Month: June 2015

My Wife The Cock Slut

After several years of marriage, I found out a really dirty secret about my wife. Simply put, she is a cock crazed slut. She’ll take any cock. It doesn’t matter what size, shape or color. If she can find it, she will suck it dry, and if the person is smart enough she’ll let them fuck her brains out.

I only really found out a few months ago. It started off as a regular Saturday night. We went out for a drinks at our local bar. We’ve gone there for years, and pretty much know everyone there. We said our ‘hellos’ did a couple rounds, and the night began to get fuzzy. Before we knew it, it was closing time. “Last round!” the barkeep shouted. Their were about seven men in the bar. They all looked pretty drunk, I knew two of them. The rest must have been passing through town, since our town was just off the local interstate. “I’ll be right back, just gonna run to the ladies room”. On her way back to where we were sitting on of the men, a big scruffy trucker type, grabbed one of her ass cheeks. “Nice cheeks!”. She turned around and smiled at him. Next thing I knew I was watching her unzip his jeans, pull his cock out, and place it in her mouth.

I just stood there frozen. This was my sexy wife sucking a complete strangers cock right in front of me!. The weird thing was, I looked down, and hand an erection. Another one of the people in the group, a tall black man took out the biggest cock I had ever seen. He pulled her head back and said , “have some chocolate!” she hungrily agreed, and gagged hard on his huge black member. She began to alternate between the two cocks, and the other five men began pulling out there swollen erections.