Month: July 2015

Beach Story

My wife and I recently got back from a holiday in the Bahamas, and since we returned our relationship has changed drastically. She ignores everything I say, openly flirts with other men in front of me and sometimes stays out all night without letting me know where she is.

We have been married for five years, and although at twenty-five, Sally is seven years younger than me, we have always got on brilliantly. When I started seeing her I couldn’t believe my luck. She is not stunningly beautiful, but has an amazing body and a really fun personality. I used to try to encourage her to show off her body more, but she always used to say that it was for my eyes only. Sometimes it’s better that you don’t get what you wish for.

It all began on the last day of the holiday. We had gone to a fabulous beach on the other side of the island from our hotel. We had been sunning ourselves for the last two weeks, so we were both well tanned. As we were lying on the beach Sally turned to me and said, “You know, my tan lines are really going to show up.”

It amazed me the way she wore the skimpiest bikini imaginable, which left nothing to the imagination, but wouldn’t take her top off to even out her tan.

“I know. I don’t see why you don’t go topless. Everyone else here is,” I said, pointing towards the many breasts on display.

“Well. I don’t know. Maybe I need a bit of Dutch courage.”

“Well. I fancy a beer. Shall I walk to that store and get some?”

“Okay, then. I’ll wait here for you.”

It might not seem like anything unusual. Going topless on a beach, but I was getting quite turned on at the thought of other men seeing her lovely breasts. It would have been a bit of a pain, going to the store, it was more than half an hour walk to get there, but luckily I found a man near the sidewalk, selling beers from a cooler he had. They were well over priced but a good timesaver. I bought six beers from him and made my way back to where Sally was lying down.

As I approached her from behind I saw that a couple of men were talking with her. They were both in their early twenties and had Australian accents. Sally was still lying on her belly as she turned her head to listen to them, so they had a good view of her firm ass cheeks, barely covered by the thong. Knowing this excited me and I stepped further back so they couldn’t see me. I could only catch bits and pieces of their conversation, but it seemed that they were selling some revolutionary kind of sun-tan oil, and offered her a sample.

I heard her say “okay” and expected her to take it and for them to leave. This wasn’t part of their sales technique however. As soon as she said yes, they both dropped to their knees either side of her and began applying the lotion up and down her body. It was obviously a con-trick for them to feel up women who were alone on the beach, and I was about to step in to stop them. I then noticed that Sally seemed to be enjoying the feeling of both these guys caressing her. I watched as my normally prim and proper wife spread her legs apart, so two men could rub oil into the insides of her thighs.

The blond one of the two guys suddenly undid Sally’s bikini bra straps. I expected her to protest, but she said nothing as he smoothed the oil into her back. Her breasts are very large and were clearly visible from the sides, especially as she lifted her head and rested on her two elbows. I am sure I could hear her moan, as their hands strayed towards her tits and began to gently caress them.

This was too much for me. I was turned on, I admit it, but I never expected anything like this. I liked the idea of men looking at my wife’s tits and wanting to fuck her, but I never wanted anyone to actually touch her. I heard the dark haired one say to her “turn around”, and I knew I had better do something quickly. I deliberately made a lot of noise as I came towards them. I could faintly hear Sally whisper “it’s my husband” and they stood up sharp. They were almost standing at attention as I came up to them.