Month: April 2016

Lets Play Pool

It had been a bad week, and I was ready to go out and cut loose. I was feeling a little slutty and dressed accordingly. I put on my black leather bustier, which shoved my tits up and put them well on display and I shrugged my leather jacket over the top. My leather mini skirt came to mid thigh and I added knee high spiked heels boots to complete my look.

I asked my husband, Brian, how I looked and he grabbed my ass and kissed me hard. I knew I had his approval. We headed out with no particular destination, just that we wanted to have some fun. As we passed a pool hall, I told Brian it looked like the perfect place to stop. He turned around and pulled into the parking lot. There were only a few cars there, but the music was jumping.

We went in, ordered a couple of drinks and found an empty table. We sat down and were enjoying our drinks. The music was putting me in the mood to dance, but Brian wasn’t really in the mood. I decided to just dance on my own. I don’t know if it’s the way I was dressed or the fact that I was dancing alone, but a couple of guys joined me. We were doing a little bit of dirty dancing and having some fun. Brian came out and danced a dance or two with me, then asked me if I felt like playing pool.

We played a few games, each of us winning a couple of times. The guys that I had been dancing with were at the table next to us. They asked if we wanted to play against them. They said that the losers would buy the winners a round of shots. Brian and I were game and racked the balls. They easily took the first game. We bought shots for our opponents, Matt and Ed.

We took the next game and I ordered my usual tequila shot. Matt and Ed were whooping it up as I did the shot without the salt and lime. I was loosening up a little bit and beginning to have some fun. I decided to play with the guys a little bit. With each shot I took, I made sure to bend a little bit more than necessary so they either got a good look at my tits or so that my skirt slid up a little bit more. Matt missed an easy shot, and we took the third game. Again, I did my tequila shot to more cheers.