Month: April 2015

Strip Poker Creampie

My wife and I have a regular poker game with two other couples every Friday night. It had started out innocently enough, but you know what can happen when liquor is flowing and a joint gets passed around.

The other couples, Jackie and Steve, Mary and John were both about the same age as Joanne and myself – 30. Jackie has dark hair and a very hot body that she likes to show off, and Mary is petite with long blonde hair. My wife Joanne is an aerobics instructor who has well defined muscles and just about the best ass on the planet. Her tits are medium sized, but all natural which is just how I like them.

Steve is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and broad shoulders, and John stands a couple inches shorter and has been working out since high school. I’m in about the same shape, as John got me started on the gym a couple years ago.

One night we were playing and after a few drinks and a couple hours Jackie suggested strip poker. Well, that night ended up with my Joanne stark naked and giggling, and Mary in just a thong. I still had my pants on when the party broke up, but Joanne treated me to just about the best fucking of my life when we got home.

She told me how hot she got when she stripped off her panties in front of everyone, and how she couldn’t wait to ride my cock all night. Needless to say, strip poker became the norm and within a month we had all seen everything everybody had.

Steve and John both told me about how hot their wives got after our weekly games. Seems that Joanne isn’t the only one who gets off on a little exhibitionism.

Anyway, at our last game Joanne was the big loser and had just stripped off her panties. She said, “I’m out of clothes again, guess we’ll be calling it a night soon,” as she waved her underpants to us all.

“Let’s play a few more hands,” said Jackie. “Maybe we should have the loser do a truth or dare challenge.”

We all looked at Jackie, who was still wearing her skirt and underwear, but was topless. I was down to my underwear (which were starting to show a wet spot thanks to Joanne’s naked ass) and Steve & John both had their pants on. Mary was the winner and so far had only lost her blouse.

Joanne spoke up and said, “I’m game, let’s have some fun.”

No one had any objections, so I grabbed the cards and dealt another hand. Joanne lost again, and since I dealt that hand I got to put the question to her. “Truth or dare honey, what’s it going to be?”

She smiled at me and said, “Dare.”

I thought about it for a couple of seconds and then said, “Ok, I want you to bend over John’s lap and let him give you a spanking.” John had always admired her ass, I figured it was the least I could do after all the free workout advice he’s given me over the years.

Summertime BBQ

My husband and I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. They were some fun years and some real fun times for both of us. He is the school jock type and being raised in Virginia Beach also quite the surfer type too. Myself, well, I was the typical shy academic study girl. Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun.

Here we are 30 or so years later in the typical All American lifestyle. Work all week and play on the weekends. We love the outdoors, boating and a good time. I work as an accountant and Bob is in Sales Management. His job requires long hours and a take-charge type personality. Mine on the other hand, requires patience and precision.

I guess it was last weekend, no two weekends ago, that we went to a BBQ at his best friends house north of town. Josh and his wife, Sally, have a nice secluded place with a pool and a big shady yard. The perfect place for a Saturday afternoon BBQ!

Josh is your normal nice guy, always joking and of course flirting. But, Sally, she’s gorgeous! Along with shapely legs, she has Auburn hair, cut short and perky, beautiful hazel eyes and a nice body. She is confident and lets Josh have his fun flirting!

I guess we were the last to arrive. Steve and Jennifer were already there along with Sam, Josh’s big brother. Sam greeted us! A hug for me and a slap on the back for my husband! Jennifer and Sally were messing with some corn in the kitchen and laughing about something. Steve was in the pool and Josh was headed our way with two frozen margaritas. It looked like a feast was about to be served but the margaritas were first. I could tell it was going to be a great afternoon.

Of course the guys had to talk about the race last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. So I jumped in to help with the corn and fixin’s for the meal. After the second margarita I found myself needing to pee. The powder room is on the first floor by the stairs. I opened the door just as Sam was coming out. Ooops! I laughed and said I hope I didn’t rush you. He winked and said, Naw, but if you need some help, Anne let me know. His eyes drilled me right then and there. I went in and locked the door. Sitting there peeing, I was thinking, that was a new sensation. I remembered some of the dirty talk my husband and I have when we are in bed, about other people in out sex lives. It has always been a turn on for him and fun to fantasize about.

Back in the kitchen I got drinks for Jennifer and myself, when Sam comes in for a refill. Of course I pour him one too. He reaches over and lifts my chin and says “thank you”. My lips are inches from his; he smiles and says ” see you in the pool?”

The tingling sensation in my nipples sends goose bumps down my arms. I look down and see that they are erect. I look up and Jennifer is standing there, smiling. She reaches for her margarita and brushes my nipple with her hand. My head jerks back and I just look at her, stunned. Was that on purpose I wonder. She says, “Come on lets hit the pool”.

My husband is talking to Josh when I ask if he needs another drink before I get in the pool. His hand cups my ass through my suit and says yes he’d love one, “Anne, can you get one for Josh too Honey?” “Sure, I’ll be right back” I say. His hand lingers a little longer then normal, but I pay no attention to it.

“Damn it”, I spilled the margaritas. As I am bending over cleaning up the mess on the floor, I feel someone close by. I turn and see Sam and Jennifer standing there. Jen says, ” Here let me help you” and Sam tosses a bar towel to us. As I get up, Sam offers a hand and I take it. He pulls me to him and brushes my lips with his! I don’t know why, but I kissed him back. Then I realized Jen was still there! She simply smiled and said “all clean now”. As Sam released me, I turned to get the drinks I had been sent for and Jen softly cupped my ass and said “nice”. The sensations in me were going crazy. Maybe it was the margaritas, but I knew better.

Sweet Revenge

Thoughts of anger raced through my mind as I envisioned the thought of my best friend cheating and fucking my wife behind my back. Why would Tom who had such a beautiful wife of his own be fucking around with my wife? Not that my wife lacked in the good looks department, and there was no doubt she was totally fuckable.

My mind raced with thoughts of letting them know their gig was up, and then giving them a piece of my mind. I was so god damn mad and hurt I didn’t know how I was supposed to react. Then a thought came to me, why not get revenge? Tom’s wife had always had a crush on me and a few times when she was a little tipsy, from a few too many drinks, brushed against my cock intentionally when she thought no was watching.

Me, my wife Beth and our old school pals would meet every other Friday during the summer at Tom’s house to drink and party late into the night. Well this Friday I was going to get my revenge.

I had overheard Beth talking to Tom on the phone and she was suggesting they meet at the nearby motel when he got off work so they could enjoy each others company before the party. That’s how I found out about the bastards. That extra time before Tom arrived home would be put to good use for my needs, I thought to myself.

I called Tom to ask if we needed any more beer or liquor for the coming Friday. “Yes that would be great” said Tom and then added “Oh by the way I have some paper work to catch up at the office before coming home, why don’t you and the guys start the BBQ and get things going before I get there?” “No problem” I said before hanging up the phone. Now all I had to do was put the rest of the plan into action.

I called the other three guys and told them Tom would be a little late getting home for the party Friday and wanted us to go ahead and start early without him. Then I sat down in the living room with my wife to finish watching TV. “I guess Tom will be running a little late Friday and wants us to start early without him.” She tried to play dumb and said “Great do you mind if I finish up a few shopping errands before coming over?” I told her that would be fine because we could start the BBQ and have a chance to exchanging a little BS before the party started that way.

Friday I got off work early and headed for the liquor store to pick up some tequila and scotch for the party and then I headed home to shower.

My wife had already left and I knew her and Tom would be occupied for some time. My wife never enjoys having a quick fuck; instead she likes it slow and long.

Baby Takes a Bow

I was always known as the party girl. My name is Lisa, but nobody ever called me by that name. A lot of people called me Mikey because I’d fuck anybody, you know like the old cereal commercial? I guess I just dated myself, referring to a commercial from the 1970’s. That was my decade I guess, when I came of age. I believe age is a matter of perception, and ironically the name most men call me is Baby, as in “Hey Baby” or “Oh, Baby”. I’m the girl your mother warned you about. This is my story.

I grew up in far northern Maine in a small logging town. The only things to do up there are either join 4-H or party. Let’s just say that I never did take a lamb to the county fair. In the summer of 1976, I turned eighteen years old and I was more than ready to move on from the frozen north country.

My best friend Amy was going off to college and she invited me to go to orientation week with her and help her move into her dorm room. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I packed a duffle bag I stole from my brother, left my parents a note and we were gone, headed for the city and what ever it held for us. I didn’t really have a plan, I just had to get out of town or I knew I might never leave it. I had no intention of waiting tables or marrying a log pusher, so I knew it was it was time to choose. I was never any good in school and I knew my only asset was my body. I decided to head south and figure it out as I went along.

Amy was busy with her orientation and I didn’t see much of her that week. We went to several mixers and I was very pleased to see that the college boys were just as interested in me as the log pushers had always been. With my long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice pair of breasts on my five foot six inch body I could easily get their attention, and I just loved getting attention.

It never ceased to amaze me how much you can get by just showing off a little cleavage and inner thigh. I made a point of wearing loose fitting sun dresses. Remember those, that were cut low in the front and high on the side. I never wore anything under the dresses, and if I wanted to I could easily give a guy a nice clear shot of any part of my body. I just loved the thrill of flashing my breasts, but the most fun was to find ways to show the Full Monty, or as we said back then, the Beaver Shot. I became very good at the “accidental” peek. Bar stools were the best place, and after a few days I found a nice little pub were I could go and drink all night without spending a dime. It was the most fun I had had in years, and I was really enjoying the freedom of acting like an adult for the first time in my life.

Much to quickly, the week passed and I found myself packing my little bag. It was a Sunday morning and school was set to begin in the morning. I had about seventy five dollars to my name and I had to decide if I should spend it on a hotel or a bus ticket. Neither choice offered much hope. I said my good bye to Amy, wished her well and started my walk across campus to the bus station.