Month: March 2015

Sex Club

The club was packed with couples. The site of so many naked and near naked women aroused him. The only thing that kept his stiff cock from springing out of his tight slacks was the fact he was alone. He looked at his watch, found a spot at the bar where he could see the door, and ordered a drink. Sheila didn’t seem like the type of person who liked to make an entrance—but then again she had chosen this place for their first meeting.

“So you like to fuck or you just like to watch?” a woman asked sliding onto the barstool beside him. “Because we’re up for a threesome if you are?”

Steve looked her over from head to toe. She was a definite temptation. Dark auburn hair. Large breasts. Her huge tits showing through her transparent blouse. “We?” he asked a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. She looked at her companion and winked. The tall blond nodded in agreement and approached the bar. Her face was unremarkable, and her chest a little flat, but her long sexy legs made up for it. Watching her walk was like touching silk, feeling the softness slide between your fingers. “A threesome?” Steve repeated looking at the pair of lesbians wondering what wickedness they had in mind.

“Am I that late?” Sheila asked placing a possessive hand on his shoulder. “I thought we were supposed to fuck each other at least once before we traded partners?”

“You heard the lady.” Steve said wrapping his arm around the newcomer a little thankful and a little disappointed when the odd couple left them to their own devices. “Want a drink?” Steve asked as the bartender approached.

“Gin and tonic.” She said smiling at him as their eyes met. “I thought it was supposed to be smoky in here,” she said laughing nervously, “The perfect place to study you across the room before I had to find the right words to say to you.”

“Any luck finding them?” he asked his blue eyes suddenly penetrating, perplexing.

“Will you fuck me?” she asked brazenly but her words had an almost shy undertone to them. Just like her to be confusing when she meant to be clear.

“Gladly,” he agreed finishing his drink letting her leave hers untouched as they made their way to the back of the club.

“Did you have time to check the place out?” she asked holding his hand, stroking the roughness of his palms, as her soft voice caressed him.

“Only the bar.” He admitted with a laugh as they reached a row of glass cubicles.

The scene captivated Sheila. Several couples, a few threesomes, and an occasional single were divided into tiny rooms. From her position, their sexual activities looked more like an art form than a personal experience. A man masturbating in one cubicle while watching a woman masturbate in the next. One lesbian with her head buried in another lesbian’s cunt while getting ass fucked. Two women on their knees greedily snapping at a huge cock being slapped in their faces. Another woman with a man buried deep in her dripping cunt sucking on another cock dipping in and out of her mouth. Couples who could not touch each other enough. Couples panting like dogs in the August heat. The smell of sweat mixed with cum. And Steve.

Party Time

It had been a long time since I’d been out to have a little fun. Work had been so busy and so stressful. There had been no time for a social life, no time for a man, and definitely no time for sex. My girlfriend, Madeline, had been telling me about this party that happens once a month. It’s supposed to be really wild and crazy. She wouldn’t tell me what that meant. All she would tell me was that it would make my stress disappear. Boy could I use that!

Last week, before I got off work, Madeline gave me the address of the party and told me to meet her there at eight. As I drove home to get ready, I wondered about what I was getting into and what I should wear. As I looked through my closet, I couldn’t find anything really appealing. Red dress, no. Navy dress, no. I was thinking I should wear something a little naughty. I mean, the whole point of this party was to get a little and relieve some stress. I finally decided to wear a cute little outfit that I kept for those particularly horny periods. I mean, this definitely qualified.

Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at myself. I think that I’m a pretty looking woman, not someone I would call beautiful. My red hair is semi-curly, shoulder length and frames my face really well. I have blue eyes and lips that can pout with the best of them. So, there I stood. Little green and red plaid skirt, cut just to above mid-thigh. A white shear blouse, white bra just barely outlined under the blouse. A pair of knee-high white stockings and a pair of plain white cotton panties. Days spent in Catholic School had taught me how to really work this outfit. I figured if this didn’t get some looks, then everyone on the planet was dead. Finishing my make up, I grabbed my purse and threw in a box of condoms. First rule, always be prepared and safe. Closing the door behind me, I was ready to get this party going.

Madeline had given me directions to the party. I pulled up in front of a giant house on a hill right outside San Francisco, in Sausalito. The drive way was full and I pulled up behind the last one. Getting out of the car, I saw Madeline running down the drive way. She stopped, and looked me over, “Damn girl, you look ready to pounce!”

I hoped that was a good thing, “Not too much for this, I hope?”

“Definitely not too much. It’s perfect!” Madeline grabbed my hand and pulled me up the drive way to the front door. There were already about twenty or thirty people inside. Some of the women were wearing jeans and shirts, some were in dresses, and a few were wearing teddies. Yep, I fit in just right, I thought to myself.

Madeline wrapped her arm around my waist and guided me to the bar. The bartender was a handsome man, probably in his mid-twenties. He was wearing boxers and an earring. That was it! He poured me a drink and smiled, “Love the outfit. I’ve always had a thing for school girls.”