Month: September 2014

Cherry Popping Co Worker

As a virgin at the age of 23 I had a lot of sexual imagination, and a lot of time to enact the things I imagined while I was masturbating. Now you can only do so much, but I found that by not holding back, I could always make masturbation a very rewarding experience.

One of my favorite subjects of fantasy was a woman from work. Her name was Laura. She’s about 5’9″ tall, medium but heavy looking breasts, somewhat wide hips from childbearing, a beautiful face, and neck length black hair. But the thing I really found appealing about her was that she was an older woman at age 42, and she had a very sexual foxy aura. In fact I had noticed her looking at me more and more on the sparse occasions I was around her.

So things began to heat up one day when I had to help her out at work. We had a small project that we had to collaborate on. On the third day she took me out to lunch and started asking a lot of personal questions, and by the time we were finishing eating she had questioned me on having a girlfriend, have I been intimate, and a few other things. I knew at this point I was at a crossroads with her. I could either say that I wasn’t comfortable talking about this, or I could dive in and ride this out to see what happened.

I decided to dive in. By the end of the day she had asked me to join her at her house the coming weekend on Friday night. Man was I nervous. All I could think about at work the next 2 day was what was going to happen. I ended up getting in a bit of trouble with my boss. By the time Friday arrived I was a nervous wreck. I also had a heck of a time not masturbating as Laura had told me to do.

Friday evening came and I arrived at Laura’s house. She answered the door in jeans and a tight white tee shirt. I had never really found her breasts to be great, but this shirt really made look good. She picked up on me seeing that and grinned.

After a great dinner we headed for her bedroom and I found myself dumb with nervousness. Laura coaxed me to relax and started to strip in front of me. Regardless of her older body and wide hips, she looked wonderful. I loved her heavy breasts, and she had some of the sweetest legs I can remember. She helped me undress and we lay next to each other on her bed, petting, kissing, and groping.

Shoe Salesman

I knew I was in trouble. I should have been home six hours ago. It was already 11:00, and I knew Patrick would be worried. I started to think of a good excuse, a story I could tell him that he would believe. Car trouble came to mind, but he’d ask why I hadn’t called him on the car phone. I looked in my purse. Damn! He’d paged me three times. I didn’t have my beeper with me most of the evening. I left it in the car. Now what could I tell my husband. He was a very understanding man, but there are limits to anyone’s patience. And I knew I was pushing his. It really wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t home yet. I recalled the events of the evening, the events which lead up to my being twenty miles from home, driving in the middle of the night, and in deep trouble with my husband.

I had been shopping for a new dress. Patrick was going to take me to an important dinner Saturday, and he told me to buy a nice outfit, conservative, yet sexy. That’s the way he is. He wants me to be nice and cool, yet bad and hot. I don’t mind, but he usually wants it at the same time. I couldn’t decide which dress to buy. I’d narrowed the field down to three, one was very nice, you know the type, almost a Sunday-go-to- meeting frock. The second was a bit more flashy and I knew Patrick would like it, but I wasn’t crazy about it myself. It was red, cut low in the back, but I felt it was a tad too long for my tastes.

Now, the third dress, was my favorite. It was black, (always a good color to bring out my auburn red hair) and was cut tight across the waist, accenting my 38DD bust and literally hugging my hips. It wrapped around me and fastened with a single button on the side. As I walked in it, my legs were flashed, first one and then the other. It was a traffic stopper, and I really liked the way it felt! But I could never wear it to a dinner where my husband was the guest speaker. It was more of a “fuck me-fuck me,” type dress. I knew Patrick would like it, but it didn’t fill the bill I was looking for.

After spending almost two hours trying to make up my mind, I figured, what the hell, and took all three. Of course, I had to have some new accessories, and that meant shoes and purses to match. That’s were the trouble started. To begin with, I ran my hose. Not a little run, either. No, this was the mother of all runs. My panty hose were ruined! This wasn’t a real problem, because I figured I’d just pick up a couple pair of shoes, leave the mall and head home. I took off the ruined pair of hose in the dressing room where I was trying on the three dresses, (remember them?) and left them in the trash. Wouldn’t you know it, of all the days not to have panties on, this would be it!

Not So Boring Business Trip

Another boring business trip. John was unpacking his bag in his hotel in Munich. This trip had been organized at the last minute to meet with a new prospective client that he knew he had little chance with. But the company had sent him anyway. Still, he had never been to Munich before so it was an opportunity to explore a new city, and one with quite a reputation.

It wasn’t long before John was sitting in a taxi asking the driver to take him somewhere exciting.

“You mean girls,” asked the driver. “We have several clubs in Munich.”

And with that he was off to the nearest club. Arriving there, John quickly discovered that it would be a $300 charge. This was not outside his budget but given that it was already late and he had an early start, he did not want to blow his cash until tomorrow when he would have more time to savor his $300. So John asked the driver to take him to a bar where he could just get a drink and enjoy the local ambience.

When John stepped out of the cab, he looked up and down the brightly lit street full of bars and set about deciding which one he would go in. He noticed an adult shop. It had been a while since he last visited one and John decided to go inside and look around. The shop was quite busy inside – mostly men browsing the various magazines and videos lined up against the side walls, but there were also a few women, with their boyfriend or husband, checking out the vibrators. John noticed one particular dark haired beauty floating around the shop with an older man accompanying her. They giggled at the various displays and moved quickly from one section to another, her knee high black dress swaying from her hips as she sashayed from one display to another. John started browsing the videos with the most explicit covers, mostly big cocks and gaping pussies.

“So do you like that then?” asked a voice behind him.

It was the dark haired beauty who moved to stand beside him. John looked at her briefly, but blushing, he turned back to the video display.