Month: December 2015

Devshrees Gangbang

I met Devshree during my first year in college. She was a real cracker with humongous tits.. my mouth just went dry the first time I saw those puppies… She flirted with me from the first day and came on to me during one party.. being the horny bastard I am I said yes and We were inseparable for the rest of the year and decided to go on holiday together that summer.

I’ve never been into beach holidays. I’m more of a museums and monuments person, but to please Devshree, I booked an apartment in a small town in GOA. It was right at the start of the season, which meant that the package was cheap enough for us poor students to afford. The cost also reflected that the town was one of the smaller, less well-known places on the coast.

The complex we stayed in had five apartments around a shared swimming pool and sunbathing area. Three of the other apartments were empty the week we were there. But in the apartment next to ours were five guys our age that messed about in the pool, played loud music, drank a lot and generally did the typical college boys thing. Devshree and I hit it off with them straight away.

At nineteen, Devshree was a hard bodied beauty, a real cracker, and the guys next door made no secret of the fact they thought so too. They would wolf whistle and holler every time she sat out by the pool.

I could tell Devshree found these guys attractive and even though they were acting like morons, she loved the attention. She played up to it, selecting her skimpiest bikinis to wear during the day, and her lowest-cut, most revealing dresses during the warm evenings. She also turned it on in the sack. She fucked my brains into mush each and every night, not caring if the guys next door could hear us through the thin walls. Their attention had lit her pilot light, and I was having trouble putting it out.

One evening, around eleven, as we walked back from a beach bar, we met the lads on their way back to the complex too. They were bemoaning the lack of late night bars and discos in the area. Devshree and I agreed that the town was rather sleepy.

One of them, Rijoy, changed the direction of the conversation. “Hey man, you’re one lucky geezer, you know.”

“Yeah,” said another, his name was Girish. “This girlfriend of yours is something else. I only wish you’d gone topless, Devshree. Now that would have been a sight.”

Devshree blushed.

Girish continued, “We were hoping there’d be some fit women here, especially Sanat.” He nudged his friend in the ribs. “But we never imagined there’d be babe like you here.”

We reached our apartment.

“Would you guys like to come in?” I asked. “We can start our own party. I mean it’s not as if we’ve got any neighbours to complain or anything.”

They readily agreed. Two of them retrieved some booze from their place, and I fished out some music and put it on the stereo.

We planned to party well into the early hours. The booze flowed almost non-stop, with one of the guys popping out to an all-night shop to get more when we ran out. But by two, we were all starting to flag, and I changed the music from the hardcore dance tunes we had been playing to more seductive, slow and smoochy tunes.

I danced with Devshree while the others watched, and the booze must have really affected her because as our tune came to an end and the next one started, she pushed me away and grabbed the nearest of our new friends.

The lucky guy was Rijoy. They danced very slowly, and when the next tune came on Devshree again switched partners. She carried on switching partners until she was dancing with Satish, the last of the group.

As I sucked on yet another beer, I noticed that Satish was pulling the zip of her dress down, revealing the soft, tight, tanned back. Devshree kissed Satish, and he slowly slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Under the dress Devshree had on her sexist undies — sheer black bra and thong-back panties that left little to the imagination.