close to what happened to me this past weekend. I had been invited to referee at a soccer tournament several miles from where I live, and since the fields were reported to be in good shape, and the teams normally quite competitive, I accepted the offer.

The tournament began early Saturday morning and I had been assigned to two games that morning and two games that afternoon. The two morning games went well and I then took a quick lunch break. The tournament was very gracious in providing food and drinks for the referees, and a quiet place away from the parents to relax while we ate.

As I was sitting close to the referee changing room, a woman walked up and stood in front of me asking if I was going to be the center referee for her child’s game at 2:00 that afternoon. I told her that I was indeed the center referee for the field that she was asking about. The woman was of average build, dark hair, very pretty face, wearing a solid black coat that fell several inches below her knees, and was wearing black hose and flat soled shoes.

When I admitted that I had been assigned her child’s game, the woman reached in her coat pocket, then held her hand out to me offering what she had been keeping there. I reached out and offered my hand palm up and she quickly placed a pair of black lace panties in my hand. She then told me to keep an eye on her during the game, just to verify that they were hers, and to make sure to took her way every time their team scored. Having said that, she turned and quickly walked away, toward a group of mothers watching their children practice.

To say the least, I was stunned. I quickly stuffed the panties in my ref bag, rather than sit there with them in my hand. I again looked over at the small group of woman and noticed the one who had dropped her panties in my hand talking to two other mothers, a blond and a brunette; all three were quite attractive. I sat there and stared at my bag, wondering what in the world was going on. Just as I was about to get up, the woman with dark hair broke from the group and walked over and stood between me and the other two women.

Looking down at me with her beautiful blue eyes she said that she too would have a present for me, but only if their team won. Having said that, she opened the front of her rain coat wide enough for me to see that the only thing that she was wearing was the rain coat, black thigh high hose and black boots on her feet. As she closed the front of her coat, she apologized for not having something to leave with me, but promised to give me something very special after the match (if her team won); then turned and walked back over to the small group of women.

It was now fifteen minutes until game time, and I began my pre-game by gathering the two assistant refs and talking them through their duties. We went on the field together, checked both teams and conducted the coin toss to decide who kicked off. The game began on time, and about three minutes into the game there was a bump in the penalty box and I called for a Penalty Kick to be taken. The teams lined up outside the box and the kicker quickly drilled the kick into the back of the net. After writing the score in my book, I glanced over to the sideline and noticed that the three women who had been standing together before the game, were now seated on the front row of the bleachers. All three were cheering wildly, with their coats opened and legs spread far enough apart to allow me to see their three pretty pussies.