Month: July 2014

Amy Gets a Bar Bang

Amy and Steve had known each other since their childhood. They had grown up together, attending the same high school and eventually the same college. Everyone expected them to marry at some stage and despite warnings that they were still too young, they had decided to take the plunge in their final year at college. They made an attractive couple. Everyone said so. Amy was strikingly pretty, her long blonde hair framed a beautiful, oval shaped face and tumbled in curls down her back. She stood only 5’6″ in her stockings, but her well proportioned legs had the feel and texture of fine alabaster. Her breasts were small but perky and complimented her flat stomach perfectly. Steve stood over 6ft and had short black hair. His face was rugged with a masculine jawline. His body told the story of an athlete in the prime of life.

They were both in their last month of college, and deeply immersed in final exams. This week had been a particularly difficult one, and as Friday came to a close, they were both exhausted and happy that the week was over. They met in the college refectory after their last class and began to plan their weekend off. They had decided to start that night. It was time to kick back, relax and maybe get a little drunk!

They had decided on Oscars, a small music bar on the outskirts of town. The clientele there was not of the highest calibre, but the music was good and the beer cheap and so, after a home cooked dinner, they set out for the bar. They could hear the music as they alighted the bus and as they entered through an old iron door, they were met by a fog of cigarette smoke and the smell of beer. Inside the music was very loud. The joint was not overcrowded; a few customers were on the small dance floor gyrating to the heavy beat of the music, a few sat at the bar and some were sitting in small booths drinking and laughing. Steve spotted an empty booth and led his young wife by the hand towards the seats. The ordered a jug of beer and settled in for a night of drinking.

After her third glass, Amy suddenly announced that she wanted to dance.

Wife and The Black Guys

I have a wonderful erotic experience to share with you. Some may think I am bad, and others will secretly wish they were me, however it happened and I have some very fond memories which I love to rethink and remember as often as possible.

I am the wife of an Air Force Master Sergeant who at the time was deployed overseas. I was 39 at the time with a son who had just moved to another city to attend college. It was last August when this happened and I was left all alone in the apartment to think of all the things I wish I could do and I especially thought of sex quite often.

I noticed two handsome black guys moving into the apartment complex on my floor and two doors down. It was hot and I decided to prepare some ice tea and ask them to join me on the back patio, which they did. We soon had exchanged conversation on our situations and they revealed that they were seniors in the University and would graduate next May.

They were very nice and thanked me for the ice tea and said if they could ever do anything for me to be sure and call on them. I said that it would be nice to have some men things done for me sometime and I would call on them. Zack winked at me and smiled and said, “Anything you need just call.”

The Dodge

Games are something we all do, be it baseball, football or whatever. There are also other kinds of games. This is about a special game I play; I hope you enjoy it.

We, my husband and I, have this jar where we each write down some games or ideas for games we’d like to play and every so often we’ll get in the game playing mood and select a slip of paper from the jar. The one rule is that we have to do what the paper says. We have an equal number of ideas in the jar so the chances of selecting something new to the other is at least fifty-fifty, but more often than not, I lose, or is it win?

This particular day I was feeling randy, no she wasn’t around today but if she had been I would have been feeling very randy. When my husband got home I had the jar sitting on the coffee table and he knew what it meant. He reached in and pulled out a slip of paper and put it on the table and said to me, read it while I shower and change clothes.

I read it and it was one of his ideas, not mine, but still I knew he had written it for me. While he showered, I changed clothes as per the paper and waited for him.

When he came downstairs and saw me he knew I was up for a new game. On the slip of paper I had read, it said this: The Dodge. Wear one item of clothing only, your choice and this time make it ten blocks.

That meant, at some place in town I would be wearing only one item of clothing and would have to walk ten blocks to our car, hopefully without being seen, but if I was spotted, I could make no attempt to avoid it.

My husband smiled when he saw my outfit and said to me, are you sure? I threw him the car keys and walked towards the door with a smile on my face.

My outfit was a terry-cloth pullover the kind you’d wear at a pool over your bikini. It looped over my neck and a v-cut almost to my belly button exposing a lot of cleavage. Connected to it was a pair of what I would call hot pants. So this one-piece outfit exposed most of my breasts and all of my legs and I knew that as I walked, the hot-pant’s would ride up high on my ass exposing more and more as I walked. Of course I was allowed one other thing to wear and that was shoes, or in this case 4 inch high heels.