Month: May 2014

Wife Gets It

This actually happened about a year ago, while my wife and I were on vacation in Costa Rica.

First, let me tell you a bit about us… we are both attractive, and in our mid-30’s. We have a very healthy sexual relationship, and we enjoy sex on a very regular basis. As the years have gone by, we have tried many things, and explored new fantasies and scenarios. I have a healthy, normal cock, and my wife enjoys sucking it and fucking it.

However, I continued to have this fantasy about a group of well-endowed guys taking her pussy to new limits. Of course, this is a common fantasy with many guys, but I am not sure too many guys would actually want to have it happen.

My wife’s pussy is extremely tight, and even better, she has the ability to contract her pussy while I am fucking her, almost creating the feeling of getting a blow-job while you are fucking her. It is an incredible feeling. The odd thing is that no matter how much we fuck, her pussy always seems just as tight as it was before. In fact, I often look at it, and feel it, just to see if I am having any effect on it.

Well, one night while we were in Costa Rica, we asked the taxi cab drive to take us to a fun place for “adults only”. He obliged, and dropped us off at a hotel on the outside of Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s most northwestern province. This particular place had some great food, bars, and swimming pools. Best yet, it seemed to be filled with attractive couples, from all parts of the world.

As we walked around, we also noticed that everyone was dressed in clothing that did not leave much to the imagination. Conveniently for us, I had told my wife to wear something provocative, so she obliged by wearing a miniskirt with no panties underneath, and a top that made her tits look incredible.

Now, keep in mind that my wife had no intention of doing anything other than watching. I had told her that we would just have some drinks, hang out, and watch people getting it on. Then, we figured we would get a room and fuck our brains out.

Baby Takes a Bow

I was always known as the party girl. My name is Lisa, but nobody ever called me by that name. A lot of people called me Mikey because I’d fuck anybody, you know like the old cereal commercial? I guess I just dated myself, referring to a commercial from the 1970’s. That was my decade I guess, when I came of age. I believe age is a matter of perception, and ironically the name most men call me is Baby, as in “Hey Baby” or “Oh, Baby”. I’m the girl your mother warned you about. This is my story.

I grew up in far northern Maine in a small logging town. The only things to do up there are either join 4-H or party. Let’s just say that I never did take a lamb to the county fair. In the summer of 1976, I turned eighteen years old and I was more than ready to move on from the frozen north country.

My best friend Amy was going off to college and she invited me to go to orientation week with her and help her move into her dorm room. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I packed a duffle bag I stole from my brother, left my parents a note and we were gone, headed for the city and what ever it held for us. I didn’t really have a plan, I just had to get out of town or I knew I might never leave it. I had no intention of waiting tables or marrying a log pusher, so I knew it was it was time to choose. I was never any good in school and I knew my only asset was my body. I decided to head south and figure it out as I went along.

Amy was busy with her orientation and I didn’t see much of her that week. We went to several mixers and I was very pleased to see that the college boys were just as interested in me as the log pushers had always been. With my long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice pair of breasts on my five foot six inch body I could easily get their attention, and I just loved getting attention.

It never ceased to amaze me how much you can get by just showing off a little cleavage and inner thigh. I made a point of wearing loose fitting sun dresses. Remember those, that were cut low in the front and high on the side. I never wore anything under the dresses, and if I wanted to I could easily give a guy a nice clear shot of any part of my body. I just loved the thrill of flashing my breasts, but the most fun was to find ways to show the Full Monty, or as we said back then, the Beaver Shot. I became very good at the “accidental” peek. Bar stools were the best place, and after a few days I found a nice little pub were I could go and drink all night without spending a dime. It was the most fun I had had in years, and I was really enjoying the freedom of acting like an adult for the first time in my life.

Naked Twister

It was our first swing experience together. We were both very excited and nervous to be finally meeting George. George should have been a model. He had a long and lean body with chiseled muscles from skiing, a square chin and long oval face. He had dark hair with just a slight peppering of gray that made him look older than he was. But it was his smile, or lack of a smile that intrigued me. I saw this as a challenge. He had a long, thick, full dick with a head that begged to be licked, which I had been dreaming of doing for weeks. The day finally came after many hours of talking about what we liked, wanted to do, and fantasized about. It seemed I talked more to George than my own husband each day. Craig didn’t seem to mind, he got the benefit of my wet pussy every night.

As we drove to George’s place Craig fingered me so that I was drenched in my own pussy juice. I also fished his dick out of his pants and began a steady rhythm on his shaft. Craig had the most perfect dick I had seen to that date. It fit perfectly in my hands and mouth and I dearly loved sucking it until it was dry. But today I just wanted to get him hard so when we got there, his dick and intentions would be very evident to George! When we got there we walked up to George’s door with only robes on. Mine was not belted and hung open for all to see. Craig’s was loosely belted but his long dick was hard to miss, just as I had planned. But also we had our bag of fun which included the infamous twister game. George opened the door and had a smile on his face–1st smile of the day! We all looked at each other and did the introductions. He said, “Hi, I’m George, nice to meet you.”

I said, “Hi, I’m Rhonda and this is Craig. It’s very nice to meet you.”

As I walked in the door, George grabbed me just above my waist, right under my breast and gave me a long, slow, wet, French kiss that had all of us breathing heavily. Next Craig came in, and George grabbed Craig by the waist, without letting me go, and gave the same kiss to Craig. It was the first kiss for both of them. George, I could see at this point, was very into both of us, as he was rock hard and starting to precum! After the first kiss for all of us, we went in his house and closed the door.