Month: November 2015

Bukkake Dee

It was a set up. My lovely wife Dee had always stirred me that she wanted to be gang banged. She is 39, almost 40 actually- her birthday being in June 15th. She stands 5’10’ tall and is a stunning long-legged blonde with nice perky breasts and the most amazing blue cock sucking eyes I have ever had the pleasure of gazing into.

Our sex life was speckled with multi-partner adventures. She loved cock…what can I say?

I told her to meet me at the Bouncing Balls pool parlour. We loved to play pool and had our own table. I told her some friends were meeting us there. I told her to dress sexy – short skirt and heels. I knew she would, as she loved to tease other guys and make their wives shitty with her flirting. The name of the pub was a strange coincidence…because before long balls would be bouncing all over my hot wife’s chin.

Without letting her know, I had booked the back room of the Bouncing Ball. It was famous for wild parties and buck’s night celebrations. The owner pretty much turned a blind eye to what went on in there, as it was separated from the rest of the place by two security doors, and as long as he got paid, what the hell.

When Dee arrived, she as shown through to the back room by the bouncer, Tony. I’d paid him an extra $50 cash to look after things on the night.

For three weeks I’d been organising the men. I didn’t want anyone that either Dee or I knew. I’d posted a few ads on the internet and managed to find twenty blokes that met the criteria. Without going into it in too much detail, they had to be young, well muscled and clean of disease. Dee has a thing for muscled guys, and I was insistent that they were proven disease free before letting them loose on the wife!

Walking through the door and into the back room, Dee stopped and looked very surprised and shy. She also looked fucking hot. She didn’t know a soul, because I was hidden behind the video camera panel next to the DJ area. She was dressed just as I suspected she would be. Black mini, red crop top and boots. She looked horny as! A young guy walked up and offered his hand. Warily, Dee shook it and was lead to the bar. Three other guys joined the group and she was given a drink. Before too long, she was asked for a game of pool, and proceeded to play with most of the guys watching. As she bent over the table, many of the guys started cat calling and whistling.

I could see Dee was getting horny, because she was winking and smiling at each of the guys as they watched. She’d had three drinks by this time, and I knew she would be feeling very hot. It doesn’t take many to get her fired up. As she bent to play her next shot, the ball was a fair distance up the table. Her short skirt hiked itself up and over her thigh, exposing the cheek of her magnificent tight butt. A young stud on the stool nearby stood up and rubbed her cheek with his hand. Dee did not flinch. She nailed the 7 ball in the corner pocket, before removing his hand and continuing her turn. Her next shot she potted the 3 but the white went in off. The fella she was playing with said,

“I tell you what baby, take off your top and I’ll forfeit my two shots.”

Without a comment, my horny hot wife put down her cue, and with a maximum of tease, peeled off the skintight red top she was wearing. Braless and with nipples erect on her 34C breasts, she picked up her cue and waited for him to have his shot.

Her next turn she committed the cardinal sin…potted the black.

“Damn honey…you lose…looks like I get to choose which item you take off next. I pick your skirt baby! Now get it off..”