Month: June 2016

Amys Black Cock Gangbang

“Hey, Mark, how are ya doing?” Jerome was standing in the living room, nude except for a white tee shirt. His long black penis arched away from his body, like an elephant’s trunk.

“Hi, Jerome. I’m doing OK.”

I’d just come in the door from a long day at the office. I was used to finding Jerome in my house in the afternoons. Amy liked his company. I had introduced them with the vague notion of getting my wife interested in sex with a black man. Now, it seemed, she had become all too interested.

“Amy is freshening up after some afternoon fun. Have I told you lately what a good fuck your wife is, Mark?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess so.”

“You better believe it. You are married to a first class slut!”

Speaking of which, Amy sauntered into the room wearing only high heels and a tiny black thong. She looked to me like a whore between johns. Jerome seemed to like it just so.

“Hi, darling. Did you have a good day at work?”

“It was all right.” In fact, it had been rather long and dreary, full of endless meetings and presentations no one could remember. Since Jerome had come into our life, I found it harder and harder to concentrate at work. Who would, knowing his wife was getting balled by a big black guy?

“Well, we’ve had a lovely afternoon, right here.” Amy walked up to Jerome and gave him a big kiss on the mouth. She reached down and held his black prick in her hand. “We missed you, too, didn’t we Jerome?”

“Sure thing. I like having you around, Mark. It makes me feel good, you know?”

Part of me wanted to say I’d rather be alone with my wife. But as usual, another part of me, namely my cock and balls, were once again stiffening at the sight of Amy with this black man. The plain fact is that I was as much addicted to black sex as Amy was.

“Suck it a while, baby.” Jerome pushed Amy to her knees and presented his penis to her face. She took it in both hands and began to lick the fat knob.

“I hope don’t mind if Amy and I go to the city for a few days, Mark.” Amy continued to suck.

“Huh? What for?”

“She’s gonna get her tits enlarged. A couple of sizes.” He grinned at me.

“Geeze. Her tits are size B almost C now.”

“I like her tits too, Mark. But you see a slut needs big tits to be fully appreciated. My friends will like to see size D.”

“Your friends?”

“Sure. A whore like your wife should be appreciated by more than just me and you. She’s a gem, Mark, the real McCoy. She can give a black man a really fine time.”

“Amy? Do you want your boobs enlarged?”

“Yes, Mark. I want to please Jerome and his friends. Don’t you think I’ll look sexy?”

I gulped. “I guess so. I always thought you liked your tits just as they are.”