Month: November 2014

The Bikini Conspiracy

Robert looked down at his trophy wife writhing with ecstasy, as she was impaled repeatedly by his eight inch cock. She sure was a hot little number. He caressed her pert little breasts with his hands and squeezed roughly. Mandy and Robert had been married for five years. She was 25 and had been working as a model, when they had met. Robert was 49. He worked out in his free time and was in great shape. People thought the silver streaks in his dark hair made him look distinguished and he was described as “ruggedly handsome” by a magazine article on this successful businessman.

Mandy shuddered and moaned in orgasmic pleasure as his cock erupted inside her. That she had undoubtedly married him for his money bothered Robert not one bit, as he had married her primarily as a show piece for parties and business affairs. That they had great sex was a side benefit. They laid side by side in bed catching their breath. Robert told her about his boring day at work and Mandy shared her days shopping experience with Linda. Linda and her husband George were their best friends. They did almost everything together. George was a vice president in Roberts company, and while the men were at work, the girls would spend their days sun-bathing in the hot Southern California sun or shopping together in the areas posh malls. When Robert had hired George, ten years ago he had been a fit, lithe athlete.

Since then George had let himself go. He had developed a substantial beer-gut and was balding rapidly. Robert was always trying to get him to work-out but George always replied with the old “not enough time” excuse. George and Linda were high school sweet-hearts and had gotten married right after graduation. In contrast to her husband, Linda had blossomed since Robert had known her. She had been too skinny when they met, but in ten years she had gained weight, and filled out in all the right places. The birth of her son, ten months ago had caused her breasts to gain two cup sizes and they remained huge. She was a beautiful leggy blonde that looked ten years younger then her 32 years of age. Linda’s only problem was that she was embarrassed by her body. She always wore baggy outfits and at the beach only wore a plain one piece bathing suit.

“You know what,” Mandy giggled. “I don’t think Linda’s getting enough at home.”

Robert’s ears perked up at that and he rolled on his side to look at his wife. “Why do you say that, honey?” he asked. “Well,” Mandy replied. “I’m always bragging about how you fuck me with that big cock, six times a week, and she told me she hadn’t had sex in over a month. Lately, she seems to get upset when I talk about sex. Anyway, did you know George is the only man she’s ever been with?”

“No I didn’t,” answered Robert. He had suspected it though. Robert had been fantasizing about fucking Linda since her breasts had filled out. Now, he felt sorry for the buxom young woman. Robert had showered with George at the yacht club on many occasions and he had noticed George had an unusually small penis. As George’s gut got bigger over the years, his penis had seemed to shrink even more, as it slowly disappeared under his paunch. A fine piece of ass like Linda, deserved better then her husband could give her. Just thinking about Linda’s big tits had Robert’s meaty cock hard again. He reached over and pulled his wife on top of him. She squealed with delight as he slowly fed her his eight inch rod.

“Just wait till I tell Linda that we fucked twice in one night. She’s going to be so jealous.” moaned Mandy.

Robert pretended he was fucking Linda as his wife ground her pussy up and down on his cock. Afterwards, as they lay panting next to each other, Mandy said, “Robert, do you ever wish my tits were as big as Linda’s?”

It was like she could read his mind. “Why, no dear,” he lied. “I hadn’t even noticed she had large breasts under all those clothes she wears.”


Prudish Wife Vacation Adventure

After 21 years of marriage and three children sex had settled down to be pretty routine and hum drum.

My wife Terri forgot how attractive and pretty she really was. At 40 she still had a fantastic figure standing at 5’4” weighing 115lbs she had her hair dyed a light blonde. Her breasts were still firm and pert 34C with large nipples that stuck out when she got excited. After 3 children she still had firm abs and a great looking ass. Her pussy was still tight and she let her hair grow. She kept her legs and arm pits shaved but her cunt hair was long and bushy dark black. I guess being around her all the time I too had forgotten just how attractive she really was.

Most of our time at home was spent between work and the kid’s activities at school and in sports. We had both become known as Susie’s Mom or Jason’s Dad. Our own identities had seemed to have been lost.

In July we took a week long vacation to a State Park and stayed at the Lodge. During the day we would take the kids fishing, hiking to play sports. Several times we went to the park pool. Terri still wore a bikini that really accented her body but she thought nobody would be looking at her with all the young women prancing around. I admired Teri as she played around with the kids.

On our third day we were at the pool as the temperature had reached the 100 degree mark and the humidity was in the 90’s also. The pool was packed with people and we spent most of the day in the water.

Technically the pool and the park were alcohol free. However, as the temperature was hot and the pool allowed drink containers to be brought in most of the adults had water bottles that they kept filled with cold beer through the day. I had met two men at the pool that day and we spent most of the day talking and just relaxing in the water sipping on our cold beer.

As the evening approached the crowd had thinned out and there were about 25 kids and several couples still in the water. My new friends John and Mark were still in the water as their families continued to play around in the water.

We were all looking at the younger women in the pool and making comments about their looks. John surprised me when he suddenly remarked on how hot Terri looked for a woman of her age. He said her ass was great and commented on what he could do with it.