Month: February 2016

I Became a Gangbang Cock Whore

To say that a month ago I was, on the face of it, prim and proper would be an understatement. Tim and I (Jane), met in our first year at high school and were inseparable from that time on and I guess it was always assumed by ourselves and our families that we would get married. Tim was everything I could have ever wanted – the proverbial tall, dark and handsome athletic sort, not to mention incredibly wealthy, once he had established himself in the family law firm which his grandfather had founded.

We married when we were twenty and for the most part, have had an idyllic marriage. The only thing which has not been perfect has been the sex. Having never had another boyfriend, never mind sex partner, I just assumed that the sex I was getting was normal and couldn’t figure out why people raved on about it so much. It was only when I was staying at a girlfriends one time and I found a porn magazine hidden under the bed, that I realised the reason I found sex disappointing was not down to me but to Tim. You see, having never seen another, I thought his dick was normal, so when I say that it is only four inches long and just an inch across at its thickest point you will understand why I had never had an orgasm in the first five years of our marriage! Tim just climbs on, pumps into me for a couple of minutes and then gets off – no foreplay or variety, so I have had to get my satisfaction in other ways.

Once I’d realised that I should be getting sexual satisfaction, I began to find out more about it from the internet. Inevitably, I came across hardcore porn sites and pictures of men with really big cocks, and having bought myself a dildo, I used to masturbate myself to orgasm when Tim was out. This way, I got my satisfaction on my own as I fantasised about having a muscular man with big cock sliding it into me. Despite this secret side of my nature, I never considered cheating on Tim despite several offers. I keep myself in good shape and at 5’8″, 122 pounds, a 36C, 26, 36 figure and long blond hair, I get plenty of looks from the men, especially when I’m in my swimsuit. One of the ways I keep in shape is by dancing, and though I say it myself, I am good on the dance floor. I’ve always had a good sense of rhythm and can adapt to any kind of modern dance.

To celebrate 20 years married, Tim booked us three weeks in a villa complex in Cuba in one of those closed resorts where you don’t get to see much of the rest of the island, because they claim it isn’t safe for visitors. Yes, there’s plenty to do in the resort itself and its nightclub is excellent. Tim and I stayed up into the early hours every morning enjoying the atmosphere and dancing ourselves into exhaustion.

Excursions were organised and we’d taken the opportunity to see as much of the island as possible. The staff at our complex were great in suggesting things to do and places to visit, and would often take us themselves rather than going on trips arranged by the travel company. This way they got generous tips to supplement their wages from the resort. One of the waiters, Joe, a gorgeous Hispanic guy had taken Tim and me all over in our first 10 days. It was obvious that he fancied me and he took every opportunity to ‘help’ me into the car, down steps, across the street, often holding my waist or touching my breasts in the process.