Month: February 2015

Spring Break

It was my second spring break in college and one I would not forget. It finally arrived after the last two weeks of intense exams and projects.

I stayed in the student residence where many of my classmates stayed as well so there was always something happening. I decided to stay at the residence for spring break as I was broke and had a part time job that I could not leave. Some of my other friends from class also stayed back for the week, including Laura and Kim.

Laura is an attractive girl, has more than her share in breasts. Too bad she always wore these big sweaters that she filled out but nothing ever reveling. She is about 5’8″, long curly hair with some very nice legs.

Kim is very attractive and always gets looks from guys. She is the kind of girl you would want to fuck on the spot. About 5’10” long, straight blond hair, her breast were medium but nice and full, she had some great legs too but not as good as Laura’s. Can’t count the number of time I fantasized about these two girls.

It was the second day in the week and the residence felt deserted. My roommate ‘Greg’ took off in the afternoon with my other two friends Joe and Dave, they left to look at some cars. I stayed back played some games on the computer. 2 hours later I got board of that and I checked my e-mail and of course I got some good porn pictures from my bud’s. I started lookingthrough them and started getting a bit turned on. Most of the pictures were of threesomes, two girls and a guy. I remembered that it’s been like three weeks since I jerked off and got some release. Have not had sex since I broke up with girlfriend two months ago. So I figured what the fuck, ‘let’s surf some porn!’. I started surfing for some good sites and found one with some good group fucking and cumshots pictures.

Just about 5 minutes into the web site I heard a knock on my door so I hit the home page button on the web browser and minimized it. I opened the door and Laura was standing there in her tight blue jeans, dark blue sweater that I just wanted to rip off.

“Hey Rick! Do’in any thing tonight?” asked Laura

“Not much, did you want to come in and just hang out?” I asked. We were good friends and we often hanged out in each others place with friends.

“Sure” she said. She walked in and sat at the kitchen table for only two seconds before she ran over to my computer and said “I have to check my mail, if that’s ok?”

“Go ahead.” I replied, a bit nervously.

I sat at the kitchen and turned on the TV. She checked her mail as I watched the news. I turned too see if she was done yet and saw her surfing the web site I was just on. ‘Shit’ I thought to myself.

“Hey Rick, you like this kind of stuff?” she asked.

Country Girl at Heart

I live in a rural area, where there are mountains, rivers, ranches and farms. My house is an old ranch house on 20 acres. I live alone now, but at the time of my story, I had a boyfriend who lived with me. One day (about three years ago) when I was working in my garden, and Patrick (my boyfriend) was working on his truck, a couple came by on horseback. It is common for people to pass through on horses around here. But this time they passed close to the house, and the wife stopped to ask about the vegetables I was growing, saying she wasn’t having much success with her garden. They live on a ranch that is about 12 miles away. She introduced herself and her husband as Linda and Chuck. They were both around 30 at that time, but looked looked much closer to my age of 24. Chuck is tall, nice looking, and quite muscular from working on his ranch. Linda is very pretty, with long blond hair, and a very trim figure. They both looked very sensual, sitting astride their large, powerful horses.

After talking for a couple minutes, I offered them something cool to drink. Patrick had come over from his truck and was deep in conversation with Chuck about motors, or whatever guys talk about when around their pickups. They dismounted, and Linda followed me into the house, while the guys headed for the the truck. I suggested a cold beer, and Linda said that was good for both of them.

Linda led the way as we carried the bottles out to the men, and I had the opportunity to watch her from behind. She has the most exquisite bottom, and long legs, squeezed tightly into her jeans. I’ve always considered my butt to be nearly perfect, but her’s is better yet. I felt like I wanted to touch it as she walked. When we got to the truck, Pat said that Chuck had suggested that we visit them at their ranch sometime. Just then Linda said that was a wonderful idea, and asked if we were busy the next afternoon. We all agreed.

When we arrived at Linda & Chuck’s ranch, I was surprised at how big and beautiful it was. It’s probably a mile from their gate to the house. The gate was electrically controlled. We announced ourselves into an intercom, and the gate opened, then closed behind us. There are a lot of large ranches around here, but they mostly are working ranches, with very few amenities.

This ranch is over 1400 acres, with cattle and horses. But it was the ranch house that impressed me most. It was huge, built in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounding a large courtyard with a pool and gardens. The inside of the house was decorated in the western style, with a fireplace so large that I could walk into it standing up. Linda gave the guys each a beer, and poured a glass of white wine for me, then herself.

Happy New Year

On New Year’s eve of 1997 I experienced the most exciting sexual event of my life and I have never been the same since. A dull, boring lifestyle has been replaced with one of unceasing erotic pleasures. But I get ahead of myself, let me go back six months to tell you how this all unfolded.

It started last year with an invitation to a New Year’s party hosted by my wife’s boss. My wife, Joslyn, is a paralegal at a prestigious law firm here in Miami. Joslyn is a tall redhead, 5′ 9″, and has retained her shapely figure even after 15 years of marriage and two kids. Joslyn’s boss is a gorgeous but icy beauty named Eleanor who has a reputation as one of the toughest divorce attorneys in town. She must be tough because she has gone through three husbands and gotten rich in the process. I’ve often wondered what kind of woman really was underneath her ice queen demeanor, store-bought but spectacular breasts and long legs. I even began to visualize myself seducing her, breaking down her coldness in the process. In fact, I had begun to fantasize more and more about other women as Joslyn and I seemed to have sex only once in a blue moon. Lately, Joslyn seemed to need to work late almost every night of the week, leaving little time for intimacy. She would come in at 11 or 12 at night, hair mussed, wearing smeared make-up and go immediately to sleep with no explanation for her late hours other than “working on a case”. As the party date approached I felt less and less enthusiastic about spending New Year’s eve with a frigid wife and a bunch of stuffed-shirt attorneys. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

The party went along as expected, full of dull, repetitive legal talk, until many of the guests began to leave at about one a.m. I looked to Joslyn to see whether she was also ready to go when I heard a voice behind me say, “Why don’t you two stay for the party after the party? I’m sure you will find it interesting”. I turned to face Eleanor, the ice queen herself, who shocked the hell out of me by grazing her hand over my crotch as she walked by. I turned to Joslyn with a quizzical look that was greeted by a coy smile. What’s going on here, I wondered?