Month: January 2015

First Adventure

We’ve only just started on this adventure, we’ve discussed it from time to time, but never had the courage or opportunity to take it further, until recently, when we had our first three way, with a guy, which led to a further exp. with my other girl friend.

Now we have had “one of each” our horizons have widened, and we look forward to further play times, and a couple is definitely one of our favored options.

Our first with the guy (Rob) was spontaneous, we had to pick up some goods from a friend of a friend, got on OK, went out for dinner, and had copious amounts of wine and smoke, which loosened the inhibitions.

Strangely, think I was the first to realize “more” than a chat could eventuate, and set the scene by complaining of a tired back.. This ruse always gets someone interested in helping out with a massage, , Allyn & I had discussed possibilities and I was ready to play and Rob came in on cue, asked me to lie on the lounge, and pressed a few pressure points on my back. I suggested we might as well have a full massage, as I had two willing masseurs, so cushions were placed on the floor, my clothes came off, and the show began, quite innocently at first, as the guys had remained fully clothed, even the massage was more therapeutic than erotic.

Then, it was time to roll over, which made me a little nervous, all my womanly bits were now on show, my hairless pussy on full show. Anyway, the massage began again, still business like, I think the guys were waiting on each other to make the first move. I discreetly opened my legs a little more when they took a leg each, stroking from my toes to my groin, occasionally allowing fingertip access to my private parts., then the hands became more intense, four sets of fingers roamed closer to heaven, internal investigations began.

You must remember that tho this was my first time with two guys, my inhibitions were lowered, I was becoming incredibly turned on, and my pussy was just dripping, which seemed to spur my gallant knights on.

Nightclub Bathroom Gangbang

My name is Lucy and I’m 24, 5ft 5 with long thick blond hair, 32c breasts and I weighed at that time about 110. Most people would say I was nicely put together, my ex always said I was well fuckable. When I think back over these last few years and the number of men I’ve had sex with, is frankly shocking for most people to comprehend. My need to be fucked, used and treated like a whore is something I have difficulty controlling.

It has been several months since I broke up with my ex, and my need to be fucked was almost constant. Things were getting out of control. My sister was starting to get fed up with the number of men I was bringing back to the apartment and she sat up worrying if I didn’t go home at night. It was becoming difficult to get fucked, used by a stranger without my sister getting upset.

I needed to find a way to keep my sister happy and still fuck when I needed too. At first, I would fuck guys in the toilets of a night club or bar and still go home alone at night, which kept my sister happy.

Occasionally, when the need got too strong; I would go into sex shops. I could easily find someone to have sex with in one of the video cabins. Usually older guys with glasses who probably hadn’t had a real woman in years.

One Saturday night, I met a guy in a nightclub not far from home. He wasn’t great looking, but he was the first guy who tried to chat me up and I was dripping wet and desperate to be used. I wore a little black dress and black bra. I left my knickers at home. I knew why I was coming here. To find a guy and fuck him in the toilet. Knickers would just et in the way .

I took a guy by the hand and led him into the toilet. I tried to drag him into a cubicle where he could use me but he had other ideas. He grabbed me, lifted my little black dress up around my waist and picked me up. There were 5 or 6 guys in the toilet, staring at us as he dropped me onto one of the three sinks and pushed my legs a part, exposing my bare neatly trimmed pussy to everyone in the toilet.

“Grab her kegs,” he said to the group of men.

Within seconds my legs were being held apart by two guys I’d never seen before. I watched as the guy I’d come in with undid the belt on his trousers, pulled out his hard cock and rubbed the head against my pussy lips.

“What you waiting for,” I moaned.

“What do you want?” he whispered into my ear.

“Fuck my cunt,” I mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear.