Month: August 2015

Watching The Suspected

Thursday night, 10 pm. The waiting queue were shuffling their feet in the cold out on the footpath, waiting for the doors of the Stroke Bar to open. Hot new band-of-the-month The Suspected were playing a gig there tonight, and all the regular patrons, plus more, had turned up. Rosemary jumped up and down on the spot, trying to warm herself up, wishing for a moment that she put some warmer clothes on, but quickly brushing that thought away with a private grin as she saw the looks she attracted from her fellow queuers, enjoying the subtle attention. She craned her neck, trying to see around the shifting bodies of the few people in front of her to see if the security had opened up the doors yet, and managed to catch the eye of Daniel, the main doorman of the club. He grinned, and waved her to the front of the line.

“Hey Rosie, got i.d. on you, love?” he teased.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, striking a pose on the steps, placing one knee-high boot clad leg up on a higher step as her short skirt rode a little up her thighs.

“You KNOW I’m over 18, you bastard, I work in the bar down the road! And besides, Dan, would an underage girl have these?”

She brought her hands up to cup her breasts, bringing them to the doorman’s attention. Dan grinned hugely, enjoying their little game, letting his gaze linger over her small pert breasts, ogling her nipples sticking out through the thin fabric of the Suspected t-shirt she wore.

“Forget your bra again Rosie?” he laughed.

She smirked.

“I never wear ‘em, Danny boy, you should know that. Can I go in now, I’m FREEZING!”

He glanced across to his partner, laughed again and opened up the door, ushering her in and lining up the rest of the crowd.

“In you get, love, enjoy the show, it should be a good one!”

She flounced past, into the dim light of the bar, but was called back.

“Wait, you forgot your pass-out stamp, Rosie!”

She sighed dramatically, tossed her short blonde hair and wriggled her ass at him and spun around, hands on hips as he approached her.

“Stamp my ass, Dan, I’m not planning on going out halfway through!”

“If you insist!”

He turned her around, lifted her squirt and tugged her panties down an inch as she squealed and laughed and pressed the stamp onto the soft pale flesh of her bare buttocks, marking her with a blurry inking of the word “stroke”.

“As the lady requested!” he grinned before returning to the door. “oh, and nice panties.”

“I’ll buy you a pair for Christmas if ya like ‘em that much.” Rosemary called back as she laughed again, mock-grumbling and readjusting her clothing and headed over to the main bar.

The Golfers and The Bachelorette Party

My brothers invited me to go golfing on their annual golf outing to NC with their college buddies. I’m a hack golfer, the trip sounded like fun and it gave me a chance to get away from my normal routine of life. When the time came I traveled south, met up with my brothers and we headed to North Carolina. Once there we hooked 17 other guys who were all my brothers college buddies. Most of us are in a early to mid forties. The first two days there were just filled with golf, eating and drinking. The 2nd night the 13 of us hit a local restaurant for dinner. We had just finished our meals when one guy came back from the rest room and said the bar was full of girls having a bachelorette party. One of my brothers and a couple other guys proceeded to get up and head to the bar. I was a couple of minutes behind them.

When I entered the bar my eyes grew wide. There before us were 15 beautiful women in the middle of the party. I’m guessing they ranged in age around 25 to 30. The drinks were flowing and a new game was starting where the girls had a piece of paper and pencil in hand. They had to hold the paper on the top of their head and draw a picture of a cock. They were all dying laughing, so were we as we enjoyed their activity. One girl came over to my brother and ask him to draw his cock on her paper. He wanted to know if he could use both sides of the paper because it was too short. She turned around and gave him a look, then licked her lips with the longest tongue I had ever seen on any woman. She then walked over to another girl and proceeded to grope and kiss her. Damn this was a turn on, we knew this party was going to be a good one. Then we noticed some of the other girls were pretty touchy feely kind of girls with each other too. This was one party we were going to stay close to.

The girls finished their party at the restaurant, then walked across the street to the bar / nite club. Our group proceeded directly to the bar. Once inside things really heated up. The girls grabbed all the space by the dance floor stage. They danced with each other sliding their hands under each others clothing and feeling each other up. They definitely had the attention of everyone in the bar. We found a couple of empty tables on the other side of the dance floor, grabbed some chairs and had the best seats in the house for this show.

The Bride, Suzanne, is a tall blonde with killer tits. Dressed in a tight scooping top and a mini skirt and a pink lace G-string. She wore a vest the girls had made her that had lifesavers sown on it, for $5 you could bite a life saver off the vest. The bride had a friend, Anne, who seem to be the chosen mother and protector of the girls, and I bet her pussy was wet all night in this role. She was very hot, dark hair, slender with long skin tight black pants and matching top. The girl with the long tongue, Rachel, wore a black mini dress and black G-string. There were 2 black girls, one tall and slender, Naomi, the other shorter, Jeanette, with a healthy statue. Both very sexy, but Jeanette was a real party girl and a turn on. Another girl, Roxy, was the hottest and most sensual of all of them. Roxy was tall with dark hair, slender and moved her body in ways to knock down armies.